Housekeeping Notes July 10

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Housekeeping Notes July 10
Published by Polly St. George in News · 10 July 2021
Housekeeping Notes July 10

I apologize for my disappearance. Many things have been going on here including a terrible ear/jaw infection that I’m still dealing with (I’m on the mend though and hope for full energy levels soon.) I’ve just uploaded a new video on my AmazingPolly channels on Bitchute and Rumble, and I’m planning on another on MorePolly very soon so stay tuned!

ALSO I’ve begun to get mail from Canada again. Many of you sent me notes as a test of the system and I’m happy to report that I received letters from:

Linda, AB
Dave T, MB
Anna, ON
Ben, MB
Phil, AB
Amber, SK
Sharon, MB
Christine, ON
Bible from BC
J. Christian, NS

Mystery person who sent a postcard re microwaving masks to kill the ‘black worm things’. (ps I thought about doing this, too, but there’s metal in them!)

It’s still a little weird though, because by far the most mail I have received from my fellow Canucks has been from a province not listed here. Hm. It’s likely that this is summer-related. J People are outside enjoying life rather than sitting on the screen. I’ll keep you updated if anything else develops.

Finally, I’d like to ask how many of you are thinking of leaving Ontario if that is where you currently reside. It’s the worst province for the medical tyranny and there is no end in sight.  In fact, the chief medical officer Keiran Lenin Moore (ok I'm not sure what his real middle name is) has suggested that children should continue to be masked against OTHER viruses now!  Yeah, Keiran, when you decimate natural immunity for a year and a half there is an increased risk of becoming ill from common bugs.  I believe common sense could have told you that, let alone the thousands of professionals who tried to warn of this very thing!

The medical tyrants and their corporate supporters have given license to petty bullies on every corner who feel perfectly within their rights to take verbal swings at me when I'm out and about (but usually only if a shopkeeper has started it first. So brave.)  I've lived through this social climate once already as a child in Quebec and I don't relish the thought of living through it any longer here in Sick Ontario.

Are any of you preparing to leave? If so, where do you aim to end up?

DV Mann
19 Nov 2021

There are news report that Africa is doing much better than other countries when it comes to COVID. This is despite the fact that there is almost no access to the vaccine.

Scientist are baffled as to how this can be. They had predicted that Africa would be the hardest hit.

Once the vaccine does make it to Africa it will be interesting to see what happens. I bet there will be a sudden spike in "COVID" cases and death.
Patricia Ryan
19 Nov 2021
Just watched your Raw video and wanted to share the Freedom isn't Free video but your site won't even bring it up (crossed out sound symbol) Rumble doesn't show it. Bitchute doesn't list it. It is all over Odysee but not under your channel.
I've been spreading your videos for the past 2 years ... turned a few cousins onto your awesome journalism. Thank you for all your good work!!!
I'm being shut out by many of my family members because of my extreme & radical perspective. My daughter is fully onboard with whatever this communist canada tells her to do. In her eyes I'm not allowed to change my mind about things I've believed in the past like the school system. These are very trying times ... I'm praying for MIRACLES and we will have them because we have God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit on our side. We Will Win.
I have some juicy stories to tell of my sisters experience with a flu vaccine and the killer ventilator ... Manulife insurance and medical tyranny. Email me and I'll tell the stories.
God bless you!!!
john toet
18 Nov 2021
hi polly. you will probably never see this.

in todays video of 18nov 2021 you talk about something. that resonates with me.
and i have the urge to tell you something.

but i cannot find another way to communicate. no any .
with prime numbers.
as soon as the word comes up. PEOPLE BLOCK.
and there is really thrilling stuff about that subject.

just want to let you know.
all the best
john toet
18 Nov 2021
Hi Polly and Everyone. Hope you're all going well. My internet is fine and i can get into bitchute but it won't actually play any videos. Even older ones. Oh dear. Either bitchute is censoring itself or some other scenario. It's not my settings, they are the same as usual. I have developed a habit of journaling a lot as you cannot discuss many things with most people. And praying a lot. But sometimes I love reading people's comments and adding my own. I like hearing the opinions of video makers like Polly. dear dear. The world around me is deteriorating. People don't even try to focus and listen even when their job involves ascertaining a problem and dealing with it. They don't listen to what the customer says. Even when it's simple straightforward request, they just say gobbledy gook like a politician would. I keep iterating what I need and they get angry even though I'm calm, maybe because someone wants them to do something other than spin bullsh*t words? and they then finally sarcastically say, what do you want then? as if I wasn't extremely clear about that repeatedly already. This just happened to me again today. I'm sick and tired of government encroachment in my life and of anyone else trying to encroach who doesn't even have a law to back them up, they take extra liberties anyway. When I push back and defend my boundaries they get angry. But having workers not responding to clearly worded requests in conversation is a pattern I am hating to see.
11 Nov 2021
If this is true about the shots. We need someplace to go when this all comes down. I still dont believe it. Its too dystopian for it to be real. I am writing you because I cant talk to anyone. They have all been vacinated or they just dont want to talk about such a bleary subject like we are being culled. We need a place to regroup or a couple of alternatives. I want to give it 4 more months to see if the data keeps pointing towards depopulation. You have to realize the vaccinated are going to hate us. I know its not rational but they will. We need to separate from them and create a new society and we need to eliminate the threats against us. We will still have the numbers. This may not be your game but maybe you can direct us to a better future. We will need blood lines if this is not the end of the world. It may just be. Where can we go to create a bran new society?
09 Nov 2021
Also in "World Without Cancer" is the practice of trashing natural, non-patentable, substances that have historic records of success, here is an excerpt;

"In addition to the California Report, there have been numerous other Laetrile studies by supposedly qualified and reputable organisations. These include a 1953 project at Stanford University, a 1961 study at the University of California Berkeley, one in 1962 at the Diablo labs in Berkeley, and a 1965 study on behalf of the Canadian Medical Association at McGill University in Montreal. Every one of these has been tarnished by the same kind of scientific ineptitude, bias, and outright deception as found in the 1953 California Report. Some of these studies openly admitted evidence of anti-cancer effect but hastened to attribute this to other causes. Some were toxicity studies only, which means they weren't trying to see if Laetrile was effective, but merely how much was required to kill the patient."

I think they did a similar assassination of HCQ, but that is another story.

09 Nov 2021
Hi Polly,
Re your vid "cover up of severe reactions...", the practice of fudging patients on a drug trial list is nothing new. In 1969 Dr Herbert Ley, of the FDA, testified before the Senate committee about such dishonesty. As G Edward Griffin wrote in "World Without Cancer";

"Patients who died while on clinical trials were not reported to the sponsor. Dead people were listed as subjects of testing. People reported as subjects of testing were not in the hospital at the time of tests. Patient consent forms bore dates indicating they were signed after the subjects died. In another case patients who died, left the hospital, or dropped out of the study were replaced by other patients in the test without notification in the records. Record keeping, supervision and observation of patients in general were grossly inadequate.
Between 1977 and 1980, it was discovered that 62 doctors had submitted clinical data to the FDA which was manipulated or completely falsified. In one study, by the FDA, it was discovered that 1 in 5 doctors investigated (doctors who had been researching new drugs) had invented the data they reported and pocketed the fees."

I have been suspicious of big pharma since 2007-08 when I first started reading about real cancer research and it's cover up by the industry.

Maranda Hymes
05 Nov 2021
Hi Polly I wasn't sure how else to reach out to you but I wanted to provide information that is relevant to the lawsuit between you and other youtubers and Google. Google along with many other sketchy business entities I've looked into over the year is structured as a Delaware Limited Liability Company. Well the lawsuit made me finally dig into why all these corporations are DLLC's because less taxes started to look like a benefit and not the main factor.

Ugh copyright protect means I have to type it out lol...

"The DLLC Act provides that no member or manager is liable personally for any debt, obligation, or liability of a DLLC solely by virtue of such party's status as a member or manager. In addition, the DLLC Act expressly empowers a DLLC to 'indemnify and hold harmless any member or manage of other person from and against any and all claims and demands whatsoever.'"
Number 6
02 Nov 2021
Hi Polly,

I have just watched the fictional Australian film "Picnic at Hanging Rock" from 1975, which depicted a group of schoolgirls who went missing in the 1900s. In the lead up to disappearing one of the girls looked over the edge of the rocks at some people below and wondered in an otherworldly fashion "I wonder what they are doing? It is entirely possible they are performing some function unknown to themselves."

This line sent a shiver down my spine as I believe this applies to all of us in ways we are not equipped to fathom. It applies equally to those unknowingly used by evil as those who are able to spot evil.

The reason modern society tires me is because I can't unsee the template like nature of everything we do. It seems everything we do has to conform to a pattern laid out before us by the man behind the curtain. Have our "free" lives just been allowed because smarter people were gathering data for their next planned civilisation? Were we allowed to reach 7billion deliberately so they could perfect their management system that only had a requirement for 500million?

I have been too long in the template that I'm not sure what true freedom might look like, or whether it exists, I hope it does.

23 Oct 2021
Can you please pass this information along to get as many signatures as possible before November deadline. Thank you!

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