Look Who Biden is Rushing to Purge

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Look Who Biden is Rushing to Purge

Published by Polly St. George in news, video sources · 23 January 2021
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Hmm, you don't say.
Biden's first moves included getting rid of the very people I featured in my recent video entitled "Storm Season."

As soon as Biden was sworn in, Gen Paul Nakasone took out Michael Ellis.  Ellis is the man then Acting Secretary of Defense Chris Miller had ordered to be installed as Head Legal Counsel for the NSA.  In my video "Storm Season" I had talked about why Ellis's new position might be significant.

Placing Ellis on administrative leave was the best they could do since this was not a political appointment and as such they can’t fire him easily.  Dirty, dirty.

As if on cue, Vanity Fair came out with a lengthy piece on both Chris Miller and Ezra-Cohen-Watnik, the two other Trump Admin players that I included in Storm Season. It appears to me that these men are potentially very influential and the mainstream media wants to try to win them over to the Biden side or at least neutralize them by giving the public the impression that both Miller & Watnick can be brought in line.

The first half of the article paints the two as jumping ship on Trump but read on. The last half is where the story gets more interesting.

Shockingly (or not, if you consider that Miller/Cohen-Watnik are Special Operations veterans, skilled in Info Warfare) Vanity Fair’s Adam Ciralski was granted permission to be ‘embedded’ with Miller during his final days on the job. The article is the result of the reporter's experience during that time.

I would recommend reading the whole article but couple of items that stuck out to me are below.

Miller takes Ciralski on a visit to the Y-12 National Security Complex in Tennessee.  Oak Ridge, Tennessee, to be precise.  Why is this interesting?  Because, if you recall from the Nashville Bombing story I did, the lawyer for the girlfriend of the  alleged perpetrator of the Nashville Bombing is a man named Throckmorton.  Throckmorton used to be mayor of Oak Ridge!   To my eyes this connects Throckmorton to two major data collection / storage centers in Tennessee - the one at AT&T and now the secretive base at Oak Ridge.  Curiouser & curiouser.  To learn more about this please see my video 'Nashville Dig.'

It's really towards the end of the piece that we get a flavor for Miller's take on Trump and the general state of the Military/Defense department in the US.  According to portions of the interviews published by VAnity Fair, Miller believes that there is a division between the Forces and the political military such as the Joint Chiefs and some Top Brass.   Miller tells the journalist that it has become compartmentalized, and alludes that this is done on purpose and somewhat underhandedly.  When I read it, the phrase that popped into my mind was  'Deep Military' (no, Miller didn't use that phrase).  The Deep Military purposely keeps information away from Congress and the Executive branch leading to all sorts of disastrous decision making and failed policy objectives.

The ending paragraphs reveal the most telling moment of all. I’ll let you read it for yourself but suffice to say that I would probably enjoy having lunch with Miller’s wife.  

Also remember as you read that Vanity Fair is the magazine which covered (laid the narrative for ) Jeffrey Epstein back in 2013, leaving out any talk of Epstein’s accusers. IOW: when reading Vanity Fair be conscious that you’re reading spin crafted at the highest levels.
Read the whole article here:

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25 Jan 2021
Polly, it is wonderful to have heroes and heroines like you who are on the side of right! I just want to share some things I dug into about the inauguration Bibles.
There is a picture of Biden being sworn in on a Bible with clasps having upside-down crosses. The picture is from 2009, when he was sworn in as VP. Last week January 20, 2021 the Bible was right side up. So was 2009 an accident, or on purpose? If on purpose, why were the crosses right side up last week?
Also, Kamala Harris used two Bibles, one of which was special to her. The article on top was not her clutch bag, but one of those Bibles with a zipper. You can read "Holy Bible" on the spine in a picture from another angle (from AP; I know, MSM, so photoshopped? I don't think so, but who knows?).
I'm certainly not endorsing Biden or Harris. I'm only posting this so we can get our facts straight in the war for truth. Again, thank you, Polly, for all you are doing for us in this great work!
24 Jan 2021
Thank you Polly for striving to be patient with the less informed and less wise...the secret combinations on the political chessboard are complex. You do so much to bring darkness to light... I have always said to paraphrase scripture.."..If all women were and ever would be like unto Polly St. George,....Behold... the powers of hell would be shaken forever".....love your shining eyes
24 Jan 2021
Thanks Polly
I’ve listened to your research and analysis a lot during this 3 year Q journey...on January 23rd, the shock is wearing off, but it’s extremely helpful for someone like you to be saying that you don’t expect this to go quickly and you’re still hopeful. A good hit of hopium is necessary for a lot of people right now who expected action on Inauguration Day. There are so many low-rent theories going around from people online about what when and why that really detract from the importance of the info-op. Keeping faith is difficult, so keeping it positive is the best message.
We appreciate what you do
Awake Surfer
24 Jan 2021
Thanks Polly for your great work as always. Have you noticed Kamala Harris during the inaguration she put something on top of the bible. I think it was disrespectful. My friend called them Satanist! What do you think about it?
24 Jan 2021
One of the greatest honors of my life was serving in '71-73 USN onboard ship under command of Captain E.J.Burke. To this day Captain Burke remains for me the pinnacle of leadership by which I judge all others. No man or woman, in any sector of business, political, or military command, yet comes close to his example. I wish Captain Burke was still with us because I would go to great lengths to seek him out and ask him for his opinion/insights on the state of affairs in the U.S. and World today.
Thank you Polly for digging deep into the depths of the evil lairs of the Military/Intelligentsia Industrial Complex. We can only hope that there exists some true patriots that could yet steer this ship into peaceful waters. We have been warned by many (S.Butler, Eisenhower, Kennedy) about the Agenda. Call it The Racket - Protection Racket and Racketeering on epic scale, lead by God Complex smitten beasts both military and civilian. I am told historically Dems get us into War, Republicans get us out of them.
However it goes down in the coming months/years we can only pray that the Beasts will be taken out once and for all. I salute you Polly for your ongoing monumental efforts to try and expose the evils and evil ones.
23 Jan 2021
Who cares about these jokers?
We are the news now.
Trump may be done, but we are not.
23 Jan 2021
Interesting and to me actually sounds hopeful. When I hear that there is division in the military I think there are still people on the side of the Constitution over the Swamp. Throckmorten, just the name is shifty alone but to have connections to both Nashville and Oak Ridge...C'mon man.
Joe Downey
23 Jan 2021
What a load of shit puff piece. Clearly his wife Kate said it best “we are done”
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