What They Tell Us and What We Tell Ourselves

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What They Tell Us and What We Tell Ourselves

Published by Polly St. George in Commentary · 4 September 2022
Tags: Narrativestoriesgreatreset#DitchYourSmartphonetechnocracy
So much is happening yet so little is really changing.

Fear mongering from all sides – will we die of a virus, the vaccine, starvation, war or freezing to death? Perhaps the effects of poverty will get us, leading to addiction, homelessness or suicide. Will we be mind controlled slaves thanks to 5G and nanobots? Is US President Biden about unleash F16s on “MAGA Republicans?” Will we have to eat ze bugs and live in bunk-bed sized pods while navigating the false-reality matrix of Meta through our Virtual Reality headsets in order to keep our social credit scores high enough that we’re allowed onto the bus to our next low-paying gig? Are the Chinese, Russians or space aliens set to invade, throwing the resistors into high-tech gulags for re-education? What about a stock market crash, manipulated metals markets and the war on cash? You’d think this was the end of the list of anxieties currently at play but it’s only a partial account of the panic-inducing narratives which are filling the internet these days.

On the flip side, of course, the Corporate Media is up to its own scary narratives. The talking heads at once ramp up false fears while denying the evidence of our eyes and ears about the things that are really going on. They force-feed us fake polls, fake stories, fake science, fake opinion, fake markets, fake employment and inflation numbers, fake crises, fake priorities and fake weather forecasts which serve to either terrify or enrage and alienate the people depending on how aware they are to the ubiquity of propaganda being deployed against us.

Nudge, nudge, nudge.

The Potemkin journalists of today are using the tactics of intelligence operatives and decades’ worth of research into behavioural science to deliver the messages recommended by Artificial Intelligence which games out scenarios based on up-to-the-minute data-gathering. Why? They do it in order to get the masses to move this way or that. Which way works best for the bottom line of the world monopolies? Which way will help bring about the end goal of Global Government with Central Planning? They crave ‘sustainability’ which really translates into predictability of their profits. Micro-management is their answer – they want to dictate to us our every move, and our every breath all the way down to the daily nutrient intake of each member of humanity.

Yes, it all sounds very frightening. Remember, though, that these are nothing more than stories about the future. They are narratives and you can either live into it, or not.

The thing is, we can all step away. We can foil their plans easily and cheaply. Stop consuming the news. Get off social media (and tech in general) as much as you can. Get rid of your smartphone.  

What? Are you nuts? That is like asking me to cut off my arm! Ha. Sorry that you feel that way but it proves my point. (I do not have a smartphone and in fact only had one for a couple of years and I make my living on the internet.)

Getting rid of your smartphone (at least the data contract that comes with it) is the easiest, most effective, low effort protest you can make against the technocrats who seek to rule this planet. Doing so will save you money and free up your time. It will reduce your anxiety and anchor you, once again, to the REAL. No more being nudged, no more being manipulated, no more expecting you to produce digital documents. If enough people were to cancel their smartphone plans and stop carrying the things around it would cost the oligarchs trillions of dollars per year. You think that wouldn’t put a stop to their plans? It would, just as surely as you’d have to forego that new home purchase if you got fired from your job.  

I know, I know. “Polly, most people will never give up their smartphone!” Yeah, you might be right. After all, most people went and got the injection and still justify their decision to do so.

This morning I listened to a podcast hosted by a man who admittedly developed myocarditis after his booster. He came off as being in deep denial about some aspects of it, for example, he claimed that he was one of the lucky ones because his personal wealth saved him from the condition being permanently detrimental to him. “I got a great team together and super-charged my mitochondria.” he said before adding “I threw a lot of money at this.”

Listening to him talk made me feel sad because I sensed he wasn’t trying to convince the listeners of his health status but rather he was still trying to put his own mind at ease about it all. He told the audience that he got the shots because he truly believed he owed it to the ‘greater good’ to put himself at risk. Is he covering up shame in being played by the propagandists? It sounded like it to me.

I of course hope his health efforts will pay off for him. He is a fairly young man who – like so many others – was basically coerced into taking a poison. But there is a certain self-delusion in thinking that if you just have enough money you can stay healthy no matter what - that there are cures for everything for those who can afford to pay for them. This simply isn’t true, and I’m sure on some level he knows it. All the promises of “science” and “progress” and technological advancement dry up and blow away when it is you who is face-to-face with the prospect of losing your health because it is only then you realize what a farce the entire medical system is – that doctors and bio-tech are, for the most part, only play-acting at having anything figured out. Like I said, though, I wish him well and hope he is, as he believes, fully recovered from the Covid-vax injury he suffered.

I am concerned that shame and delusion are going to be rampant in those who took the shots, supported lockdown, masking, censored true information, blocked their ears to questions and conflicting data, and who engaged in hostile ostracism of the unvaccinated. From a psycho-social perspective this doesn’t bode well for a healthy, free society to have huge populations of people ruled by regret and denial facing off with those trying to live in healthy truth.

Like the podcast host, many others are lost. That guy will never give up his smartphone and neither will hundreds of millions of others. But … why won’t YOU? All any of us can do is live the right way for ourselves and thereby be the examples to follow. Are you ready to take that step? #DitchYourSmartphone

God bless and thank you for reading.

David Earl-Graef MD
09 Sep 2022
Nicely written article. I ditched my SmartPhone and have never looked back. The challenge seems to be to remain informed and yet joyful so that you can inform others and not letting it consume you in the process. Also learning to just walk away from someone who refuses to see just how fake the world is around us for whatever reason but continues to put their trust in it instead of something much more eternal and truthful.
08 Sep 2022
sorry, I had to make 2 parts..
08 Sep 2022
Unfortunately they get a lot of attention from the people. I can see the TV shows broadcasting into their homes when I walk my dog after nightfall..
So what can we do? What if we just don’t comply, don’t buy into it, don’t get scared, don’t get absorbed from their poisonous thoughts. Sometimes it is difficult to resist but, it is possible, for now.
What if we remember who we are, where we came from and what miracle we and our surrounding nature are. What if we just let us get carried away from the beauty of our existence as often as we can.
Yes Polly, God bless you and all of us
Maria from Switzerland
08 Sep 2022
Dear Polly
You did quite a summery in your first passage….
Fake fakery all over the place. They, being politics, media, science, big tech, big pharma etc., have pulled a fake-predictable-materialistic-reductionistic-world, made of computer models and mathematical statistic-nonsense, over our minds. In order to distract us from the beauty and abundance of the real world, they have spared no effort or cost. It seems very important to them, to scare, and yield us into despair.
Yes, they are doing everything to confuse and irritate us. They even try to poison us with there injections. With their satanic reversion-methods they even succeed in making people to defend them when they get sick from their poisons. They are very crafty in fooling people. I am sorry for those who took the shot. Sometimes people react like an abused woman that try to explain away the abuse by stating that the abuser loves her.
So how can we help those who don’t see the “bigger picture”? I guess we can’t by talking and explaining. We have to show another way by living it.
Yes, don’t consume their poisonous news unless you use it as teaching materials to strengthen your vigilance and awareness. I have not watched TV at least for 5 years now. Whenever I get a glimpse of it, I realize how sharp and critical my perception has gotten. I see the talking heads for what they are: ludicrous, well dressed and made up puppets that rehash what they got fed. Unfortunately they get a lot of ...
08 Sep 2022
Dear Polly
So glad to hear from you. Just wanted to let you know, that I read your great article. Since I have to go for a walk with my geriatric dog Tuxedo, and run some erands, I will write some of my thoughts later on...
love Maria from Switzerrland... :)
Anthony Albert
07 Sep 2022
Ms. Saintgeorge,

Something very strange with the
One Young World "philanthropy" organization, backed by a couple of big pharma corps

Its leadership is blacked out on wiki
Scott Youker
07 Sep 2022
Good to hear from you! I agree with you wholeheartedly and only use my phone to make/receive calls. I think we can finally understand that line in Hotel California: "We have all become prisoners of our own device."
05 Sep 2022
It is always good to hear from you, Polly. Thanks for the article.
I find C. S. Lewis's essay "On Living in an Atomic Age" very fitting for our times and a good encouragement in today's uncertainty. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sgSJ-FnGEnY) God bless.
04 Sep 2022
Ive been told for 3 years that my BB10 will be shut off soon. Will let them ditch my smartphone for me. Wonder if they are willing to give up $100/month. Its a case study. Thanks for perspective. Missed ya.
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