2 Types of Blindness

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2 Types of Blindness

Published by Polly St. George in video recommendations · 1 February 2021
I've been having trouble sleeping and seeing.  Since shortly after the declaration of this "pandemic" my vision changed - not just once but many times.  I have three pairs of glasses I use in an unpredictable rotation and I feel as if I'm constantly looking for one or the other pair, which is not easy to do without being able to see properly.  These are old pairs and new pairs - one of them only has one arm, in fact, but I've been desperate enough to wear them out of the house at times.  I'm not sure what's happening, but it is stopping me from being as productive as I like to be.  

That's one type of 'blindness.'

Another is touched on in this 10 minute video from a Roman priest.  
He is walking outside in the evening and telling the world how he sees it - the depth of what we are facing, who is behind it and why.  He believes that we're in the end game of a Masonic plot to control every place, thing, animal and person on this Earth. (I know many of you will agree).  I don't get too bothered about the "who" aspect of the equation, myself. Masons, Jesuits, Technocrats, Satanists, Communists, Marxists, Progressives, Rosicruicians, Illuminati... to me it's all the same. Those groups and so many more believe that they must invert the laws of nature and become Gods among men.  They are evil through and through, though I suspect a great many of them don't even realize it.  At this point the members have been groomed for generations so this is all they know. It's what they live for. Our failing, I think, has been to allow these cretins to slowly chip away at our own sense of virtue & righteousness in the name of 'tolerance.'  We forgot what it means to be discriminating because they made us afraid of being called names!  As if being labeled a bigot is worse than the slow decay of our society.  

I've attached the video below - I found this priest compelling and wanted to share his message with you.  Some quotes which stood out to me are:

"We are in a very apocalyptic scenario.  It might be the final apocalypse that John spoke of it's so like it."

"...we the people have to stop them. We cannot endure this. And we can't be peaceful about it.  Yes, we must pray God because we won't have this victory without Him, but we must fight, okay?"

"Alas, though, billions of people are so stupid they're going to let themselves be murdered in the next few years by these maniacs.  And we can try to talk sense into some of them but some of them don't want sense they're completely blinded."

The are completely blinded by their un-knowingness. By their misguided faith in the upside-down world.  They are suffering, perhaps, the strong delusion.  The priest says something else which I think is exceptionally important to hear and absorb.  He tells us that we as Christians have been fooled into believing that all violence is a sin.  I agree.  It has been part of the grad deception, and we must re-learn the truth about the question of the use of force against out enemies.

Whatever happens going forward, I can rest knowing that my work has been to try to open some eyes before it is too late.  Perhaps my own 'blindness' is a sign from above that that part of my work is over and a new one *must* begin.  No more talking about it.  I need to switch gears and create work for those who already see and who want to move forward.  Yes, we must fight but also we must imagine and build the world we want to inhabit.  

Here is the full video.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

RoseAnn Kuzdra
02 Feb 2021
Polly, Thank you for all that you do. It was not by coincidence that I stumbled across one of your videos not long before this whole plandemic chaos. I know this was God's arrangement in leading me to a few reliable sources of information throughout this time. You are excellent at what you do. I especially appreciate your sharing of faith. God bless you . Nm 6:24 Jehovah bless you and keep you;

Nm 6:25 Jehovah make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you;

Nm 6:26 Jehovah lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.
Remember Polly, proper hydration is key to caring for/preserving eye health. Drink a lot of water.
02 Feb 2021
The video is down. More YouTube censorship.! The video is up at Brighteon (Priest Warning from Rome), multiple listings at Bitchute (search: Priest Warning from Rome), multiple listings at UGETube (search: Priest Warning from Rome), and elsewhere, as per Google eyes.
Fia Visser
02 Feb 2021
Please Polly. Go on with your extra ordinairy journalism. This is what I red from James Gilliland some weeks ago: The main stream and social media are fully aware of how to energize and manipulate people harboring unhealed wounds and traumas. They divide and conquer by dividing race, religion even gender. There are also unseen negative influences, evil genius that have the gift of reading your books and using the information for their own malevolent agendas. They can jump in friends, families and lovers at opportune moments causing them to say and do things they otherwise would not. There is a premise that is as true today as it has been in ancient time. “The closer you get to Nirvana, the more the demons rear their ugly heads.” We realy getting hammered these days. The ones who are looking for the truth. Keep your light Shining. For us...
Much love and light, Fia Visser, The Netherlands
02 Feb 2021
Polly, thank you for all you do. As to your eyesight, mine often goes wonky the longer I'm on the computer and returns to normal after resting them for even a couple of hours. I am about 10 years or so older than you and it could be possible that your eyes are starting to not like all that digital exposure. eyestrain is real and even reading text on a tv screen becomes almost impossible for me after I've been using the computer too much. I imagine that as a researcher you do spend multiple hours on the computer at times. I have taken to casting my screen to the tv and reading from across the room using a wireless keyboard. This helps me a lot. Possibly because it changes the distance my eyes have to focus. Try taking more breaks if you can and forcing yourself to take your eyes off the screen and focus on different distances across the room or out a window. do this while you are thinking about what to do next. Or just close them and give them a rest while you gather your thoughts. You are obviously a gifted thinker. Few of us have your gift of intellect, insight and intuition combined with determination. At the very least get your eyes examined. You could just need new glasses or have something else going on. Good luck and take care of yourself.
02 Feb 2021
Rudolf Steiner predicted Ahriman (the Antichrist) would incarnate in a human body at the very beginning of the 3rd millennium. He would be a westerner, born in a family of scientists. Keep that in mind. Steiner always got it right. Read "The Advent of Ahriman" :
Joyce Cain
02 Feb 2021
Someone is messing with us, because I too have had trouble with sleep, remembering just about anything, and my vision has also been fluctuating wildly. Until I just now read your post and following comments, I had thought all this was due to recent med changes (I have MS) to the point I communicated with my doctor about it. He didn't
think so but ... something is taking smart women off-line! So what can we do about it? Letting others know they aren't alone is a start. What next? Any ideas? (if anyone can see to type them out)
02 Feb 2021
Hello Polly. I was having the same issue. My vision has actually improved and I'm using a weaker 2013 prescription now. If you have LED lights, are using tablets or computers daily the blue light damages your vision and creates eye strain.

If you are near sighted you can pickup a very affordable pair of Blue Light blocker glasses (I paid $14 USD). Research this the data is widely available on the damage Blue light does to your eyes.

If you require a prescription it will cost significantly more for the blue light glasses. I did find I need to clean my lenses frequently with a glasses cloth (had quite a few on hand which were free from my ophthalmologist office over the years). This may be because I purchased cheap glasses. From my experience my vision began improving after a few days (eye strain stopped). You can also buy blue light screens for tablets and probable computer screens too. I have not used blue light screens on my devices.

If you are not already doing this, consider using the dark mode setting on your devices.

Hope this helps.
02 Feb 2021
Shiva is an Indian deity whose time on Earth was not so peaceful as Jesus. Shiva went to war with his enemies. An Indian guru was asked why the message was so different. His answer was that their message was actually not so different but that freedom of speech was not BIG around the time of Jesus which meant that his followers and those promoting his msg were persecuted. In order to be able to continue with the work, they adopted a turn the other check method. If they had not done this they were not likely to have survived. I don't want to spark a huge religious debate but it is an interesting thought in the context of this article.
02 Feb 2021
The times will be increasingly furious ("Satan is full of fury, for he knows his time is short").

It isn't enough to be against evil; we must be FOR Jesus. See Joshua 5:
[13} When Joshua was near Jericho, he looked up and saw a man standing in front of him with a drawn sword in His hand. Joshua approached Him and asked, “Are You for us or for our enemies? ”

[14] “Neither,” He replied. “I have now come as commander of the LORD’s army.” Then Joshua bowed with his face to the ground in worship and asked Him, “What does my Lord want to say to His servant? ”

Are we truly on the Lord's side? When we are deeply rooted in relationship with Him (through His Word), then we won't be blown about by every apparent change of visible circumstance. We have confidence because God is GOOD (not erratic bc today we seem to have a "win" or seem to have a "loss"), and we put our hope in HIS promises.

Grateful points: this past year will have revealed to us where we were actually putting our hope. We can be grateful that we are able to be refined, prepared, equipped...

We can refresh/nourish our spirits and senses, with joy, truth, and beauty, no matter what despair and lies and ugliness is presented. E.g. https://themindcircle.com/whole-village-turned-art-gallery-90-year-old-czech-grandma

"Resist the devil and he will flee from you". His stock is fear, doubt, & despair. Our weaponry includes love, trust, hope, and joy...in Jesus.
02 Feb 2021
Thank you for the link to the priest Polly. I fear he is right. Take heed everyone ... it's going to get rocky.
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