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Welcome!  Here you'll find my videos, blog posts, and links to various interesting things.
As has become increasingly evident, people worldwide are being subjected to horrifying behavioural modification experiments through dishonest media, corrupt elected officials, and sadistic (or incompetent) "scientists."  I don't think I need to tell you that all of this is taking a toll on people.  In order to push back against this tsunami of half truths, fear & lies I like to find facts, explore faith, and research into psychology, history, philosophy, etc. I enjoy discussing morality, truth, integrity & how to keep sane, strong and whole while swimming in a soup of gaslighting & fake news, smear campaigns & psychological warfare.  
Links to where you can find me on social media are in the right sidebars of each page on this website.  PORTANT:  Impostors are registering for apps using my Amazing Polly name.

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You've Got To Have Heart

Is the Q plan dead? I don't think so. The Biden inauguration was gross, but don't let that ruin your day or your outlook. You know which people are having the time of their lives right now? Haters. HAHA they are such losers.

For full screen, watch on BitChute.

Latest Blog Posts
Look Who Biden is Rushing to Purge
Biden's first moves included getting rid of the very people I featured in my recent video entitled "Storm Season."
What does that tell you?
Published by Polly St. George - 23/1/2021
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White House Press Secretary is Experienced in Cover-Ups
VIDEO Jen Psaki worked for the State Department under Hillary Clinton and helped deny allegations of interference into serious crimes committed by State Department employees.
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January 8, 2021

The day is here.

Social Media is purging everyone. I got the boot from Twitter tonight as did General Flynn and President Donald Trump himself. I’m not sure who else but 4chan is lit up with reports of it being “the day” – Possible military action commencing tonight. Please know that this might be complete garbage, but my intuition tells me that something is afoot.

I had a feeling in my gut when I woke up this morning and sure enough reports of bannings & cancelations kept popping up all morning. Brandon Straka’s entire online business got wiped off of Facebook causing 12 people to lose their jobs in an instant. If you recall, Mr. Straka is the founder of the extremely successful (and positive) Walk Away movement. For social media to purge him is indefensible. Of course it is. It’s indefensible for them to have eliminated any of the people I’ve mentioned above, but this isn’t about justice, fairness, legality, freedom, protection or any of the other excuses they give for their actions. There is panic in the air, and a shift of some kind.

13 Jan 2021
Polly if i donate $5 to your BITCHUTE does that make me your SIMP ? It's a fair question. Ha! I joke because we're all about to Die! Seriously, I think we've reached the end of the information stage and now we're at the stage where they start pondering the FEMA camps, and which Rino's will make the best KAPO's. Stay Safe and God Bless America and Canada! From New York
Michael Sheeto
13 Jan 2021
Love your channel...trying to help anyway i can 62yo widowed and retired pharmacist..yes i have stories about pharma companies..anyway been Christian for awhile ..thats my main thing..Child of the King
Dean L
13 Jan 2021
Polly, you are an incredible lady. Your genuine love for good and honesty is always apparent. I've been watching and learning from you for around 2 years now, and it's your ability to research so thoroughly, and present your findings in such a structured format that always keep me coming back for more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your courage, wisdom, and thoughtfulness with all of us. Stay safe. God bless you Polly, you're absolutely Amazing!
13 Jan 2021
A friend texted your video link yesterday, thank you for sharing.
Martine Uyttersprot
13 Jan 2021
Thank you for sharing your research!
We wish you and your family a happy and healthy 2021!
(sent from Evergem in Belgium)
Stone Max II
13 Jan 2021
Hello, Polly. You must continue this work you do. I do not agree with 100% of your opinions, but the mass majority of your train of thought is mine (Since I was around 5yrs my military dad started indocrination about the lies we face as citizens and how we are really in a sheeple society).

Will you help by using your magic to breakdown which Law Makers created (unlikely) the last stimulus line items where masses amounts of tax dollars went to foreign governments (who steal the funds and line their pockets)? Who are creating these? Who gets a kickback? and is it a treaty or agreement the US made to send other people instead of our own countrymen needed funding to keep our own families afloat?

Why isn't anyone breaking down these facts and publicly holding these people accountable? Is this apart of the rape of our finances before the BIG RESET?

Once I retire, I will help you with research without any benefit to myself. Give me 3 years if I do not die first. I am an educator. Teachers, firemen, police officers and health and human services workers CANNOT talk publicly about anything or be fired or shunned in your career. We all have our hands over our mouths...

You really are the AMAZING POLLY. Always give us a way to find you. I am spreading your work as fast as possible to our grand students incognito.
Phil N
13 Jan 2021
Keep Up The Great Work Polly!
13 Jan 2021
Hello Polly. Thank you tot communicate your truth. Keep me posted.
13 Jan 2021
Thanks you die communicatief tour truth. Keep me posted.
13 Jan 2021
Thanks you die communicatief tour truth. Keep me posted.
13 Jan 2021
Thanks you die communicatief tour truth. Keep me posted.
David Merryfield
13 Jan 2021
Hi, I've watched tons of your videos and appreciate your hard work. Soo many are being banned lately and it's hard to keep track. Biily Joyce, Canadapoli, secureteam, Pressfortruth, and now you too. Dlive has started banning too. Frank Vaughan has started his own streaming. It's getting hard to find my daily dose of red pill. Thankyou again, David and Rosie Merryfield Kamloops BC
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