Podcast Recommendations Jan 22, 2020

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Podcast Recommendations Jan 22, 2020

Published by Polly St. George in podcasts, news · 22 January 2021
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I listened to Mike Adams, Sean from SGTReport, and a Bards Of War podcast.  I respect all three of these men and each are, in my opinion, excellent critical thinkers & experts in their areas.  I found their words to be soothing, not only because they explain their logic but also because they exude integrity and compassion.  

If you have recently listened to any other positive podcasts or videos, please leave the recommendations in the comments below.  PS - I'm not interested in any 'hope' from people who think aliens are involved. Sorry but it's just not my thing and I feel the need to make that clear. :)  Cheers!

05 Oct 2022
Only way to contact you. Please look into COPD. Lung DISEASE in the 1940 vs today in relation to what they put it into cigarettes now......same as food supplies. I am sure you have the means to do so bearing in mind Nicotiana is supposed to be a healing plant. God put all plants on this earth for our use
01 Mar 2021
Polly......firstly love what you do......always thought provoking. Just watched your latest video about Sullivan's, adoptions etc. Just sayin'......I thought it strange that Coney-Barrett didn't make up a 4th vote of Supreme Court re Trump (sorry can't remember topic think to do with Impeachment) ....only Thomas, Gorsuch, Alito concurred. Then you mention ACB and her Haiti adopted children? Connection ??? Reason??? Pressure??? Why isn't she supporting Trump? Perhaps you could "dig" further please.
George Nemecek
07 Feb 2021
Mixing Christianity and patriotism is an amalgam that will not hold. The two are incompatible. You cannot mix miry clay and iron. It will not work. How can you mix political with spiritual? There are no political solutions to the evil men can imagine for each other.
George Nemecek
07 Feb 2021
You MUST be born again. If you do not understand the difference between a Christian and a new creature in Christ then you do not understand the difference between an American and a patriot. The difference is night and day. Seek Christ’s salvation as earnestly as you seek political freedom and you will find it. Search the scriptures as much as you pour over Q posts and you will be truly free.

If you want to know about how and why Israel and Zionism are the key to all evil on earth cultstate.com is an excellent primer. But seek the Lord. Fear him. And obey his commandments. Our days are short now.

The politically abused women are singing, “By the rivers of Babylon where we sat down, yea, we wept and remembered 1776. Our deep state captors required of us a song, they required mirth, but we were too sad to sing the national anthem…”

Jesus had a disciple named Judas the zealot. He was a patriot for Judean freedom. Jesus was not a patriot. He could fly higher than that. You will always feel hopeless if you fight the beast because now that he is here you will know why he has iron teeth. Trump gave him the teeth. Q distracted you while the dentist sharpened them.
George Nemecek
07 Feb 2021
Do you know why abused women don’t just leave?
Because they do not know how.
They either hope their abuser will change
Or they believe that if they leave the situation get worse.
So they learn to enjoy their hell with subtle acts of defiance.

I was brought into the Q world about 6 months before the election by a friend who was a total believer. He led me to x22 and told me to give him my opinion.

I was born in communist Czechoslovakia. At first I was impressed. But after about a month I suspected that it was flypaper. X22 never mentioned Israel. Zionism, as a political ideology is at the core of why there is a push for this iron-toothed beast system.
That is what makes Q dangerous. It is a limited hang out. It points you to everywhere except where it really matters. You will feel more and more awakened but never get anywhere. It is narcotic.

For years the “conspiracy theorists” pushed “fear porn”. But Q was something different. I labeled it to my friend as “hope porn”. It is like the fantasy that the battered woman entertains about a white knight that will sweep her off her feet and take her away from her evil husband. That was the purpose all along. Donald Trump was the white knight. Q managed to hide the fact that he was a shallow dullard that couldn’t save himself.

So now ask yourself, who shoved Trump into our fantasies of freedom. Was it Mossad?
Forget the fantasy. Read the Bible. Skip to the end of the book. See how it ends. It’s bad.
George Nemecek
07 Feb 2021
Looks like censorship is everywhere. Even here. My my my. Is there any hope for the world if those who indignantly rail against censorship do it themselves?

If you want to know HOW the world became so corrupt so as to teeter on the brink of civil war then I can answer it in one word. Hypocrisy.

Physician heal thyself.
Jesus castigated hypocrites more than any other group.
They shall not even see the kingdom let alone enter it.

The writing is on the wall.
I know how this ends.
Apparently the guys who made up Q knew it too.
Brent the dude
01 Feb 2021
I watch Quite Frankly


Beyond The Veil

Alot of Sacha Stone too
murray pemberton
30 Jan 2021
Is it possible to receive your show without it being narrated in German? ... Polly you are the best !! Many thanx! USA1
30 Jan 2021
You guys have captured my heart.
Dave at the beginning of his broadcast says:
27 Jan 2021
Hi Polly
Thanks for your blog entries!
I think hope is good.
I recommend asserting what one does want for society, in one's mind and sometimes in conversation with others, several times a day. I like being very clear what I want. And I calmly dwell on that a few times a day. Making my choice.
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