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Spotted at Belleville, ON rally!
Published by Polly St. George in news · 19 April 2021
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Left: a fellow at the No More Lockdowns rally in Belleville, Ontario (on Friday, April 16, I believe.)  
Right: a still from my video posted in December, 2020 where I showed off my non-mask 'mask.'
When I saw this picture posted by my local MPP Randy Hillier I at first thought that maybe someone came up with this idea independently, which was awesome enough.
"A kindred spirit!" I thought.  But then I saw the words "I'M HEALTHY" across the top of the bag/mask and knew that either this gentleman had seen my video or there was some real supernatural activity going on in the realm of inspiration.
Just a bit of fun I wanted to share with you all.  

Lately the Anti-Lockdown rallies have been coming fast and furious in Ontario.  They are being quite well attended and in the past week or two the police have seemed to take the side of the protesters.  It could be in response to the turning tide that our Premier Doug Ford announced crazy additional measures and added two weeks to our prison sentences - NO outdoor gatherings at all. NO 'non-essential' services. No in person classes.  Checkpoints at the borders.  A stop-and-question order to police for anyone seen outside of their homes to determine whether or not their breaching the perimiter of their front laws was justified or not.  The tyrants even closed playgrounds again (only to reverse that order within 24 hours due to public outcry.) Frankly I believe they were always going to reverse it... this way it looks like the controllers in Public Health & the politicians are responsive to the people.   

Knick-knack paddywhack, give a dog a bone.
COVID rules come rolling home. (and we do mean right into your homes!)

To my surprise, a high percentage of local police departments publicly announced that they had no intention of
stopping and questioning people walking down the street.  I mean, it seems ludicrous to congratulate them for this but we're in some seriously ludicrous times, so why not.  Good job, police!

For those of you wondering where I've been, I'll be posting a video (touching on Political Ponerology) in the morning so be on the lookout for that!
God bless.

Dave Metcalfe
25 Apr 2021
April 26th, St George day ! Happy St George day ! ! ! Thank you Polly for your continued insights into the madness, and of course leaving me with the feeling "I am not alone", although sometimes I do feel that way. You help balance the scales in the war in my soul that sees no hope, then little glimmers of hope through your efforts... Blessings from the Great South West, Leamington Ontario.
25 Apr 2021
Polly, I love your work and admire your spunk and compassion. I need your help if you know where a safe and honest possible human trafficking report can be filed. I found something just now while shopping for my Mom's Mother's Day Gift on
I was looking for a nice silk ficus tree for her screened patio. Well boy did I find a really special one for $9,999.00! I copied the page and page address as it might go missing soon. This looked a lot like the Wayfare ads and wait till you read the description.

I thought I better report this and the on-line chat agent left me with chills. I copied that conversation with Mohammad. He said it sounded like a pricing error and he would contact the vendor. I said Thank You, I will Forward this info to the FBI. He ended then with a weird ending and "be Safe" Really Weird and creepy.
Do you know a safe place to report this to?
Thank You Polly and I would be happy to share what I copied.
25 Apr 2021
Hi Polly, I just want to say that I have been following you and your videos for a long time and I want to say that you really inspire me - even when you are vulnerable and temporarily weak after yet, another fight. I wish I was strong like you. Every time you stand up to the lie of the Face Mask I cheer you on. Don't let those idiots at the bank get you down. The devil has the upper hand right now but he WON'T win the war. So many people know this is a farce and that communists/globalists/technocrats are trying to take over our country in league with our useless idiot leaders. I think it's admirable that you have stayed strong for so long. You may be slightly down but I know you will rest and then rally yourself up again. You are a strong and beautiful person and a real inspiration. I will keep you in my prayers. May God Bless you Always!
Graham Wood
21 Apr 2021
Hi Polly. I'm a Brit, living in England and follow always follow your interesting videos.
I can see that your banking experience left you a little shaken, and not quite your usual
cheerful self. Hardly surprising given your explanation of that confrontation with evil
people there.
I very often read the Psalms, and in these dark days when all seems out of joint, then
these Psalms are a constant source of encouragement and consolation, and of course
they speak to us now, today, and every time we read and reflect on one.
When we consider the arrogance and seeming impregnability of the spiritual enemies
ranged against us then we all need God's word more than ever, reminding us that HE
remains totally sovereign, and perfect in power, love, justice and mercy.
If you are tempted to depression because of the "enemy" then here is another great and
abiding promise. Do look at Psalm 33: 10, 11.
May the Lord Himself bless you and lift your spirits as you think over these verses.
With love in Christ.
21 Apr 2021
Polly you are poignant as usual. Amanda Grace talks about you and hopes you will be on live with her. I’m happy you took a break from things. Anything you need to keep being amazing. Quite Frankly has great respect for you as well. The psychopathic realm that you discuss is eye opening and would be great to discuss with Frank and his listeners as well. I believe The king of the universe is in control and I pray He places a firewall around you. Great blessings in this evil time Amazing Polly♥️
Mr MikeS
21 Apr 2021
You drop a ball at the top of one of those "Plinko" machines. The machine should have been designed so over time they would end up in equal numbers across the possible destinations at bottom. But they don't. It's so obviously rigged. Remember, "TILT"!? Normals v. Psychopath. Globalists v. Nationalists, as you mentioned early all comes down eventually to "wheat v. tares". I prefer whole grain!
Monica Constantia
21 Apr 2021
Dear Polly,
Thank you for teaching me two new words tonight: “ponerology” and “Potemkin.” I’m a retired college English instructor, professional counselor, and writer—and I was never aware of those words! Thank you for expanding my vocabulary and challenging my weltanschauung. I eagerly await your every video.
Judie Toon
21 Apr 2021

Thank you Polly so much for all of your efforts to inform and educate the public! In the United States, where I am living, I have noticed a troubling trend and it is spreading. Americans are becoming complacent, followers, and conformists who are relying on our Government. Our freedoms are being taken away from us little=by-little and no one either seems to notice or cares. I am with a small, but growing, minority of people who are now saying, enough is enough. I think that you are right-on-spot when you say a Renaissance is coming....hopefully soon before it is too late. Keep up the good work! We need people like you to educate and inform the American people. You are our beacon of hope! God Bless and keep you Polly!
21 Apr 2021
Hi Polly,
So sad to see you upset today but, felt better with the way you handled the situation in the bank. I have run into a few "Karen(s)" here in America but, I just tell them to FO! I will say I have lost 15lbs since our election and things just seem to be getting worse and worse. I am seriously worried about America falling and losing her freedom forever. I'm just an old lady who remembers what growing up in a kind America felt like. Our gov is promoting the poison that's destroying the people of this country. We are losing our freedoms by the minute. Please take care, Polly and thank you for all the beautiful work product you bring us.
Take care and God Bless you.
AK Roy
21 Apr 2021
If only we could have tea! Loving you in Christ! I had to come here to see the surprise. And, as excepted, I was gloriously amused and envious of the man of like mind and faith! I’ve been put in my place about how devilish your Non Mask - Mask was by my “law abiding” adult children at our Christmas gathering. They we appalled that I was so amused by it - thought it was so hilarious that I would actually want to make one for myself especially since I have refused to wear the ” Faucian” lie on my face since it was “mandated” last year. I laughed and laughed, sharing your video with everyone! Nice to see a man going the extra mile. That mask of yours speaks volumes. Thank Polly! We look forward to all your posts!
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