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Welcome!  Here you'll find my videos, blog posts, and links to various interesting things.
As has become increasingly evident, people worldwide are being subjected to horrifying behavioural modification experiments through dishonest media, corrupt elected officials, and sadistic (or incompetent) "scientists."  I don't think I need to tell you that all of this is taking a toll on people.  In order to push back against this tsunami of half truths, fear & lies I like to find facts, explore faith, and research into psychology, history, philosophy, etc. I enjoy discussing morality, truth, integrity & how to keep sane, strong and whole while swimming in a soup of gaslighting & fake news, smear campaigns & psychological warfare.  
Links to where you can find me on social media are in the right sidebars of each page on this website.  PORTANT:  Impostors are registering for apps using my Amazing Polly name.

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You've Got To Have Heart

Is the Q plan dead? I don't think so. The Biden inauguration was gross, but don't let that ruin your day or your outlook. You know which people are having the time of their lives right now? Haters. HAHA they are such losers.

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January 8, 2021

The day is here.

Social Media is purging everyone. I got the boot from Twitter tonight as did General Flynn and President Donald Trump himself. I’m not sure who else but 4chan is lit up with reports of it being “the day” – Possible military action commencing tonight. Please know that this might be complete garbage, but my intuition tells me that something is afoot.

I had a feeling in my gut when I woke up this morning and sure enough reports of bannings & cancelations kept popping up all morning. Brandon Straka’s entire online business got wiped off of Facebook causing 12 people to lose their jobs in an instant. If you recall, Mr. Straka is the founder of the extremely successful (and positive) Walk Away movement. For social media to purge him is indefensible. Of course it is. It’s indefensible for them to have eliminated any of the people I’ve mentioned above, but this isn’t about justice, fairness, legality, freedom, protection or any of the other excuses they give for their actions. There is panic in the air, and a shift of some kind.

Isadore D. Kaye
20 Jan 2021
I find your insights to be brilliant. I am an old soldier now, a veteran of the Cold War who helped President Reagan bring about a change of government in the old Soviet Union. By your appearance, I would judge you to be too young to have a vivid memory of the insurrections of the SDS, Weather Underground and Black Panthers between 1967 and 1974. It was the very same bunch of characters that populated the Obamanation: Bill Ayers, Rahm Emanuel, Zeke Emanuel, and yes, even Hillary Clinton. They burned entire U.S. cities to the ground, bombed schools (including mine) and ultimately caused a U.S. president to resign. I can give you more intel, but you will have to write in private e-mail. My occupation requires that I maintain a very low public profile.
lawrence brown
20 Jan 2021
You truly are AMAZING Poly. I can't believe this is really happening. Here's hoping 2020 will seem like a very bad nightmare and the world can begin to heal.
Shan Gou
19 Jan 2021
Hi Polly, you forgot to mention the 'king of alternative research', the 'true follower of the Q movement', the 'one and only X22 report'.
19 Jan 2021
No sound on last video
19 Jan 2021
Thank you for all that you do, no amount of words can express the gratitude I have for you and your work
19 Jan 2021
Can't seem to play your videos on bitchute or your website.
19 Jan 2021
I tried to post this on GAB, but can't get in this aft, so I'll post it here instead.

You know that 'scary' video about #TrumpArmy? I burst out laughing @41 seconds in. As the narrator ominously says "For more than a decade Donald Trump has spoken directly to white supremacists in their language", it shows Donald Trump reaching out towards a wall of supporters - one who is carrying a sign saying "LGBTQs 4 TRUMP"; and what I can only conclude must be a couple of confused black dudes holding up "BLACKS FOR TRUMP".

Too funny! Are they trying to have us on? As a white supremacist movement, I can only suggest they could use a little work!

If they're trying to frighten us, I'm not sure they're supposed to make us laugh. :)
19 Jan 2021
No sound in Nebraska USA
19 Jan 2021
You must be right about the storm being here. Secretary Pompeo is hitting it out of the park with 'tell it like it is' tweets every few minutes now, and GAB is completely inaccessible (either under load or attack?) I'm not even getting the 'checking your browser' screen now - just nothing.

Fingers crossed that your optimism is correct, but I'm not forgetting about your cautions that we shouldn't all just sit back and let the 'elites on our side' do the heavy lifting. As you said, this will be a long haul, and probably ugly, and it will be up to all of us individually to do our part when it hits the fan.

Thanks for sharing your critical (and often necessarily contrarian) perspectives over the years, and for your insightful and invaluable digging. If social media remains inaccessible, see you on the other side!
19 Jan 2021
I can not get the sound of your videos in Bit Chute, neither download from your webpage. I would it to be a problem of my connection, but I am not at all sure.
19 Jan 2021
Like you and your parents, I'm an ex-Quebecois who fled as a result of the FLQ Communist insurgency. If you and your family need a place to flee to in Florida, fly into Palm Beach and I'll pick y'all up (I'm trying to blend in).
19 Jan 2021
Go girl... Been with you for years and we are in a mind resonance. Yea, It's happening. Slowly over the last 6 months but we're close to watching a dam collapse with raging torrents. "land of the free, Home of the Brave"
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