Marjorie Derangement Syndrome

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Marjorie Derangement Syndrome
Published by Polly St. George in News · 5 February 2021
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The Left in America will never be satisfied.

By all accounts they have gotten everything they’ve wanted: Biden is in the White House. They control the narrative. They’ve successfully purged a great many of their opposition from social media and increasingly, from their jobs in academia, government & military. Trump himself has said barely a word since Twitter, Facebook & other Big Tech minders deplatformed him.

In Florida, ‘officials’ (I have to put that word in quotation marks) are trying to figure out a way to eject Trump from his Mar-a-Lago home using housing bylaws, and the last I heard two banks had notified him that they no longer intended to host his funds. They will likely never, ever leave him alone again.

But the Left are not only focusing on Trump. They’ve now turned their Hate Machine on a newly elected Representative named Marjorie Taylor Greene.

They call her the ‘Qanon Candidate’ because of her previous media posts & attendance at a protest where she was on the ‘wrong’ side of the issue. They twist her words, they relentlessly namecall, they stalk her twitter, they make her the subject of late night talk show mockery & derision, they attack her and then claim to be the victim. You know. The usual.
Recently a guy called George Conway took his turn smearing Ms. Greene. He said that she & Trump are responsible for the “moral decay” of the Republican party. Well.. that’s rich.
Mr. Conway is the last one who should talk about morals. Have a look through this slide show to see what I mean. (If it's too small you can view it in fullscreen mode.)

Ms. Greene appears to be a very strong woman and she would have to be to endure what they are putting her through. Yesterday they voted to officially censure her in Congress, removing her from the committee she was a member of and preventing her from performing the full scope of her duties for her constituents. It is a disgrace and will go down in history – as so much of our current moment will – as a breathtaking act of overt totalitarianism.

Keep her in your prayers.

06 Feb 2021
This woman has been through hell and back. She seems to be tough as nails though. Reminds me of another woman I know. You are both in my prayers.
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