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As promised, here is a list (in no particular order) of channels or web sites or twitter accounts of people I have enjoyed & learned from in the past.
If you follow these people & their recommendations for other creators you’ll have more entertainment & news than you can possibly watch or read! J
I’m sure I’m forgetting many, please forgive me.  I’m listing Canadian people / sites in a separate category.


@PoliticalOrgy (Quite Frankly)
@gemmaod1 (Ireland)
@rowancroft (Ireland)
 .... and so many more. Please note that twitter is case sensitive and I might have messed up on that.


Steve Turley
X22 Report
In Pursuit Of Truth (IPOT)
American Thought Leaders
Really Graceful
Quite Frankly
Red Ice (bitchute only)
Truth Factory
Truth Stream Media
You Are Free TV
Pete Santilli
Black Pigeon Speaks
Black Conservative Patriot
Richard Grannon Spartan Life Coach
David Icke
Narcissistic Resistance
Gemma O’Doherty
Computing Forever
Robert BROWN
Patriot’s Soapbox
John B Wells – Caravan to Midnight
Praying Medic
Patriot Nurse
Tracy Beanz
Lionel Nation
Go to for Owen Benjamin Comedy
American Intelligence Media

The Post Millennial
Spencer Fernando
True North
@CanPoli – Canpoli on youtube
Adam Daniel Mezei (youtube)
Julie Mora
@BillyJoyce1976 (Billy Joyce on Youtube)
Laura Lynn Thompson  @LauraLynnTT

Epoch Times
Corey’s Digs
Conservative Tree House
Red Ice (hey GLP!)
Hagmann Report

I KNOW this list is incomplete .. plus there have got to be hundreds (thousands) of writers, vloggers, content creators, researchers, etc that I’ve not yet encountered or who I somehow lost track of over time who would fit right into this list.

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Joan Ellyn
2020-05-12 00:51:05
Hi Polly and everyone reading this, do you think it would be a good idea to find a website that shows different geographic areas where people in different areas can move to? Does anyone know of this type of website? I wish we could all go to the same location but maybe that's not possible. In my own research, the 4 corners area of the southwestern US is worth looking at. Small towns, warmer weather and snow melt water. There is more to the relocation story than Covid19. We are also looking at a cooling cycle in our planet's future which will make growing food more difficult. Things are moving quickly and we all may want to get on this sooner rather than later.
Rick in CO
2020-05-10 23:48:47
Thank you Polly for what you are doing. You are more than inspiring, and I must say so tireless in the face of such evil. You must have so many good men and women praying for you daily, as well as some clearly divine supernatural protection. I will add my voice to the many and plead with our Lord for your continued protection and for you to continue to be blessed with wisdom and truth. St Michael the Archangel, defend Polly in battle...
2020-05-10 17:23:21
Polly, I truly applaud your work. You have spent much time researching and fact finding the dilemma we are all experiencing. You have bravely and logically connected all the “dots” so your listeners and readers can distill and understand the vast amount of concerted propaganda we are all receiving daily via the mass media. I hope you can continue your work, and I encourage all listeners and readers of your work to help you in any way we can. I am in the healthcare sector and have contact with others in this sector in downstate New York and in the central Florida regions of the United States. From all whom I speak with, there is a consensus that the reality of the impact on healthcare is diametrically different than what is portrayed in the media. The stark reality is that if a diagnostic test is inaccurate, then no real data can be extrapolated and thus no policy of public health can be instituted... only policy of perceived or possibly scripted data. From this fact the rest of what we are experiencing makes sense.
Amos Amish
2020-05-10 10:53:48
When I found this I thought of your "Beware the Contact Tracers" video.

It is a warning from Catholic leaders about the Covid-19 exercise being a pretext for imposing a global totalitarian system to strip human souls of their God given liberties and of their dignity as human beings.

I am not Catholic (or Amish), but this group may have a lot of influence and credibility among large groups of people. I so far have only listened to just the first fee minutes. I thought what they have to say would interest you. Here is the link:
2020-05-10 04:26:58
Hello Ms.Amazing,
You might enjoy a product called Maltego for help with your digital entity relationship visualization. Kind of a computer based wall map with red yarn and pushpins.
It's open source.

Thanks for the great work!
Best Regards
2020-05-09 18:59:08
Hi Polly, I liked your latest video, truth is often stranger than science fiction. Polly the rabbit hole is very deep and if you did not know the battle is simple it's between good and evil (stay with me, no I am not a 'God botherer') and many have jumped on the band wagon (having a stake in the outcome) remember the greatest trick the fallen one played was that he never existed. Be careful when you get close, you get lost. The truth is overrated, the sheeple want the blue pill and enjoy the virtual steak. If you need a safe port when the time comes, and you want to know how deep the hole goes, you can seek me out in God's country...keep safe..choose your battles wisely. REMEMBER they may think they have your consumerist sole, but never let them take your spirit....that makes you unpredictable and that's makes you dangerous...and there lies your dichotomy.
2020-05-09 10:23:33
Polly, in addition to the all seeing eye in point 2 of the GPMB “top seven” preparedness needs, point #3 is a pentagram.
2020-05-09 10:20:00
Prolly, in your boom report on the Global Health Mafia, did you notice on the GPMB report of the “top seven” preparedness needs, the graphic on the left has the globe contained within the all seeing eye??
2020-05-09 09:26:58
Hi Polly just saw your most recent amazing video!! And look what I just read on social media!
"Will Bill Gates ever go away? He's got a bill pending in Congress to get tax dollars to fund CEPI, which is his Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. You're going to need to contact your Congressmen and women and tell them you do not want the US funding Bill Gates and that they should vote no on H.R. 6334. It's yet another money laundering scheme putting your tax dollars into pharma bank accounts."

Find your rep here:…/find-your-representative
Alex Holmstedt
2020-05-09 07:48:09
Hi Polly
We all know that WHO is merely a trade organization...if anyone is in doubt look at this WHO document...
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