Housekeeping Notes July 10

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Housekeeping Notes July 10
Published by Polly St. George in News · 10 July 2021
Housekeeping Notes July 10

I apologize for my disappearance. Many things have been going on here including a terrible ear/jaw infection that I’m still dealing with (I’m on the mend though and hope for full energy levels soon.) I’ve just uploaded a new video on my AmazingPolly channels on Bitchute and Rumble, and I’m planning on another on MorePolly very soon so stay tuned!

ALSO I’ve begun to get mail from Canada again. Many of you sent me notes as a test of the system and I’m happy to report that I received letters from:

Linda, AB
Dave T, MB
Anna, ON
Ben, MB
Phil, AB
Amber, SK
Sharon, MB
Christine, ON
Bible from BC
J. Christian, NS

Mystery person who sent a postcard re microwaving masks to kill the ‘black worm things’. (ps I thought about doing this, too, but there’s metal in them!)

It’s still a little weird though, because by far the most mail I have received from my fellow Canucks has been from a province not listed here. Hm. It’s likely that this is summer-related. J People are outside enjoying life rather than sitting on the screen. I’ll keep you updated if anything else develops.

Finally, I’d like to ask how many of you are thinking of leaving Ontario if that is where you currently reside. It’s the worst province for the medical tyranny and there is no end in sight.  In fact, the chief medical officer Keiran Lenin Moore (ok I'm not sure what his real middle name is) has suggested that children should continue to be masked against OTHER viruses now!  Yeah, Keiran, when you decimate natural immunity for a year and a half there is an increased risk of becoming ill from common bugs.  I believe common sense could have told you that, let alone the thousands of professionals who tried to warn of this very thing!

The medical tyrants and their corporate supporters have given license to petty bullies on every corner who feel perfectly within their rights to take verbal swings at me when I'm out and about (but usually only if a shopkeeper has started it first. So brave.)  I've lived through this social climate once already as a child in Quebec and I don't relish the thought of living through it any longer here in Sick Ontario.

Are any of you preparing to leave? If so, where do you aim to end up?

23 Oct 2021
Please deep dive into who owns the cdc. It's owned privately or so I've heard. Not part of the government.
15 Oct 2021
Hi Polly,

To update what I said in an earlier post about ethylene oxide, EO, on swabs causing cancer.

I have just found a PubMed report with a twist on the cancer theme, "ethylene oxide as a major factor in DNA and RNA evolution". It states EO can cause mutations and cancer in excess, but in low concentrations it can mediate or repair DNA and RNA.

I was previously aware of the relationship between toxicity and therapy for other things such as EMF radiation, active ingredients in drugs, etc., so apologies for that earlier oversight.

I still think there is room for doubt though, as follows;
The low dose is therapy for already damaged cells, but what happens when you apply a therapeutic dose to non damaged cells? It can't repair what is not broken, so what does it do? (a healthy person who takes a therapeutic dose of digoxin might develop atrial fibrilation, where as a person with atrial fibrilation takes the same dose to cure it.)

A sensible next step would be to get a value for what constitutes a therapeutic dose of EO then find out what level is on the swabs. We need an honest scientist for this, any takers?


02 Oct 2021

well researched legal info
people getting together in groups of industry/ occupation and also a huge general class action against mandatory vaccination
Willard Helander
01 Oct 2021
For Sharon Kickham’s question in thread:
Willard Helander
30 Sep 2021
Sorry about typos *for* and *would.not works.
Willard Helander
30 Sep 2021
If you have not read, this is rather detailed information which relates to why the protestor who asked fir proof of the virus before paying his fine had his case dropped. That works have been rather incriminating “proof.”
22 Sep 2021
Hello Polly,
hope you are feeling better, I don't know much about your condition, but I trust you have it under control?
I guess you have already done your research, but I have added my experience that relates to a question posed, in your Https://
22 Sep 2021
continuing "can cars get this hot" "to melt tyres" I have given some details, of the situation, and will say that both vehicles contained a gas tank, one also had a regular petroleum fuel tank. When the gas tank exploded in the back of the 4WD it lifted the canopy quite a bit. There was a lot of heat, and I only had a small hose, without much pressure. And although at the start I thought it would be extinguished easily, due to the gas and then ruptured fuel lines (I imagine), releasing petrol, there was very intense heat and I think this would easily contribute to strong winds as heat rises. Also the vehicles, afterwards, looked pretty much identical to the ones in your footage. Gas fuel and plastic (when a hot liquid), would all produce a lot of heat. I know that a lot of vehicles have plastic incorporated in them, and possibly foam rubber for cushioning as well. I would not like to be in such a vehicle, in the event of a fire. I have seen what happens to a piece of plastic when thrown into a campfire, it burns fiercely and I wonder if modern cars would do the same thing, if someone was trying to escape in one. So yes vehicles do burn in this way, from what I have seen.
22 Sep 2021
In reference to "can cars get this hot" 'to melt tyres"?
I have witnessed a fire, that began on the perimeter of a property. something like a 6ft high corrugated iron fenceline. that did have a window made of a type of clear plastic, with a piece of timber at its base, separating the window from the fence. I imagine the fire started here melting the plastic window as it burned. I had smelled burning plastic, without much other odour before smelling an odour of burning rubber, which would have been car tyres I expect. There was two vehicles parked about 1m away from this fence, with their left side doors facing the fence. There was also a second hand vehicle gas tank between one of the vehicles and the fence. I presume it was this tank, that exploded, I presume it was from the burning plastic from the window above that ran down and heated it, I am unsure. But I did hear a loud explosion, and saw the reflection of flames on the underside of a tin roof. I also moved fast enough, to see a lot of flames between a vehicle and the bordering fence. I also saw that the flames were entering the interior of one of the vehicles where the vehicle windows should have been. So it was logical to me that the windows had been blown into the vehicle by the explosion on the side where the flames and the second hand gas tank was. (it was a very hot dry day with a strong dry hot wind, and the neighbour had been burning rubbish maybe 10m or so away from this spot). - continued . .
21 Sep 2021
For Aussies : get on the mailing list of michael griffith a theatre guy.
he has sent out some news articles of recent protests in melbourne, victoria, australia. He has a nightly livestream on facebook for those that are not repelled by facebook. He is prochoice. He does not want a segregated society. The livestream has guest speakers on that topic. You can contact him about being a speaker if you wish, he welcomes it. "Cafe Locked Out"
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