Canada is Black Bagging Citizens

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Canada is Black Bagging Citizens
Published by Polly St. George in News · 2 February 2021
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I know of two cases so far, both out of Alberta, Canada, where people have gone to pick up relatives at Calgary Airport only to have their loved-ones whisked away by unidentified "officials" and who refuse to provide any information about what is going on.  The citizen-detainees are then taken to local hotels where they are threatened with up to 6 months in prison if they attempt to leave the building.  In the meantime the relatives of the citizen-detainees are treated like co-conspirators in a mysterious crime - they are not given any information about what is happening and they are left to turn to media and social media to try to get answers.

Here are the two stories, as told by The Western Journal:

It has been alleged by the husband of detainee Nikki Mathis that two major media outlets in Canada, CBC & CTV news, have been instructed to ignore these stories.  I just had a look to confirm and see that CTV News has now run a piece on the kidnap of citizens from the Calgary Airport.  Here's a slice of it for you so that you can see the angle they are taking.
I hope no one ever uses this fool as their lawyer because he seems to be making things up as he goes.  I suspect the purpose of this article is to dissuade Canadians from seeking legal remedy for this obvious trampling of multiple of their rights.

The "crime" these people committed was to obtain an 'unnaceptable' COVID test result.  Unacceptable? Oh I see so now the government can move goalposts on whomever they like whenever they like!  These two citizens obeyed the (brand new) Federal mandate that anyone returning to Canada must get a negative COVID test result or else face quarantine on arrival.  Well they *did* obtain a negative test result, but Big Brother wasn't satisfied - Big Brother wanted them to get a specific sort of test and they failed to meticulously read the news items to figure that out before they got on a plane to come back to their home country.  

When I read these stories I can only come to the conclusion that a sticky ball of red tape has replaced the hearts - and the brains - of everyone in positions of authority in this country.  When will the zombified, complacent masses here say enough is enough?  Perhaps only when their own children or spouses are taken by force from their homes or workplaces, put into detention facilities and then handed the bill for the whole debacle. (If the coverage of this is accurate, it appears that people have to pay out of their own pockets for this treatment!)

The story is developing but to learn more I offer you the below video uploaded by Nadine, who does a thorough job of covering what has happened in one of these two cases.  She also has the properly emotional reaction to the situation, in my opinion!  (Be advised that there is a horrible blasting alarm sound in the first seconds of the broadcast.)

Let me know what you think in the comments section.  

Christine Bremner
03 Feb 2021
We need to stand together.
Thanks Nadine.
03 Feb 2021
Nadine is awesome. This is utterly unacceptable. Here in the states, it's wall to wall sheeple. When I began to point out to people what was happening in Victoria, they swept it under the rug. Victoria was testing ground. Every such incident is a test... how much more will they tolerate? Let's push it further next time. The escalation is happening day to day.

Oh... and the answer of that craven official? It's intentionally crazymaking, of course. We are being gaslighted on a daily basis. Malice aforethought.
03 Feb 2021
Have you all noticed a huge uptick in the aggressive and belligerent behavior of these 'authorities' (at all levels) since the election. It's as if they've been given special licensure to bully & coerce innocent people into compliance with the most trivial edicts from 'on high'..(btw, eerily similar to Gestapo & Brown Shirts in Germany's Nazi Party pre-WW2)-- This alone, triggers nasty thoughts about Klaus Schwab & pals of the WEF being the RATS behind all these PsyOps, even at this formative level of totalitarian control . All of this helps to sustain and further raise the anxieties and fears among the population which, in turn, plays directly into & reinforces their globalist control every aspect of human behavior & gradually break your will to resist their command. Urge you see an exceptional film, "Life is Beautiful " showing Nazi's crushing intimidation tactics...really opened my eyes! PS, Polly I sensed the same fear in the eyes and demeaner of the Roman Priest in your other excellent recent blog.
02 Feb 2021
Excellent rant. Pointedly direct.
Sharlotte O'Brien
02 Feb 2021
This is the same thing that was done in Chyna, they were forced into quarantine centres and the families were forced to pay for it.
02 Feb 2021
This is complete bullshit. Canadians are being rendered. Everybody dropped their jaws in disgust when the US would render citizens for questioning in the fight against "terror". Well here we are! I cannot beleive the response of Kenney! What a coward, using the same bullshit as the fact checkers for Facebook and Twitter. "It wasn't the AHS so it false." even though someone else did do it.
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