Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas
Published by Polly St. George · 25 December 2021
If it were not for the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ I would not be able to endure the pains of these past years.  The adversary has challenged us in every way - coercing, cajoling, making us ill, robbing us of our livelihoods, our friends, our families.  The enemies of peace advance upon us from every side, even using our best qualities against ourselves when they can by exploiting compassion and concern for our fellow men, women and children.  They have separated us, alienated us, confused us, shamed us and tortured us.  I suspect that 2022 will see more of the same, probably with greater vigour as more and more people wake up to the reality that we have been under a spell of deception and lies.

December 25th is not the true date of the birth of Our Lord and Saviour, but until we settle on a new way to celebrate the coming of the King of Kings I am content to take time on this day to join with my fellow Christians in singing praises for this most precious gift.  I will feel a spirit of hope and renewal as I look at the snow covered trees, sit by the firelight and contemplate past, present and future.  And even though, like many of you, I am not gathered with friends or family this season I will know that I am not alone.  Moreover I will remind myself that every day which passes is a day closer to the beginning of a better era.  We will get there by holding up our candles - alone but together - lighting the way until God once more fills the world with undeniable brilliance.

God bless you all and Merry Christmas to each of you.  

Katrina Grammer
17 Jan 2022
Dear Polly,
You are an inspiration to so many people! You are a blessing from our Dear Father, and I give Him the Glory for all these good things you reveal! Also your time and efforts, I thank you so much!!
This work you do to show us truth in a world that is increasingly showing such evils, gives me hope! Hope and faith are crucial in todays world. My husband and I are among about 5 people in our family on both sides of approximately 70ish people who are not vaccinated and feel pressure on both sides. They say they are fearful for us, and can’t believe our unwillingness to get a vaccine, of course we are on the total opposite side of the argument with them, and fear for their lives as they have taken the vaccine and boosters. We hit a wall. I love your latest video where one by one each one of us can only change this problem. Off with the mask! My faith is what I hold on to in hope for my children and so many others as I wait for them to stop living their lives for this world and put their faith and trust in Jesus Christ for their salvation. May Jesus bless all your efforts as you continue to enlighten people so we do not lose our freedoms! And we learn so these truths you are showing us about who is behind all this corruption and folly being portrayed as righteous acts by wolves in sheep clothing. Praying for your health, your continued stamina as you fight the Good fight, and of course praying the Good Lord will put a mighty shield of safety around you al...
11 Jan 2022
Dear Polly, may God bless you. Thank you for your strength, your braveness, your brilliant mind and sharing it all with us. I live in Austria and this is really far away from where you live; but I do feel connected to you in the spirit of Jesus. I so much appreciate, that you dare talk about lets say the christian heart. (Sorry for typos.)
10 Jan 2022
Please go to bitchute and type in girlvsgerman police. A young girl about 7 pushes a police thug who is beating a man, she runs away as they start to push her. The next thing we see is her limp body being dragged into the back of the van. its hard to work out if she is unconscious but it looks like she has been killed. These people are total demons.
Terry Suzanne
06 Jan 2022
Do you remember when we were asking why Google wanted our DNA along with every genealogy site. I know that answer now. I have been researching history of the world along with Bible history for well over 50 years. What I have to say is not just for everyone. I am sure by now you know why we have to safeguard our DNA.
Pete M
04 Jan 2022
Regarding Justin Trudeau, there is a plausable theory that Justin's real father was actually Fidel Castro. If true, it may help explain a lot of things regarding Justin's behavior. I am attaching a link with a story with pictures for your own judgement regarding Justin's possible fatherhood. As well, there is a short clip on a woman confronting Justin Trudeau on the crimes that he has committed against Canadians, and what historically used to be done with these people.
03 Jan 2022
Hi Polly,

Try this conversation in a shop that no longer uses physical cash.

Shopkeeper: we don't accept physical cash as it might have fairy dust on it
Customer: I agree, it is also my intention to get these premises permanently shut on the basis that all the physical things in here will also have fairy dust on them. Have a nice day.

In boxing this would be known as "slipping the punch". This is where you let them make their full power shot, you sidestep, putting them off balance and make your kill shot.

02 Jan 2022
Polly, you are a breath of fresh air in terms of explaining what is happening all around us, and many thanks to your dedication to our own well being. I do want to suggest that we need to understand what the true enemy really is, and it is ignorance of the masses. To help sway the ignorant masses, might I suggest using stats canada numbers (and equivelant u.s data) regarding annual mortality numbers. Every year, about 250,000 Canadians die from all causes, (from traffic accidents to cancer) yet Covid 19 has only killed 30,000 Canadians total over the past 2 years. This is the true perspective. The true enemy is also mainstream media which is also guilty of ignoring the real news. It will be interesting to see 2021 numbers for cancer, and strokes, comparing benchmark years before vaccine mandates. We need to make inroads on those who only believe mainstream news to reach a critical mass. Happy 2022 Polly...
01 Jan 2022

Jim Stone recently pointed out that, near Rothschild Island in the Antarctic, there is a group of islands all named after the Greek alphabet or C@vid variants.

Nothing special about that, as scientists name everything after the Greek alphabet, but when I went to check for myself the first island I bumped into was "Deception Island".

No finer example of serendipity exists.
Rita Gray
29 Dec 2021
Love your work!... Here's something new for you to research...
28 Dec 2021
Hi Catherine, not Polly, but I think this is what you are talking about on Bitchute
or on Rumble
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