Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas
Published by Polly St. George · 25 December 2021
If it were not for the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ I would not be able to endure the pains of these past years.  The adversary has challenged us in every way - coercing, cajoling, making us ill, robbing us of our livelihoods, our friends, our families.  The enemies of peace advance upon us from every side, even using our best qualities against ourselves when they can by exploiting compassion and concern for our fellow men, women and children.  They have separated us, alienated us, confused us, shamed us and tortured us.  I suspect that 2022 will see more of the same, probably with greater vigour as more and more people wake up to the reality that we have been under a spell of deception and lies.

December 25th is not the true date of the birth of Our Lord and Saviour, but until we settle on a new way to celebrate the coming of the King of Kings I am content to take time on this day to join with my fellow Christians in singing praises for this most precious gift.  I will feel a spirit of hope and renewal as I look at the snow covered trees, sit by the firelight and contemplate past, present and future.  And even though, like many of you, I am not gathered with friends or family this season I will know that I am not alone.  Moreover I will remind myself that every day which passes is a day closer to the beginning of a better era.  We will get there by holding up our candles - alone but together - lighting the way until God once more fills the world with undeniable brilliance.

God bless you all and Merry Christmas to each of you.  

28 Dec 2021
Hey Polly, can you please refer me to your video where you talk about Entrust? I can't find it. Thank you!!
Elaine M Overturff
26 Dec 2021
Merry Christmas and hopefully a better New Year. Keep your wonderful and informative work up. The truth will set us literally free.
26 Dec 2021
Thank you very much Amazing Polly!!
Arnie Willis
25 Dec 2021
Thank You Polly miss your post but I know how important giving yourself time to recharge and rebuild. What did Jesus tell us in Rev. You over come evil by the blood of the Lamb, your testimony "words we speak". and loving our live not until the death.
25 Dec 2021
That was beautiful. Thank you. God bless you. Have a very Merry Christmas.
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