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As promised, here is a list (in no particular order) of channels or web sites or twitter accounts of people I have enjoyed & learned from in the past.
If you follow these people & their recommendations for other creators you’ll have more entertainment & news than you can possibly watch or read! J
I’m sure I’m forgetting many, please forgive me.  I’m listing Canadian people / sites in a separate category.


@PoliticalOrgy (Quite Frankly)
@gemmaod1 (Ireland)
@rowancroft (Ireland)
 .... and so many more. Please note that twitter is case sensitive and I might have messed up on that.


Steve Turley
X22 Report
In Pursuit Of Truth (IPOT)
American Thought Leaders
Really Graceful
Quite Frankly
Red Ice (bitchute only)
Truth Factory
Truth Stream Media
You Are Free TV
Pete Santilli
Black Pigeon Speaks
Black Conservative Patriot
Richard Grannon Spartan Life Coach
David Icke
Narcissistic Resistance
Gemma O’Doherty
Computing Forever
Robert BROWN
Patriot’s Soapbox
John B Wells – Caravan to Midnight
Praying Medic
Patriot Nurse
Tracy Beanz
Lionel Nation
Go to for Owen Benjamin Comedy
American Intelligence Media

The Post Millennial
Spencer Fernando
True North
@CanPoli – Canpoli on youtube
Adam Daniel Mezei (youtube)
Julie Mora
@BillyJoyce1976 (Billy Joyce on Youtube)
Laura Lynn Thompson  @LauraLynnTT

Epoch Times
Corey’s Digs
Conservative Tree House
Red Ice (hey GLP!)
Hagmann Report

I KNOW this list is incomplete .. plus there have got to be hundreds (thousands) of writers, vloggers, content creators, researchers, etc that I’ve not yet encountered or who I somehow lost track of over time who would fit right into this list.

Dave Mauer
2020-04-15 02:46:37
Dear Polly, I'm just a regular 50 year old man that didn't do very well in school and it was a great disappointment to my mother who was a very dedicated and highly educated teacher for nearly 50 years, my teachers always told me i was smart and always asked why i didn't even try? It just seemed that so much of what they were telling us was obvious B.S. anyway long story short after the injustice our 45th president has undergone i began searching for like minded free thinking people like yourself and although i have to be honest as i was zooming through YouTube i probably listened to you initially because i thought you were a stunningly beautiful woman lol, but i quickly discovered what a brilliant and extremely hard working woman and you have really been responsible for me taking a incredible interest in digging into everything i found questions with, you have been a great inspiration to me and i can't thank you enough. Keep kicking ass and doing what you do, and please be careful i worry about some nutty worm such as Gates could do something awful to silence you, God forbid. Absolutely my favorite podcaster, you have a big heart that you wear on your sleeve.. Sincerely Dave Mauer
Roger Van Atta,MD
2020-04-14 17:26:44
Dear Miss Polly,
I would like to recommend the site of Peter H. Duesberg,PhD. A professor of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California,Berkeley. ( Dr. Duesberg and Dr. Fauci had a disagreement on the true cause of AIDS back in the late 80's. I am retired now, and my speciality was not infectious diseases, but anesthesiology. I was, however, concerned with transmission risks of AIDS to medical personal in the operating room: nurses, surgeons and anesthesiologists. Dr. Duesberg's web site and book make for compelling reading. It seems to me that the information contained therein has suddenly become current again. Please read and decide for yourself.
Tnank you for all that you do. (Roger A. Van Atta, MD, Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago,IL, class of 1967
2020-04-12 16:07:13
Thank you Polly for having the cojones to research and speak the truth to the greatest fake media fake medical storm in our lifetimes.

What I'd like to add, for you and your readers edification is this web site, which will supply many answers to the reality of and the sordid past of vaccination:

Stay safe.
2020-04-11 20:07:14
You are truly amazing! Thank you!
2020-04-10 11:42:24
I love what you are doing Polly so continue waking up people.
I hope you share your info with other channels too. Have you ever seen The High Wire on youtube. I recommend to watch yesterdays show. It is an eye opener. Please watch it and share this on your own way.

Terry o
2020-04-10 08:54:16
I love your work . The USA must have more entertaining politics than the great North keep up the great work
2020-04-09 14:31:09
the common law grand jury and the similar ideas presented by people who like to throw around terms like "de jure" and so forth is dubious at best, here's why
2020-04-08 04:27:26
Hi Polly, love all you are doing & the most recent video today 4/7/20. You must absolutely watch this condensed version put out by Anon of a series of videos put out by this reputable doctor. To answer your question, YES the "V" is a b-w owned by non-other than kill bill!
2020-04-07 23:57:31
Absolut brilliant work,pretty Lady keep on "diggin in the dirt" send you a new Adress "" where you might find piles of more disgusting infos, especially to my comment about the end of your last vid since I`ve not found it in your list...We should NO WE MUST crowd together and finish that nightmare immediately or it`s
definitely game over... keep well and sane, greez from swiss till your next ONE
Vicky Benjamin
2020-04-07 08:02:01
Polly, your site is "amazing". Thank you!
Please add Americans 4 Innovation to your recommended list.
A monthly or more frequent in depth study going right to source and answering most questions.
The research, like yours, is not to be missed.

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