I'm Still Alive and Free

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I'm Still Alive and Free

Published by Polly St. George in News · 27 April 2022
I'm Still Alive and Free

Just a quick note of explanation for my regular audience.  
I haven't made a new video in a long time and website updates have become irregular.  For proof-of-life (hehe) you might want to follow my "associate" on Twitter.  (see: Mrs. Smith (@FringeViews) / Twitter)
Many of you know I had intended to take a break in January but put it off to cover the Trucker Convoy in Canada.  It was a very important moment for my country so I used every last bit of energy I had to do reports about it at the time.  After the convoy coverage I did the one WEF Global Shapers video because I felt the information was important as it gave the public a chance to pinpoint exactly​ who they could track and approach in their local areas. I was glad to see that information spread far and wide! Thank you to everyone who jumped on that topic and contributed with their own research, sharing the video, etc.

After that Global Shapers report went out, I ran out of gas.
Look, I know these moaning-type posts must be getting boring for you.  It's not a subject I want to be writing about, believe me, but I think an explanation is warranted after such a long absence.  My apologies if the following comes off as self-indulgent but there are those who I know are worried about me or who are wondering whether or not I'm gone for good so this post is for them. (God bless all of you for your genuine care, concern and connection. I am so grateful and blessed beyond words to have such a wonderful group around me.)
Let me start by acknowledging something important that is missing from the bulk of commentary in this day and age: we are living in a time of disorientation, loss, grief, desperation, information overload, and (mostly falsified) existential terror.  We are being tortured, and torture works.  People lose themselves. People acquiesce to all sorts of things they didn't think possible under normal circumstances. People go into shock.  People give up, they cave in, and people die.  Even though torture always​ succeeds in changing a person, it is not all negative in the end. I would never, ever advocate for torture and believe it to be a great evil, so don't mistake my message here.  But there are some individuals who become stronger in some ways from the experience.  Changed, and mostly negatively so, but having been forged in the fire their resolve hardens and becomes unbreakable.  During the period of torture, however, each individual suffers in different measure according to his or her own constitution.  Like it or not, that is where we are now.  We are all still enduring the torture.  What has been forced upon us for the past two (or more) years has been and continues to be a destruction of society, economy, culture, family, faith and individuals.  Whatever stage you're in at the moment, however you are personally dealing with the torture I'm sure you will be able to relate to some of what I'm about to write.
Without getting into details, I can share that I've been lost in the Land of Deep Mourning for a while now.  At first, even though the Covid Craziness was horrifying, I had been able to face it because my personal world remained intact. I had a sheltered island to retreat to while the surrounding sea was roiled by fear, doubt and uncertainty.  For about 16 months following March 2020 I was able to see, research and deliver all the ugly news without it eating away at my heart and soul.  I went to sleep at night peacefully because I felt that from my island I could perhaps help to inform people and thus help bring sanity back to society with my little contributions.  This foundation - my island - had been all I needed to be able to carry on staring into the abyss, bring you reports, and even have a chuckle from time to time.  
In September my island sunk into the deep. I can't tell you what happened for the sake of privacy though I dearly wish to dilute the exquisite pain contained in the story by pouring it out of me and into the hearts of all who read it. To do so would be selfish, though, so I choose to contain it within.  Suffice to say that it was a blindside.  The facts took weeks to fully set in and the emotional rollercoaster has not come to a stop yet.  Since September I've been dealing with the typical stages of grief - denial, anger, bargaining and depression.  Since this wasn't a death there's not been an end point. I can't accept it because the future is still unfolding.  Maybe instead of 'acceptance' which is supposed to be the final stage of grief I will have to learn to live with it in another way.  
In any case, what I found was that I couldn't look at the news any more.  All of it was (is?) too painful.  I could (can) barely interact with people.  Who will I be when I come out the other end of this?  How much of this is me being over-dramatic? What do I want for the future and am I even in control of this death/rebirth that I feel I'm going through?
Coincidentally (or probably not) my physical health began to deteriorate as well.  It is mostly my eyes, as it was when I'd tried to escape Ontario and drive part way across the country.  (Is this God or the Adversary stepping in I wonder?)  Perhaps it is related to the fact that everything is twice as difficult to do now but my energy level has plummeted to a concerning level.  What with the medical system here having bottomed out - not only will doctors not see patients in the office (hello Great Reset & Telehealth) - but I'm dubious in the extreme about interacting with it anyway.
As you can probably guess much of my work time is spent reading so with very blurry vision, well, you can guess how that has impacted my routine.  And not just for reading, of course, but for all aspects of life.  Perhaps de to the psychological factors in play I have found that when I try to work I feel nauseated and shaky, like I've been through a form of aversion therapy (torture, maybe.) On the other hand not​ working and not producing has also been very difficult.  This is the basic shape of the hole I'm trying to climb out of with the help of distance, prayer and reflection.
As I type today I believe I'll be able to make a video soon, God willing.  I'm feeling a little better lately and I've worked out some 'Mad Max' solutions for my ever-changing vision (see pic).  Just a few days ago I got a new pair which works today but may not work a week from now.  Luckily I have kept almost every pair of glasses I have ever worn, so I have material to work with. 🙂 Hey - it's a head start on the coping skills we'll all need in the 'you-will-own-nothing-and-be-happy' future, right? I can be the hobo optician. Ha!   
Once again I apologize for making a post that is all about me and my problems (cringe) but as I said I've been away long enough that my monthly subscribers and other supporters were owed an honest explanation for my absence.
Thanks for reading, and don't forget to check out that twitter link.  Mrs. Smith would be happy to see you.
God bless,

26 Jun 2022
Dear Polly, sorry to hear your eyes are playing up. Did you go to a GP doctor for a referral and then to an opthamologist? OR
I have eye issues and I have found that my optometrist is the most helpful. More helpful than the long way round via doctor and opthamologist. Not saying that Dr and Optha no good, just that my optometrist is superb! Very high tech and has an amazingly good look right in the eyes.
I go to Specsavers in Australia and I see they are also in Canada.
Love xxx
22 Jun 2022
Dear Polly,
find out about an amazing ayurvedic eye treatment
I hope you will be able to find an ayurvedic practioneer to help you with your eyes.
with prayers for you
and your invaluable work (offering)
anne popham
22 Jun 2022
Make sure your camera on your computer is turned off, you may be getting unwanted pulses through the camera. The best eye clinic is Ivy Eye St Joseph Hospital in London Ontario. You might be able to phone in and talked to someone over the phone. Hope you can find a solution for your health. I walked in with a serious eye problem, saw and intern , then the Specialist on call and was operated on all in about 2 hrs. You need to bring a driver and someone that can put on a mask.
Truth Teller
18 Jun 2022
Re the problems with your eyes - I'm sorry but you have become a drone. Download your recent videos and watch them frame-by-frame. The frame or 2 after you blink shows your eye changing from blue to green and the iris is lizard-like. They got you.
Ray M
17 Jun 2022
Hey Polly,
Your videos are a great contribution to this spiritual battle against the global forces possessed by dark anti God. I was thinking of you as I watched the latest James Bond movie. As expected it has evil dark and woke overtones and is predictive programming. But the interesting part is that the "hero" is trying to save the world from a gene selective DNA modified smallpox virus that is deployed using a desperation device in ventilation systems... Always enjoy your videos😉
Evelyn Jones
15 Jun 2022
Dearest Polly,

I'm a single mom, and a Patriot, and am just disgusted and horrified and everything that has been unfolding in recent years. And I'm just so sad to hear you were blindsided. It sounds like you had a rug pulled out from under you. Your island. I'm so sorry, For you are truly one of the most wonderful, good hearted, caring and warm human beings I have ever heard speak in vids, and you don't deserve that. Ever. Praying and hoping you bounce back to your true self, the one we know and miss, very soon.
Evelyn and (my son) Raimund
Bob Mansfield
11 Jun 2022
There is nothing selfish about your message, Polly.
There are many like me who are concerned for you, and appreciate the update. You are a shining light in this crazy dark world; you have my deep gratitude and my supportive energy. Thank you; wishing you good health, and strength to continue your great work.
11 Jun 2022
Wonderful to have you back Polly! I hope your time away brought you the much needed peace, energy and fortitude you were looking for.

Please know that your meticulous research and well-organized, thought provoking information has saved me hundreds of hours of tedious on-line work. Thank you for doing the hard work and getting the news and information out to us all.

I can't express how much I appreciate your demeanor and kind words of encouragement. You are blunt but appropriate and always a class act professional with your delivery. It's impressive how you are able to find the time and efforts needed to produce such amazing material on such a consistent basis. How incredibly blessed are we to have the facts, truth and your honest opinion available in this time of confusing, never-ending propaganda!

Again welcome back Polly and thank you for all you do to inform the masses.
29 May 2022
Amazing Polly is beyond amazing. I am so thankful for all your great work since I have learned so much, and had many questions answered & perceptions confirmed.
I understand everything you said as I've been in the same place from too much exposure to the truth about the evils that surround us. From what you wrote, it seems probable that you got blindsided by dark spiritual entities. If you stopped regular reading of God's Word, that is a common sign of spiritual oppression. I've been through exactly what you described you experienced. When I became determined to stay spiritually in tune with the Holy Spirit the depression receded.
I'd like to suggest you read the several books by M. Scott Peck, M.D. He reveals a lot relating his experiences in dealing with evil as a doctor, and how to identify it since it often comes very well disguised.
I will keep you in my prayers. The work you are doing is extremely important and I am certain God is using you for eternal good purposes and exposing the truth to save others from deception and heartache. You're an extraordinary lady, Polly. To whom much is given, much will be expected are the words of Jesus Christ. Pray as if it all depends on Him & work as if it all depends on you. Ne we hesitate to ask Him to take any mental, emotional, physical or spiritual burden from you. Just release it to Him. His yoke is light since He loves to bear you up.

Don't ever give up or give in. There are a lot of people out here wh...
28 May 2022
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