Video Follow Up - Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions

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Video Follow Up - Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions
Published by Polly St. George in Video Follow Ups · 1 March 2021
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The video Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions can be viewed HERE

I received some great tips in the comment section of this report which I'll talk about below.
First I have to make a couple of corrections.

Regarding the Hit & Run of Jaqueline McGovern.  I mistakenly wrote (and then said) that the year of her death was 2019.  She died in 2020 as can be seen in the link I included.  I knew this of course or else I wouldn't have included her untimely death in this report!  I was so off my game that if you look at the video you'll see that elsewhere I typed the date as 2021. Oof!

I apologize for my clumsiness on this one.

My next error has to do with the map of events.  At the time I hadn't realized that there are all kinds of Schools in Dublin and area named St. Brigid's.  When I specifically added the town name to the search, I found that the school is located much closer to Savannah House the area where the two hit-and-runs took place.  I wish I'd have caught this before recording as it adds to the intrigue.

Now I can move on to several intriguing viewer comments! (I seriously do have the best audience on the internet. Thank you, everyone.)

Dirty Dan points out that the driver of the white van which struck Ms. Grant on the segregated pathway along Howth Rd was allegedly a diabetic man having an attack, but that the situation is still unresolved.  (I engage in a bit of wild speculation in reply.)

The fact of the matter is that there's been no evidence forthcoming about the driver, so all people interested in this subject are left to speculate about it.  Why aren't the police informing the public about what really went on that day & who the driver is?  Here is a link to a bulletin board where locals are discussing their thoughts about the hit and run:  Political Irish

Next, if you saw the video you might recall that I featured this tweet by @UndercoverHuber on twitter wherein he mentions that the Donald Trump Jr. meeting focused on "adoptions."

I wasn't certain what that meant but I included it because, if they really were discussing the adoption of children then it warranted a little closer look.  EMoScel posted this comment, which has sparked a new investigation for me.  For now I'll let the comment speak for itself but I intend to do a story on Russian Adoptions & the Magnitsky Act in the future.  (I am consistently amazed by the connections between things when I do the bare minimum of research.  I mean adoptions & the Magnitsky Act??? whodathunkit)

And Finally I have an update on the Joan Huber murder-suicide in Reno, Nevada which happened at the same time as the unexplained deaths in Ireland.  A commenter wrote that just before the Huber family tragedy there was a spate of student deaths both at the local University and also at the High School the Huber children attended.  

A string of deaths all connected to one local high school - culminating (possibly) in the murder suicide of the Huber Family on March 4, 2020.   Joan Huber is from Ireland and her father was a well known, politically active man in her home country, so it does seem a little synchronous that it was during this very time window over in Ireland that there was a series of strange deaths all connected to Youth Soccer and people involved with child protection.  

What was killing the youth in Reno?  I found some articles indicating that these were deaths from fentanyl overdoses, however, in a strange twist we find out that the students did not know they were using fentanyl but believed they were taking... get this... prescription Percocet.  

I wonder why Percocet?  Is this a common recreational drug among youth?  I don't investigate that subculture so I'm not equipped to answer that question.  If it is then are we looking at a dealer who *wanted* to kill his/her clients?  If it isn't then what explains these youth being able to get their hands on these prescriptions and how is it that Percocets came to be laced with fentanyl.  Are there other deaths we aren't hearing about which were caused by this same batch of pills?  Fentanyl is highly, highly toxic.  From what I understand this requires expert level
hazmat precautions to even get close to in its raw form.  So... who laced it and why?

We'll likely never get to the bottom of this dark mystery because law enforcement arrested a 22 year old kid for passing out these pills and seem to be satisfied that justice has prevailed.  They mention that he has priors on his record and that he'll likely be out on the street again in 4 years.  I am guessing he'll go right back to his old job selling toxic, illegal chemicals when he gets out unless the police or another agency is working on finding and stopping the bigger fish from producing the substances in the first place.

Unfortunately I lost track of the comment which led to the Huber Murder-Suicide follow-up research.  A big thank you, whoever you are!

And that's it for the follow up for now.
To everyone who commented either at Bitchute or on Rumble, I want to let you know that you're much appreciated!  And - I must add - you are handling the trolls with panache!  
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07 Jun 2022
Please make next video about Paul pelosi Jr , or all Pelosi Jews family. Looks like he is a pedophile. He is not better, or is even worst than Hunter Biden. Thank you for your work. I am your big fan.
01 Jun 2021
check out wanttoknow dot info
Stephen in Arden
13 May 2021
I have just read your write up, Polly. Yes, it's interesting that there is no real follow up on the driver - unnamed - who killed Jacqueline McGovern. "medical device" - maybe nothing at all, but little details like that raise my eyebrow. Always. Why so vague? What kind of medical device? I know that technology exists to influence or control to some degree one's thoughts. So we need to know what the "device" is.

Abdul's comment below is both shocking and not surprising. We live in such an age that the things which are coming to be revealed are somehow BOTH shocking and not surprising. I would like to know more about what Abdul has commented on and may do some digging of my own.
11 May 2021
Con Job 19...UL is a US army base and has been the centre of scientific research between America and Europe since Valencia island, all other universities use three letter acronym but not is RCSI Agriculture, Labatory, Farm, playground...Ireland's international reputation as a training center for good Doctors has been maintained in global media for last 30 fact RCSI run a constant charm offensive. Attractioning International students to non existent course at UL, taking their money and killing them at any point...China is looking for 160 million dead people, on paper they are in Ireland, their bodies maybe but I don't think so ...what you find In ireland is dead Irish American Tourists, Polish Workers, Brazilians. If gas chambers were being run in Ireland I believe that was done at the Apple Facility, I don't see gassing as necessary as a trip out to see the fake Disneyland attraction of Skellig Michael...organ Traffickers prefer drowning...under cover of direct provision I am sure Muslims, Christians, Atheist doesn't matter the machine is indiscriminate (it is not racist as people think, it uses racism as a weapon). Every country had a quota to meet and I mean every country, a man siting in China or Russia today is as affected by this as much as someone back home...there are some exceptions Ireland being a prototype along with New Zealand, Morocco and Sweden...Corona a cover up...covid has travelled with organ Trafficking since the first heart transplant in
Ton Hettema
05 May 2021
Concerning car killing Jacqueline Mc Govern, there was an 'incident' in the Netherlands on june 10 2017 in the busiest spot of Holland: Amsterdam, in front of the Central (railway) Station around 9am (21:00) local time, when a Muslim man (this was Ramadan time) (May 26 till June 24), who was first stopped by police for driving on a tramway only traject, fined and immediately allowed to continue, accelerated his car into the pedestrian area thereby gravely wounding 8 people who were standing in a little group. The car then hit a wall and was stopped by it. The police arrested the man, but there is a vast discrepancy between the police official story of what happened and those of eyewitnesses, including the victims. With help of the largest "authoritative" newspapers, who spent extensive articles and reviews of this 'incident' a few months later (!!), there was no indication of faulplay or attack, but "a syringe was lying on the passenger's seat next to the man for insulin injection". One policeman was seriously reprimanded by his superiors for disclosing the identity of the driver to an alternative paper-site: he was fired from his job. The muslim man was not prosecuted, with no criminal charge whatsoever, whilst bystanders declared he had been deliberately gunning his car towards the citizens after he'd been stopped by the police the first time. Strange to note also, is that this highly surveyed spot had no camera coverage from the 'incident', because pointing the wrong way.
28 Apr 2021
I think there is a connection to judge Roberts, Epstein, and an illegal Irish adoption for Roberts two children. I don't believe Ireland allows children to be adopted worldwide, yet somehow Roberts has two from Ireland. Don't remember all the details.
26 Apr 2021
Hello Polly.
Thanks for all the good work.
Here something recent: 25th of april, a Twitter feeds shows that in a Hospital in Slovakia, they found evidences that PCR tests swabs can insert nanotech that grows in us.
Original in french here:
or here:
25 Apr 2021
Polly, this is fantastic work. You are approaching the subjects you present in a very unique way and I find your presentation style, tone, the way you talk and write very calming and artistic. Regarding your experience in the bank and that you decided to show your ‘weak’ side, please know that only the strong, pure and honest can do what you did. There is nothing you should feel ashamed off. Certainly pure evil people might not be influenced by this form of emotional expression but those who still have some good in them, will be. I am passing on your website link and videos to others hungry to see some topic covered still in a sensible, interesting and morally sound way in our degenerated time. Love and peace,
20 Apr 2021
Your online donation system is being blocked outside of Canada, just so you know.
Donna Ruth
20 Apr 2021
Malachi Martin is a gem. Author of number of books, including Hostage to the Devil, an examination of exorcisms, his two best, imho, are his novels Vatican, and Windswept House. The latter was written c 1994. I read it then and thought it a bit “out there.” I reread in 2017 and my jaw dropped page after page as I realized we had been living out this amazing prophetic book. He knew. I wish he was still with us.
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