Spotted at Belleville, ON rally!

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Spotted at Belleville, ON rally!
Published by Polly St. George in news · 19 April 2021
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Left: a fellow at the No More Lockdowns rally in Belleville, Ontario (on Friday, April 16, I believe.)  
Right: a still from my video posted in December, 2020 where I showed off my non-mask 'mask.'
When I saw this picture posted by my local MPP Randy Hillier I at first thought that maybe someone came up with this idea independently, which was awesome enough.
"A kindred spirit!" I thought.  But then I saw the words "I'M HEALTHY" across the top of the bag/mask and knew that either this gentleman had seen my video or there was some real supernatural activity going on in the realm of inspiration.
Just a bit of fun I wanted to share with you all.  

Lately the Anti-Lockdown rallies have been coming fast and furious in Ontario.  They are being quite well attended and in the past week or two the police have seemed to take the side of the protesters.  It could be in response to the turning tide that our Premier Doug Ford announced crazy additional measures and added two weeks to our prison sentences - NO outdoor gatherings at all. NO 'non-essential' services. No in person classes.  Checkpoints at the borders.  A stop-and-question order to police for anyone seen outside of their homes to determine whether or not their breaching the perimiter of their front laws was justified or not.  The tyrants even closed playgrounds again (only to reverse that order within 24 hours due to public outcry.) Frankly I believe they were always going to reverse it... this way it looks like the controllers in Public Health & the politicians are responsive to the people.   

Knick-knack paddywhack, give a dog a bone.
COVID rules come rolling home. (and we do mean right into your homes!)

To my surprise, a high percentage of local police departments publicly announced that they had no intention of
stopping and questioning people walking down the street.  I mean, it seems ludicrous to congratulate them for this but we're in some seriously ludicrous times, so why not.  Good job, police!

For those of you wondering where I've been, I'll be posting a video (touching on Political Ponerology) in the morning so be on the lookout for that!
God bless.

Michael Carr
05 Jan 2022
Further, ALL levels of POLICE are involved. We won this war folks, it's time to put this crap to bed.
Michael Carr
05 Jan 2022
Hi Polly,

Look into Charham Ontario and Rob Meyer. I took down the Epstein Hotspot 6 weeks ago. The military is in town, but the media is silent. Look into the Mayor, the police chief and the chief of the OPP. All were in cahoots with Meyer (Sotheby's Auction etc) and were involved in an Epstein connected operation. This is connected to Wexner and Columbus Ohio.
Lindsay sullivan
08 Sep 2021
Polly we met yesterday Tuesday September 7th at my freedom rally please contact me. I tried to email you but it says it's an invalid email address.
Karl Greaves
18 Jul 2021
Looks like you are recreating the Lennon protest of bagism in a totally new way.
07 Jul 2021
Polly you are amazing. polly - Some interesting info that I think you are headed to check this out. Love you. Ryn
go to time stamp 19:10 - BOOM!
17 Jun 2021
Bitchute channel is canyouseeit
17 Jun 2021
Hi Polly
Love your video "what's with the magnets" and I feel that you are 100 percent correct. We are not quite sure what the final outcome is with this NWO but I think you are hot on it's track. Great stuff. I'm working on a new video myself, should be done in a week or so. Maybe you can go see my channel on bitchute. Canyousee
Take care,
Share Truth
10 May 2021
FYI: Hi Jenifer. Sorry, you are having problems. I'm in Hawaii via Spectrum, and
my connections are always great. Maybe there's over use due to Mother's Day?
Am not an electronics wizard. Can't advise you further. Try again later. Thanks.
09 May 2021
Polly, I cant find your channel on bitchute anymore 😔
Family Man
01 May 2021
The Bag over your head is a funny idea. Imagine seeing everyone in a grocery store like that.
Maybe we in the USA should have some sort of Loyalty Oath (but not a big, long one. Simpler is better) for all Congress-people, Senators, Governors, Mayors, the President, etc.
1. I will vote for "America First" and things that clearly benefit our people "here at home".
2. I will vote against Globalism
3. I will vote and be for lower taxes and more Americans working
4. I will not allow "public health" or anything elswe to be used as a weapon or a way to restrict anyone's right to leave their house, shop, work, go to school, assemble/congregate/socialize, use social media & communicate, or travel. I will have freedom and individual liberty always be a higher priority than safety.
5. Most of all, I will always, fiercely!, defend America's 1st, 2nd and 4th Ammendment rights! Spread this widely.
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