Dems Resort To Threats if Trump Acquitted

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Dems Resort To Threats if Trump Acquitted
Published by Polly St. George in news · 13 February 2021
Tags: TrumpImpeachmentAnarchoTyrannyThreatsAgainstConservatives
In my latest video “Election ‘Fortified’ by Secret Cabal",  I looked at the recently released TIME magazine article exposing the well funded group of Deep State political operatives who conspired (yes, TIME used that word) to 'fortify' (their word) the 2020 Unied States election.  
They used their wealth and connections to manipulate public opinion, control the flow of information, get millions in funding to state legislatures, pressure them to change laws and purchase new voting machines and more. This same group continued after the election and during the certification process to engage in what amounts to organized stalking and harassment of elected officials.  If you saw the video you'll know I went on to examine all of this as a manifestation of an anarcho-tyranny, and while doing do I mentioned the logical fallacy called argumentum ad baculum.

Argumentum ad baculum is the use of a threat in an attempt to ‘win’ a debate. Obviously this is cheap, lazy and shameful behaviour and no debate can actually be won by brute force. Any upstanding panel would instantly disqualify a debater for pulling such a stunt, but, apparently, it happens often enough that ad baculum is listed as an official logical fallacy.  Here's a very interesting read on the term's history:  Logical Fallacies 101: Ad Baculum

Outside of the debating context the use of threats to get one’s way in other areas of life and society is known bullying, abuse, intimidation and/or coercion.  These often carry criminal or civil penalties.

What name do we give to those who issue threats in the name of influencing political outcomes, coercing a citizenry or intimidating a government? We call that sort of thing terrorism.

With that in mind, have a look at this headline run in the Opinion section of the Washington Post.

Sounds like a threat, but the author was clever.  He’s framed the piece as if acquittal will give license to Trump to whip-up violence against his opposition and, the writer implies, Trump’s base will do just that.  He knows, however, that it would not be Trump's base who would take their grievances to the streets, it would be the far-left activists who have likely planned to repeat the summer riot-waves in the event that the impeachment doesn't go their way.  We saw the very same plan in the TIME article, where the powerful cabal admits that the months of rioting by BLM & Antifa before the election were used as a demonstration of what 'people power' (their phrase) can do to impact business & civil cohesion.  They confess to TIME that they had those very same 'activists' on speed dial, ready to 'rise up' in 400 locations across the country.

It’s a classic  tactic which the Far Left & the Deep State use all the time: accuse the enemy of that which you are doing. (Side Note: This tactic has been attributed to Saul Alinsky, Karl Marx and Joseph Goebbels. Anyone know where it really comes from?)

In the faux-impeachment hearings yesterday (Feb 13, 2021) Trump’s lawyers skewered his accusers by showing 20-something minutes worth of elected members and celebrities advocating for beatings, murders, rioting & more. It was fantastic! Finally, the world got to see how the Left has selectively edited the news to create false impressions of the former President's speeches and actions. Finally the world got to see what had been banned from social media! Finally they heard the violent rhetoric from the Dems, the encouragement of BLM riots, and the double-standards.  And finally mainstream news had to answer for it as they struggled to excuse their allies egregious behaviour.  Their defense, weak as it was, amounted to "Yeah, our side says some goofy stuff but it didn't result in an Insurrection!!"


I haven't watched one minute of the Impeachment hearings live, so I'm grateful to those who have, and who took the time to compile outtakes for the rest of us. Salty Cracker (YT channel) strung together a section of the trial so that we could all watch the defense in action. Here’s a link to that video (I’d recommend skipping over some of the section where they start to show how many times Dems used the word “fight” because it seems to go on and on forever)

Will the media being forced to cover this have any impact on the general public who so far seem largely fast asleep to the machinations of the Deep State against the people?  I am optimistic.  Truthful information is powerful and once people's eyes see it, and ears hear it, their hearts are soon to follow.

~ Polly

13 Feb 2021
It's even more important than ever that Trump is acquitted. If we let the Democrats bulleya oh, the American people, then they will do so forever. We must take a stand and no matter what happens we all need to go in this together Democrats Independents and conservatives it doesn't matter We're All American and no party should have the right to threaten the people that put them into office.
13 Feb 2021
Victim blaming/blaming others for actions one is engaged in is the mo of psychopaths/sociopaths. Hell, it occurred during Caesar’s time against Caesar, so I think it is as old as the first psychopath to appear among humanity
13 Feb 2021
Yes, truth is powerful, but will anyone see it?

Loving the new format Polly! Much more conducive to two-way communication.
13 Feb 2021
Finally! Someone is calling a spade a spade. What the media, NGOs and Dems have been doing over the past four years and probably longer is terrorism. There is no debate about this. If you use violence, or intimidation for political goals, you are a terrorist. Thank you.
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