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As promised, here is a list (in no particular order) of channels or web sites or twitter accounts of people I have enjoyed & learned from in the past.
If you follow these people & their recommendations for other creators you’ll have more entertainment & news than you can possibly watch or read! J
I’m sure I’m forgetting many, please forgive me.  I’m listing Canadian people / sites in a separate category.


@PoliticalOrgy (Quite Frankly)
@gemmaod1 (Ireland)
@rowancroft (Ireland)
 .... and so many more. Please note that twitter is case sensitive and I might have messed up on that.


Steve Turley
X22 Report
In Pursuit Of Truth (IPOT)
American Thought Leaders
Really Graceful
Quite Frankly
Red Ice (bitchute only)
Truth Factory
Truth Stream Media
You Are Free TV
Pete Santilli
Black Pigeon Speaks
Black Conservative Patriot
Richard Grannon Spartan Life Coach
David Icke
Narcissistic Resistance
Gemma O’Doherty
Computing Forever
Robert BROWN
Patriot’s Soapbox
John B Wells – Caravan to Midnight
Praying Medic
Patriot Nurse
Tracy Beanz
Lionel Nation
Go to for Owen Benjamin Comedy
American Intelligence Media

The Post Millennial
Spencer Fernando
True North
@CanPoli – Canpoli on youtube
Adam Daniel Mezei (youtube)
Julie Mora
@BillyJoyce1976 (Billy Joyce on Youtube)
Laura Lynn Thompson  @LauraLynnTT

Epoch Times
Corey’s Digs
Conservative Tree House
Red Ice (hey GLP!)
Hagmann Report

I KNOW this list is incomplete .. plus there have got to be hundreds (thousands) of writers, vloggers, content creators, researchers, etc that I’ve not yet encountered or who I somehow lost track of over time who would fit right into this list.

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2020-06-02 15:45:23
Have you checked into the possibility that BG mother, a Maxwell is related to Robert Maxwell?
2020-06-02 12:40:04
Polly, firstly, I cannot adequately thank you for your incredible work to inform citizenry on current events. It is through your hard work and analysis that many of us get a clearer view.
I was just viewing your latest video on Bitchute and had to pause it. When I came back to finish, it was no longer there. I tried to look it up on your website and cannot find it. It was about the connection of the MN Twins, the former bar owner and LaRaza and began with Col. Quester's description of the gray zone and insurrection, etc. It is disturbing to not be able to find your video anywhere. Again, thank you for your amazing work.
Deena (A mother and preschool teacher in South Florida)
2020-05-31 04:07:26
Polly if you decide to insert more of your opine into your productions, from an analytical perspective perhaps, or just to have a little more understanding of those LEFT who reign high in society(Gates, Soros, Pelosi, Trudeau, Merkel, Tom Steyer, Bezos, Mike Bloomberg, Obummer and more), may even provide knowledge which would increase your scoopability.

Read: T. Kaczynski; Industrial Society and Its Future(1995). It is an observation paper, and not then, devoid of faults, nor riddled with source references. However, well worth the read having been composed by a man who had been evaluated at over 160 I.Q., and was the youngest professor ever at Berkely.

Yours, Clement
Monika Nagy
2020-05-31 02:32:22
Puzzle piece about a father who lost his kids to ISS. They are in with HHS ,Child Protective services international ISS .ISS works with the Gates Foundation under the name of Bridgespan Group (Alen Amini works for ISS and Bridgespan). He is the link.
Watch Steel Truth on YouTube Connecting the dots.Inter Child Trafficking using the State Department.
Karen Pike
2020-05-30 21:46:30
Hi Polly,

We just received a request, by mail, from VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation, for a donation to support "Vital Health Care for British Columbians." The pledge form stresses the need for financial support during the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

Sounds like BC may be trying out the strategy used by the European Commission that raised $8 billion worth of pledges from the "captured nation states" in 2.5 hours.

We are going to send them some "Virtual Money" to help with the "Virtual Pandemic" expenses.
Thank you and keep up the good work Polly
John Chapple
2020-05-29 02:11:06
Hello Polly, I just started seeing your videos and I have to say I love your work! I am in Ottawa but have lived in Kingston in the past. (was a correctional officer at Kingston and Joyceville) I would love to be part of your community and have a lot of skills that I would love to share in such a community. I have been red pilled for more than 5 years and am so done with this CCP virus garbage and those who are hook line and sinker programmed by main stream media. Keep up the great work and keep me in mind if you find the need to form that little self supplying community.
Carole Logan
2020-05-28 21:10:58
Hi Polly
Love your work. I live in Cape Town South Africa. In amongst all the fear porn was this bizarre article, which
I think is connected to what’s going on. Bear in mind that we have 50% unemployment and our commie government has payed out only 10, yes 10 c0v1d grants so far!
Carole Logan
2020-05-28 21:10:09
Hi Polly
Love your work. I live in Cape Town South Africa. In amongst all the fear porn was this bizarre article, which
I think is connected to what’s going on. Bear in mind that we have 50% unemployment and our commie government has payed out only 10, yes 10 c0v1d grants so far!
Geoffrey Gardiner
2020-05-27 16:56:52
Hi Polly Really love your Work,have watched Most of your Videos.
I noticed that you Listed reallygraceful as a source.
Have you seen her video called "Who Controls the Gates Family" that she did?
She Mentioned Bain & Company an Elite Consultancy Firm who Services the Fortune 500 Companies.
Doing a little reading on Google they seem to have a very Hands on Approach to Consulting almost a control of these Companies as their prerequisite for taking their Clients on Hmmm?
Grace Hinted at there possibly are links to Scull and Bones on the Board of Directors.
Was Wondering if I have peeked your Interest in Maybe Finding alot more About them.
We know Who is Bill Gates,
but I ask you Who is Bain & Company ???
Kind Regards Geoff Gardiner .
p.s. Please Check reallygraceful Youtube Video out " Who Controls the Gates Family".
2020-05-25 09:55:23
I just wondered if you had seen this today. LAST HOUR🔺

Italian doctors, disobeyed the world health law WHO, not to do autopsies on the dead of the Coronavirus and they found that it is NOT a VIRUS but a BACTERIA that causes death. This causes blood clots to form and causes the death of the patient.

🔷Italy defeats the so-called Covid-19, which is nothing other than "Disseminated intravascular coagulation" (Thrombosis)

🔷And the way to combat it, that is, its cure, is with the “antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and anticoagulants”. ASPIRIN, indicating that this disease had been poorly treated.
This sensational news for the world🌏 has been produced by Italian doctors by performing autopsies on corpses produced by the Covid-19.

🔷Something else, according to Italian pathologists. "The ventilators and the intensive care unit were never needed."

🔷So in Italy the change of protocols began, * ITALY THE CALL global pandemic is revealed and lifted by the WHO, * this cure already knew and did not inform the Chinese * FOR DOING BUSINESS. *

Source: ITALY Ministry of Health.
* EYE ALERT * 🚨🚨🚨
Pass this on to your entire family, neighborhood, acquaintances, friends, colleagues, coworkers ... etc. etc ... and its environment in general ...:
If they get to contract the Covid-19 ... which is not a Virus as they have made us believe, but a bacterium ... amplified with 5G electromagnetic radiation that also produces inflammation and hypoxia.
They will do the following:
They are going to take Aspirin 100mg and Apronax or Paracetamol ...
Why? ... * because it has been shown that what Covid-19 does is to clot the blood, causing the person to develop a thrombosis and the blood not to flow and not to oxygenate the heart and lungs and the person to die quickly from can not breath.*
In Italy they screwed up the WHO protocol and did an autopsy on a corpse that died from Covid-19 ... they cut off the body, opened the arms, legs and other sections of the body and realized that the veins were dilated and clotted blood, all veins and arteries filled with thrombi, preventing the blood from flowing normally and carrying oxygen to all organs, mainly the brain, heart and lungs, and the patient ends up dying,
Already knowing this diagnosis, the Italian Ministry of Health immediately changed the Covid-19 treatment protocols ... and began to administer to their positive patients Aspirin 100mg and Apronax ..., result: the patients began to recover and present improvements and the Ministry of Health released and sent home more than 14,000 patients in a single day.
URGENT: transmit this information and make it viral, here in our country they have lied to us, with this pandemic, the only thing that our president comes out to say every day is data and statistics but not giving this information to save citizens, will be that It will also be threatened by the elites? ... we do not know, suddenly all the governments of the world, but Italy broke the norm ... because they were already overwhelmed and in serious chaos of daily deaths ..., now the WHO. ..would be sued worldwide 🌏for covering up so many deaths and the collapse of the economies of many countries in the world ... now it is understood why the order to INCINERATE or immediately bury the bodies without autopsy ... and labeled them as highly polluting. ..
It is in our hands to carry the truth and hope to save many lives .... * SPREAD IN ALL NETWORKS URGENT !!!!! * that's why the antibacterial gel works and the chlorine dioxide ... All the PANDEMIC is because they want to vaccinate and chip to assassinate the masses to control them and reduce the World Population
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