Spotted at Belleville, ON rally!

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Spotted at Belleville, ON rally!
Published by Polly St. George in news · 19 April 2021
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Left: a fellow at the No More Lockdowns rally in Belleville, Ontario (on Friday, April 16, I believe.)  
Right: a still from my video posted in December, 2020 where I showed off my non-mask 'mask.'
When I saw this picture posted by my local MPP Randy Hillier I at first thought that maybe someone came up with this idea independently, which was awesome enough.
"A kindred spirit!" I thought.  But then I saw the words "I'M HEALTHY" across the top of the bag/mask and knew that either this gentleman had seen my video or there was some real supernatural activity going on in the realm of inspiration.
Just a bit of fun I wanted to share with you all.  

Lately the Anti-Lockdown rallies have been coming fast and furious in Ontario.  They are being quite well attended and in the past week or two the police have seemed to take the side of the protesters.  It could be in response to the turning tide that our Premier Doug Ford announced crazy additional measures and added two weeks to our prison sentences - NO outdoor gatherings at all. NO 'non-essential' services. No in person classes.  Checkpoints at the borders.  A stop-and-question order to police for anyone seen outside of their homes to determine whether or not their breaching the perimiter of their front laws was justified or not.  The tyrants even closed playgrounds again (only to reverse that order within 24 hours due to public outcry.) Frankly I believe they were always going to reverse it... this way it looks like the controllers in Public Health & the politicians are responsive to the people.   

Knick-knack paddywhack, give a dog a bone.
COVID rules come rolling home. (and we do mean right into your homes!)

To my surprise, a high percentage of local police departments publicly announced that they had no intention of
stopping and questioning people walking down the street.  I mean, it seems ludicrous to congratulate them for this but we're in some seriously ludicrous times, so why not.  Good job, police!

For those of you wondering where I've been, I'll be posting a video (touching on Political Ponerology) in the morning so be on the lookout for that!
God bless.

21 Apr 2021
Hi Polly,
So sad to see you upset today but, felt better with the way you handled the situation in the bank. I have run into a few "Karen(s)" here in America but, I just tell them to FO! I will say I have lost 15lbs since our election and things just seem to be getting worse and worse. I am seriously worried about America falling and losing her freedom forever. I'm just an old lady who remembers what growing up in a kind America felt like. Our gov is promoting the poison that's destroying the people of this country. We are losing our freedoms by the minute. Please take care, Polly and thank you for all the beautiful work product you bring us.
Take care and God Bless you.
AK Roy
21 Apr 2021
If only we could have tea! Loving you in Christ! I had to come here to see the surprise. And, as excepted, I was gloriously amused and envious of the man of like mind and faith! I’ve been put in my place about how devilish your Non Mask - Mask was by my “law abiding” adult children at our Christmas gathering. They we appalled that I was so amused by it - thought it was so hilarious that I would actually want to make one for myself especially since I have refused to wear the ” Faucian” lie on my face since it was “mandated” last year. I laughed and laughed, sharing your video with everyone! Nice to see a man going the extra mile. That mask of yours speaks volumes. Thank Polly! We look forward to all your posts!
21 Apr 2021
20 Apr 2021
Isolation is the Dream Killer.
Thank you Polly for putting your all into everything you do, and for keeping us connected by Truth, Faith and Love in Christ. (*note: emails await. Need your guidance and help)
To Reyna and Ambrossia in NM ... you are definitely not alone. I'm in Idaho but have family who are 'awake' in Albuquerque. Not sure how its going to happen, but I truly believe we will all be brought to together as a force that cannot, will not be denied.
All God's Children gotta have, and will have our Freedom.
20 Apr 2021
I shared your bag story with my family a few wks ago and my son's (15&13) have practically been begging me ever since for us all to go to the store like that. When we do I will be sure to send you pictures. I see all these videos where ppl meet up in groups and go maskless into the store and I always think it would be so cool to instead go as big group of "I'M HEALTHY" bagheads...😂👌

20 Apr 2021
A true and heartfelt THANK YOU to you Miss Polly for EVERYTHING you are doing to help AWAKEN HUMANITY. You are truly an inspiration.

There is another review on here from Reyna from Albuquerque that I was hoping to respond to but the option in not available. If at all possible could you please share my email with her?? (I am assuming (possible incorrectly) that you have both email addresses due to *required field.) I live in New Mexico too, about 30-40 min south of her and I want her to know that she is NOT ALONE. Sadly, I have found very few here in our very blue state who are even willing to question what is happening in the world. This can be a very lonely existence (as I'm sure you know) and it sure would be nice to communicate with others who understand.
Thank you in advance and if this is not possible I understand.
Many blessings to you and your's Bonita Polly.
20 Apr 2021
We have to have a sense of humor about these things! Lol
Brenda Elliott
20 Apr 2021
Greetings to you and possibly your followers from Montana where the air is clear, guns are acceptable to carry without a permit and masks and social distancing are no longer required! Polly, I have followed you for over a year now and you have given cause to think, ponder, scratch my head and pray. Your incredible research has been a welcomed source of knowledge in this time where ridiculous thinking reigns. Your article of 4 fingers Winston left me incredibly sad. Until we step Heavenward we will endure loss, pain and grief over watching those we love make choices that we believe will have adverse affects on them. God knows and HE is GOD, we are not. We can trust that HE is doing a work in those loved ones lives. Grandma of 16.
I am attaching a recent article I have read that has left me unnerved...
I would love to hear your thoughts! I have and will continue to pray for your ministry and hope to send $$ for support.
Soli Deo Gloria ~ Grammybee16
Reyna Moreno
20 Apr 2021
Polly -
Greetings from Albuquerque, NM ! Love your work ! INSANE talent , combined with REAL God-given truth and compassion ... been worried sick ( even though I only discovered your work about 6mos ago) since your bank incident with "Frumpy Lumpy" ! I WILL BE SENDING YOU SOME AUTHENTIC NM "SWAG", also a prayer note and $upport (foil wrapped😀).

I have felt alone on an island , inside a empty galaxy for years !

The whole parallel civilization thing is something I WAS CERTAIN ONLY I CAME UP WITH ( and just as certain NOBODY ELSE ON THIS EARTH would join me in such a vision , or work toward making it a reality ! ), ROFLMAO....😂
The trouble I have had is two-fold...
a.) How to screen for " the people of the lie " AND.,

b.) Considering not one family member ( I can relate PERSONALLY to your thoughts on the "world" and kids observation as well), knows, or wants to know the TRUTH about our risen Lord & savior Jesus Christ...same with every "trusted" friend in my old circles....the question begs...with whom would I make the parallel community with ? LONELINESS SUCKS !!

Since this is supposed to be a review of your post re: lockdown rally...I will just say well done, and your glowing spirit shines through even from behind a brown paper bag !!

Stay strong my kindred

TBD I suppose.
20 Apr 2021
Recently revisited your Funeral video inwhich you urged our likes not to lose our humanity. I listened as you quoted from the author who survived Stalins takeover and who quoted many of the bondsmen in the camps who wanted to give just one moment of incarceration for the moment they had, had the chance to standup to bureaucracy. After revisiting that video, it is now listed as one of the most impacting videos for me that you've done. Please repost that video as each freedom loving individual may need refreshed views on what steps may be needed next.

Best to you- thank you for your posts&videos.
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