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As promised, here is a list (in no particular order) of channels or web sites or twitter accounts of people I have enjoyed & learned from in the past.
If you follow these people & their recommendations for other creators you’ll have more entertainment & news than you can possibly watch or read! J
I’m sure I’m forgetting many, please forgive me.  I’m listing Canadian people / sites in a separate category.


@PoliticalOrgy (Quite Frankly)
@gemmaod1 (Ireland)
@rowancroft (Ireland)
 .... and so many more. Please note that twitter is case sensitive and I might have messed up on that.


Steve Turley
X22 Report
In Pursuit Of Truth (IPOT)
American Thought Leaders
Really Graceful
Quite Frankly
Red Ice (bitchute only)
Truth Factory
Truth Stream Media
You Are Free TV
Pete Santilli
Black Pigeon Speaks
Black Conservative Patriot
Richard Grannon Spartan Life Coach
David Icke
Narcissistic Resistance
Gemma O’Doherty
Computing Forever
Robert BROWN
Patriot’s Soapbox
John B Wells – Caravan to Midnight
Praying Medic
Patriot Nurse
Tracy Beanz
Lionel Nation
Go to for Owen Benjamin Comedy
American Intelligence Media

The Post Millennial
Spencer Fernando
True North
@CanPoli – Canpoli on youtube
Adam Daniel Mezei (youtube)
Julie Mora
@BillyJoyce1976 (Billy Joyce on Youtube)
Laura Lynn Thompson  @LauraLynnTT

Epoch Times
Corey’s Digs
Conservative Tree House
Red Ice (hey GLP!)
Hagmann Report

I KNOW this list is incomplete .. plus there have got to be hundreds (thousands) of writers, vloggers, content creators, researchers, etc that I’ve not yet encountered or who I somehow lost track of over time who would fit right into this list.

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Kid Did Ok
2020-05-24 05:49:29
What are the largest dimensions for a package that will fit in your p.o. box? Is 10 in X 6 in X 1 in. ok?
2020-05-22 22:53:09
Another great video Polly. We have no specific molecular or antibody test that’s specific to the UNPurified pathogen reportedly causing COVID 19. All scientific data is junk science since false positives tests abound. Even the American CDC acknowledges this in their website concerning the PCR molecular test ... no quality assurance has been validated ... so what are we really testing for... perhaps we are testing for remnants or vaccine enhancement genetic material from the 2019 new tetravalent influenza vaccine administered prior to the pandemic ... perhaps a new BOOM... from a concerned physician ...
2020-05-22 06:21:08
Wonderful to see this critical information you have brought to light. There’re more linkages to malaria involving much the same cast pf characters; hope this helps with your important and much-appreciated research: All ACT drug combinations currently used against malaria are wholly-owned by guess-which-country, are more expensive than quinine-derivatives and have been aggressively promoted to doctors in Africa for over a decade by guess-Which-international-Health-Org as the first choice of treatments, a massive market dominance making it very hard if not impossible now for Africans to obtain the cheaper quinine-derivatives, despite the alarming numbers of ACT treatment failures admitted by the very same World H-O. ( ). Note the difference between Artemisia and Artemether/Artesunate/Artemisinin; they aren’t the same. Artemisia herbal infusions are absolutely more effective than Artesunate against malaria as researcher Pierre Lutgen reported in 2016: “A paper from Mali published last week is alarming (AA Djimbe et al., Parasite, 2016. 23, 3). Artesunate does not clear mature gametocytes during oral artesunate treatment and does not prevent the appearance of new gametocytes. This confirms to a large extent the randomized, double blind, large scale clinical trials of Munyanga and Idumbo in Maniema-Congo end of last year (see After 14 days up to day 28 gametocytes had completely disappeared in those treated with Artemisia herbal infusion, but it was still present on day 28 in 10% of those treated with Coartem.” (More Background at:
Asante sana!
Freddie Madden
2020-05-21 11:46:03
Dear Polly,
My name is Freddie Madden, I am a independent producer of TV documentaries, and will be working with Conrad Black over the next three/four years with my team to produce films for worldwide broadcast, all media, on subjects such as: a) World Health Organisation and its corrupt practices; b) Child trafficking throughout the world; c) Fake news/media and its effect on world politics; d) The USA corrupt legal system. Would you be interested in helping us under a commercial contract, on terms to be agreed with you, as a Consultant? Please contact me either via email:, or my mobile is: 011 44 7801 530 219 (I'm based in London, England, but anticipate coming to Canada when the travelling restrictions are lifted.) Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you. Yours sincerely, Freddie
2020-05-21 03:24:58
Hello Polly,
I watched with intense interest your video about the African leaders who are standing against the W.H.O. and recommend using the herbal tea, "sweet wormwood" (artemesia annua) to treat COVID. My husband was born in South Africa and he has known about this herbal treatment since he was a child. We asked one of his friends to send some of the dried herb to us and we use it as an herbal tea to treat colds, flu and other types of infections! So, there are other countries in or near the continent of Africa that know the benefits of herbal remedies and, just as you have noted in your show notes, they have been used successfully for many centuries! Thanks so much for your worldwide research!
2020-05-20 06:31:17
I saw your video mentioning Coutts Alberta. Then only issue with border towns is that they tend to fall victim to eminent domain during a military buildup. We already know what side the canadian government takes regarding globalism. If the US breaks free of the globalist governance, globalists may send our military to border towns "in the defence of our country". They may decide to use any land you may have on the border to provision for a military presence to prevent the spread of nationalism.
South of Lethbridge but far enough from the border to be of no use to the military is a safer bet. Milk River, or one of the towns to the east or west away from the main highway come to mind.
2020-05-20 04:37:12
Dear Polly,
You are truly amazing.
Just in case proof anyone needs proof---from the horse's mouth---for RFID chips to be used in the vaccines:
Elissa Hirsh
2020-05-20 03:24:31
Hello Polly, I've recently discovered your videos and am trying to figure out if I need to be cautious in my enthusiasm or not. You seem at times apolitical and focused on truth regardless of party affiliation. And because you are Canadian you are neither Republican or Democrat. I have always been more radical than progressive, for civil and women's autonomy and rights, spreading to LGBTQ and other disenfranchised communities. I fought hard against the Calif. vaccine mandates and am involved in the Weston Price Fdn, a non-profit nutrition and healthy lifestyle education advocacy group supporting regenerative organic nutrient dense foods, body autonomy, and by extension we are very concerned about COVID. The Democrats who have pushed for social equality and preservation of air, water, and soil are now captured by Pharma and Ag. But the Republicans are undoing generations of protections of the commons to the benefit of a very few. Often times they seem interchangeable. Corrupt. So I am looking for truth where I can find it and wonder if you are doing the same. I also would like to live in community with others committed to healthy living. Please let me know where you are coming from. How do you describe yourself? Are you also politically marooned? Where do you find strength. Thank you in advance, Elissa
Rachel Uzzell
2020-05-18 15:22:07
Dear Polly,

God bless you for your work. You have an amazing gift for presenting your research and we have learned so much, including researching for ourselves. I found another Gates/Soros connection that is just as disturbing as everything else. I'm sending it hoping you can use it in your research. I'm researching and archiving and trying to learn how to do videos myself to do my part, but it is not as easy as you make it look. So again thank you for all your important, hard work!

Data Society funded by Microsoft in 2004. There's a link to funders and Open Society Foundation is another one. They seem to have covered all the bases, but they are being uncovered.

Soros admits:

Rachel & Blake
Tim Bewcyk
2020-05-18 04:29:15
Hi Polly,

Thank you for all your intelligent, decent, invaluable, brilliant detective work. I understand so much more. I am going to refer more people to you but I also want to make a specific request for a certain video to be made. What is the best way to discuss this with you? Thank you.
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