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Only You Can Stop Mass Formation Psychosis

I talk about the ways people deal with guilt/blame in individualist vs collectivist societies. Very interesting findings in the latter half!

Mass Formation Psychosis - How They Created Supporters for Medical Tyranny

We are living in an age of mass formation or as I would call it, Mass Hysteria.
In this video I expand on the theory of Mattias Desmet and explain exactly how it happened.

Polly's Picks - Video

Great video on crypto currency and NFTs from the YouTube channel Folding Ideas. It may be long but it is worth it.
Harley Schlanger returns to SGT Report with some PhD level analysis of geopolitical events, including the recent goings on in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. with a story on vaccine boosters and how they actually dimish the bodies immune response.
Lauren Southern reports on the now buried story of the mass graves found near residential schools with an update. Not one body found!
Christian author and social commentator G.K. Chesterton discusses eugenics and other evil things. This is a lesson from history.
Another video from the Bitchute Channel Busting the Box about the 5 ways that the pandemic has improved his life. Excellent as always.
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Latest Blog Posts
Merry Christmas
If it were not for the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ I would not be able to endure the pains of these past years. The adversary has challenged us in every way - coercing, cajoling, making us ill, robbing us of our livelihoods, our friends, our families.
Published by Polly St. George - 25/12/2021
BOOM! Ontario Government Admits PCR & Rapid Antigen Tests are "Unreliable"
First, the Ontario Conservative Party ejected elected member Belinda Karahalios for voting against the party. Then the Ontario legislature decreed that all Members of Parliament would have to provide proof of vaccination in order to be admitted onto the floor...
Published by Polly St. George - 9/12/2021
Backbone / Freedom Isn’t Free Documentary Update on Kelly Hale and JAKK Tuesday’s
Since posting my behind-the-scenes look at one Kingston, Ontario entrepreneur’s battle against medical mandates, a few things have developed. Here’s a quick update.
Published by Polly St. George - 5/12/2021
Lisbet Croissant's Twitter Timeline
Links to My COVID/Medical Mafia Investigation Videos

Starting in March 2020 I began researching almost every aspect of the COVID 'pandemic' so as to document the world's largest Psychological Operation in real time.  Below, you will find most of those videos, listed in chronological order. I've added keywords so that you may search by subject, character or organization (use Cntrl + f to search by keyword).

Red Pill Primers

The story of Edward Bernays, and how he taught corporate America and governments how to use propaganda to manipulate the masses.

Conspiracy of Silence, exposed a network of religious leaders and Washington politicians who flew children to Washington D.C. for sex orgies.

Everything is a Rich Man's Trick is a redpill classic. Connecting the usual swamp creatures to historical events from the world wars to JFK and 9/11.

Polly's Picks - Articles
Hiding The Bodies
Diana West, OffGuardian, Jan 22 2022

Thank you, Art Moore of World Net Daily, for reporting on the tag-team treachery of Fauci and Walensky after a US Senator finally, if inadequately, confronted them both with the VAERS covid “vaccine” body count in “Fauci, Walensky dodge when asked about number of vaccine deaths.” Continue reading...
Dark Side Of Metaverse Exposed: Why Your Kids Need To Stay Away From VRChat
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jan 23 2022

Parents who bought their children the Oculus Quest 2 for Christmas could be in for a surprise as there have been several instances of child grooming within one of the virtual reality headset's most popular chatroom services VRChat. Continue reading...
I’m a Public School Teacher. The Kids Aren’t Alright.
Stacey Lance, Common Sense SubStack, Jan 20 2022

My students were taught to think of themselves as vectors of disease. This has fundamentally altered their understanding of themselves. Continue reading...
The Last Days of the Covidian Cult
CJ Hopkins, Consent Factory, Jan 18 2022

This isn’t going to be pretty, folks. The downfall of a death cult rarely is. There is going to be wailing and gnashing of teeth, incoherent fanatical jabbering, mass deleting of embarrassing tweets. Continue reading...
Biden Admin Compiling Database Of Religious Objectors To Vaccine Within Obscure Agency
Tyler Durden, Zero Hedge, Jan 12 2022

An obscure agency within the Biden administration, the Pretrial Services Agency, announced an Orwellian tracking scheme on Tuesday that could serve as a model for the entire US government to collect the names and "personal religious information" of federal employees who make "religious accommodation requests for religious exception from the federally mandated vaccination requirement," according to the Daily Signal. Continue reading...
The Psychological Cruelty of Denying Natural immunity
Jefferey A. Tucker, Brownstone Institute, Dec 30 18 2021

Every sick child, and probably every adult at some point, asks that existential question: why am I suffering? Continue reading...
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17 Jan 2022
I'm glad I found your website, some really good stuff to chew on. As I was watching mass hysteria it came to mind that the ones who do not have a love for the truth will be given over to a reprobate mind! Looks like it is happening big style.
16 Jan 2022
Polly, you must have seen the latest attacks on Dr. Malone by all the usual suspects. He is under full out assault by the media/medical industrial complex, for continuing to resist their mRNA injection crusade. I think you either need to define your suspicions regarding his authenticity or stop painting him as being controlled opposition. He has just verified the fact that India's success in fighting covid is because they are dispensing ivermectin in their oral treatment packs. What say you?
14 Jan 2022

Sorry the link got a bit lost in my rambling text 😘
14 Jan 2022
Great analysis of Mass Formation. I listened to Mattias a while back, then again together with Mike Yeadon. I am awaiting his book, although the English translation will be a while. I soooo identified with your thoughts about personal responsibility and our relation to faith, and both pick up on this too. Here is a link in case you missed it:
I am in Catalonia, Spain and in a total minority, which I still find surprising, as what the Catalans endured in the civil war seems long forgotten, despite their Soros funded strife for independence, yet that ties in with a pillar of Mattias’ theory, which I have witnessed. It seems to me, the more detached or the vaguer the history, the more apt we are to repeat it. Former Eastern bloc friends have been all over the s c a m like a rash from the outset. Thank you for keeping me sane from a Brit in catalunya. Xxxx ps. I resonate with your burqa comments. It is law here to wear a mask, but I won’t and am rarely challenged. However, today I was, so lamely pulled a scarf over my face, whilst at a checkout, and a customer complained and encouraged the operator to chastise me, which I ignored. I have now perfected a heel click, raised right arm and left forefinger under my nose as I goose step my goodbye. I, like you was considering a burqa or niqab, as my shopping options are becoming limited 😂. Much love and thank you 😘
14 Jan 2022
Polly, why are you on a campaign to cast Dr. Robert Malone as a covert DOD/CIA operative. I know he has worked with these agencies in the past throughout his career but he has been pretty outspoken about his objections to Fauci covid treatment policies and expressed vax remorse as far as his own jabs. He is warning the world against jabbing their kids and continues to be a thorn in the mRNA promoters sides. He has even been pressing the ADE risk. Do you have some solid info that he is setting us up or are you just urging us to be careful with who we trust in a general sense. It seems like Robert Malone agrees with most of what you have been saying about this entire psyop. Please stop speaking in vague generalities, say what is on your mind and why you are drawing these conclusions, please.
Tony Lyver
12 Jan 2022
Your last two videos are perfection even over the perfection of the rest. Acceptance of the bizarre is just part of it all. What used to be liberal is now murder. I don't eat until I see a new video from Polly so please, three videos a day would be nice. Anyone wants to see how this developed, this guy warned us all in the 80's in books and lectures across North America. It fits into Polly's latest video especially about making everyone equal. I met him in 90 and sat with him until '93. when the KGB killed him. If you are interested in watching the Canadian assistant minister of Indian Affairs in 2012 getting defensive against an interview a 13 year old researched and wrote himself... the honorable member is the guy in the white shirt. GO POLLY!
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