Rebuilding the Familiar

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Rebuilding the Familiar
Published by Polly St. George in 21st Century Renaissance · 20 February 2021
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I’d like to follow up a bit on my latest upload, called “What is to Become of us, Conservatives?”

I addressed that talk to small-c conservatives because I believe we are the ones being marginalized in favor of a ‘progressive’ society.  It is our way of life - maybe even our way of *being* in the world - that is, I believe, being attacked, undermined and buried by the would be global rulers.  I sense a strong need for widescale conservative push back now, and push back in real-world ways that the oligarchs of this technocratic progressivism aren’t expecting and cannot easily counter.

There is, however, a rather large hurdle inherent in trying to motivate conservatives, who, by their very nature, are not eager to make big changes or get out of tried and true routine. It goes something like this:

“Aren’t ‘big changes’ exactly what we are going through right now? Isn’t that *exactly* why we’re all so miserable?”

Fair enough. And if you read Michael Oakeshott’s “On Being Conservative” you’ll get confirmation to that effect with regards to the typical conservative disposition & personality. Oakeshott writes at length about conservatives being more inclined to enjoy what they have rather than pursuing the next great toy or adventure. He confirms what we know about ourselves instinctively: we rely on the routines we have created and we try to work with as they are rather than propose sweeping changes. Conservatives, Oakeshott claims, understand that strict and predictable rules of conduct are the foundation of personal freedom because evenly applied laws, rules and codes allow us to understand the limits of acceptability & legality and that knowledge frees us to fully focus on our own tasks rather than worrying about whether or not rules will change without warning or if arbitrary enforcement actions might suddenly dash all of our prior efforts. (Note: It is fascinating to contrast this attitude to that of progressives & Liberals who seem to believe that laws, rules and codes of codust are restrictive to freedom.)

I believe that these conservative traits have kept us from fighting against the rising tide of progressivism - they were used against us, in fact.  Progressives knew that conservatives would choose co-operation and compromise over the discomfort of down in the dirt fighting about each little proposed change.  Now those small compromises, having all been made, have turned into the complete disruption of all routine, codes of conduct, and even, in many places, an abandonment of the rule of law.

Simply stated: Conservatives want to find a way of life which brings them contentment and then be left alone to pursue that life unmolested. The trouble is that in a globalized world there are fewer place to go to opt-out of the ever-changing schemes of the progressives, and they don't want to live and let live. They want to dominate everyone.

Conservatives, I think, have been holding on to the hope that they could just shrink themselves down enough to avoid being caught up in the progressive world. We’ve acquiesced to their idea of ‘improvement’ thousands of times believing that we could make these small sacrifices for now, and eventually they'd be satisfied. We’ve sighed and felt annoyed and attempted to adapt for the sake of getting along. We’ve contented ourselves, (as is our temperament) to enjoying whatever vestiges of familiarity we could find and until this last half-decade, perhaps, it’s been possible to have a happy life doing so.  But look at what’s happened while we’ve shrunk ourselves down and denied our own wants and needs.  The progressives never did become satisfied and we've reached the point where progressives have literally put plexi-glass barriers between ourselves and our fellow people.  They even keep us from our own family members and monitor us in our homes.

In our present moment, then, small ‘c’ conservatives are more uncomfortable than anyone else. Our bent to stick to routines, preserve what we have and to seek comfort and laughter in the present moment has been made impossible by people who have the power to try to force everyone to walk a wobbly tightrope towards their (insane) idea of a distant, global utopia. And that’s exactly what it feels like, out here on this wire. Uncertain, precarious, and, at the same time insistent on our full and complete focus. “Don’t look down!” we think. “Don’t look down because if you do you will fall! Just keep walking until you make it to the other side!”

But what is on the other side, anyway? Probably just another small platform on which we might catch our breath before being pushed along to the next way station in the never-ending high-wire act of ‘progress.’

What can we do?

I believe that leaving the soulless cities to rejuvenate the small, dying towns across North America is a possible answer. Like pioneers, we can venture out and cultivate. We can bring commerce back to the main streets.  We can plant the neglected fields. We can join in and enliven the small town communities - not by seeking to change them, but  to enhance and strengthen them.  We can get involved with loval boards and town halls. We can provide entertainment, education, and events which are meant to give everyone a chance for laughter in the present moment.

As these routines and habits become established in small towns across North America, others who are looking to leave the progressive dystopias will be drawn to our towns and the growth will go from a trickle to a waterfall.
Eventually, my hope is, there will be enough towns with enough rejuvenated people in them that we become a force of nature. After all – the technocrat plan is sure to fail. It cannot last. We must be there when it crumbles to provide a way of life that is truly sustainable – that is familiar, solid, just, healthy and free.

Yes, giving up the urban life you’ve had will mean a temporary loss of comfort (but they’re making you give that up anyway, aren’t they?) It will require that you scrap your previous plans (but how many of your plans are you able to pursue in COVID lockdown, anyway?) It will require that you take risks (or you could instead allow Big Brother to shelter you from them). It will require that you wave goodbye to the society to which you once belonged (but isn’t that society blown to bits already?) It will require that you go headlong into the unknown in order to build a place where you can re-create the known, the tried and the true.  

By taking back control in a network of small towns from coast to coast it may be possible to (eventually, and with a lot of effort by a committed group of people) secure a country where your children can know stability, tradition, the rule of law, the value of hard work and the joy of laughter in the present moment. At the very least, by leaving the smart-city urban grid for the small towns, you’ll be on an adventure of your own choosing. Succeed or fail on your own steam. That is what life is all about.


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Thank you and God bless.

Richard Riewer
23 Feb 2021
Hi Polly, from Montreal, Quebec

This is not a review it's a subject proposal for further research. It's fairly long as well. Hope it fits. It did not fit on your contact/support page, it is way more than 2000 characters. It begins with the new Ms Levine, the new U.S. Ass't Health ... (my keyboard does not like the letter see for some reason), then takes off in all kinds of diretions, too many different people, states, groups ... Please ontact my email address so I an send it from my AOL Mail.
R Riewer
Dan Carpenter
23 Feb 2021
I actually long for the opportunity to retreat to the old way having had 10 years exposure until my wife decided 3 years ago it was too much for her to handle. While she didn't want city life, we landed in a small community with ties only to the power grid and the internet. But it is still within a municipality linked to the system. At 73, I am limited with my options to pursue without causing marital discourse. While neither of us want what is proposed in the foreseeable, things will have to get better with GESARA and back to the Natural/Common Law or we may all be doomed. I don't believe that there will be anyplace in Canada or other areas left untouched by these freaks of Satin. They have no respect for humanity as we know it nor any kind of rule of law except their own. We either become a robot or meet our God.
Clint from Hawaii
22 Feb 2021
Excellent work, Polly. Thank you. Appreciate also, your Blog Photo of a Skyscraper Steel
Beam Work Crew enjoying a break on a steel beam 30 stories above ground. Literally a
death defying feat risking their lives to build and secure a better future for their families.

I too worked in Construction with my Father and Uncles helping to pay for College more
than 40 years ago. They not only taught me how to work with tools and machinery, but
how to work with each other with trust, respect and faith, knowing we had each other's
back and could handle and emergency, danger & challenge on a project or any situation.

They are now gone but the structures / projects they created and built still stand today.
I pledge to honor their legacy in the challenges ahead. Safety & success to you as well!
22 Feb 2021
We are in a progress trap and the masses are so complacent they don't acknowledge what we have already, and will continue, to give up in the name of 'progress'. As we advance technology (awarding us convenience,) we sacrifice freedom. I for one am not interested in a 4th industrial revolution. I would rather see a move back to a simpler life and being at once with nature. How did we convince ourselves that a TV in every room, the internet in our pocket, and debt that keeps us working till 65 is the definition of 'a good life'.

Thankful to have a sound voice like yours in a sea of delusion.
21 Feb 2021
Yes I've been thinking along these lines, craving this lifestyle for a few years. And yes, The progressives have recently removed some of the advantages of urban living. I do fear upheaval and I'd want a life partner with whom to share the joys, risk and work in the new town. I don't currently have a partner so it is daunting but I'd still go if ppl were disposed to be friendly to all townsfolk. Sometimes conservatives hate fear and exclude unmarried adults.
Timothy Grady
21 Feb 2021
I've so much appreciated your timely input .

Astute observations yet again .

Progressivism cannot tolerate competition in the open marketplace of ideas . It's inherently tethered to a visceral contempt for objective truth - at all cost .

When stripped of all its fluff & feathers , it lays bare a metaphysical contempt for the one true God of all objective truth , and must - By Any Means Necessary - eliminate every vestige of the societal application of this worldview .

The $ Owners of the Chessboard are certainly noteworthy for their full-spectrum assault on the "conservative" paradigm that has always tacitly assumed that good versus evil would be generally recognizable . Whereas , the incremental (Fabian/Frankfurt) model proved useful in blurring all previously held certitudes .
21 Feb 2021
I thought more and my gut (I am rh- always very intuitive) tells me that the 1% will only force the isolation camps & vaccination to be able to buy and sell in the AI beast system etc if they don’t get 70% herd immunity which changes but that’s prob number they are looking for from the dumbed down masses as they still need 30% as humans not cyborgs. As you mentioned, they need humans to be creative, productive, reproduce, etc. and as a sales pitch to the smart cities how advanced they are compared to those cretins and backward people who live outside the smart cities and just like in Brave New World will be mocked,
Despised and pitied also same sales pitch seen in 1984 book with daily hate TV sessions against the “proles”. So fear porn until 70% herd immunity target reaches and leave the much smarter 30% alone as long as they Are outside smart grid cities and self sufficient - independent of the smart power grid. Other cities will be kept as museums and many rural small villages and farms for self sufficient communities repopulated by the smarter vaccine refugees like an IQ test - freedom to remain human and have free will or technology as a hybrid slave and the masses already love the tech that enslaved them. Basically it’s soul/energy harvesting however humans are needed as it will take many years for their trans human agenda and the experiment not sustainable and my guess is they need at least 30% of world population to remain human as a back up plan and sales pitch.
21 Feb 2021
Polly, sorry my long email message that was cut off. I have done extensive research and you are ONLY person besides World Economic Forum vision of 2030 please look into to make a video on it that states she feels very concerned for those outside her smart city that couldn’t keep up with technology - like the Savages in Brave New World and also the Proles in 1984 were left alone that has addresses that conservatives should start getting out of smart cities and regenerate the old abandoned small rural towns/farms. I don’t usually leave messages but reached out to you as you are the only person addressing this online besides WEF. The 5G control grid needs huge amounts of human energy as shown in WO2020060606 patent humans used as energy resource linked to crypto to run the system - problem is humanoids that become more machine thank humans won’t power this massive Internet of Things grid due to entropy. Due to so many humans so dumbed down there will be a very small minority that refuse the Mark of the Beast. The 1% know they need humans not genetically altered as robots can’t give off energy needed for IoT huge energy sucking grid. This is the extinction of humanity so let’s say if only 10% of humanity are smart enough to remain human this will be essential as back-up for controllers when 5/6G grid fails. And 10% of world population not vaccinated may not be enough to save humanity. Please do a video Polly to shed more light on this. What do you think, Polly?
21 Feb 2021
This would give those who refuse the Covid Shot to be left alone like the savages in Brave New World. However, the email from PMO regarding detention prisons for those who do not accept the Shot as they will be labeled a public health risk and the NYC Bill 416 forcing people to be isolated and vaccinated indicates the 1% will not leave those who do not accept the Mark of the Beast shot alone. Amazing Polly’s 2 videos and the World Economic Forum’s 2030 vision are the ONLY two places online that give hope for those who refuse the Shot that they will be allowed to live and left alone in small 19th century style villages or self sufficient communities away from the smart cities. So which is true? Yes 5G/6G will take many years to make sure can survive and needs a lot of human energy to run and most who survive will be sterilized, Ill and life spans shortened as genetically modified hybrid Humanoids just like the GMO vegetables don’t live as long as natural humans and are not as healthy & no longer human as DNA changed nanobots 3rd strand artificial DNA to be able to be used an energy resource & part of AI hive mind entangled with quantum computers ok so the few people that will refuse the Shot will be a minority and would be very necessary to allow to live as humans and reproduce as the 5G human slave technocratic experiment will fail due to huge energy credits needed - the 1% aren’t stupid to not have a back-up plan in place to ensure humanity survives. What do you think Polly?
Douglas Hartzell
21 Feb 2021
Thank you again for sharing your thoughts and unique perspective. And I hear you.
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