You Want Your Freedom Back? Ditch Your Smartphone

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You Want Your Freedom Back? Ditch Your Smartphone
Published by Polly St. George in COVID · 13 May 2021
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The Ontario government is relying on cell phone derived 'Mobility Data' to make lockdown decisions. What if they couldn't get access to it?

In what I consider to be a startling admission, the Ontario government has revealed that it is relying on the data from your cell phone to track where you are going and using that to determine whether or not to let up on their strict lockdown measures.  Worse still is that the data is being provided to them by one company:  tech giant Google.

According to reporting from the Toronto Sun, the government is dissatisfied with the fact that people - in spite of being told to stay locked up in their houses - have been going to parks.  Look here:


Are they really surprised by these numbers?  EVERYTHING IS CLOSED except parks.  And now we're being punished for going there, too.  They literally want everyone to sit inside their homes all day every day.  This is complete madness, but if you've watched my video called "This Isn't About A Virus" then you know the reason for it.  

Can we fight back against this???  YES.
For almost 2 years I've begged people to understand that you are each carrying your prison cell in your pockets. And you're PAYING for it, too.  That 'cell' is your smartphone.  Your cell phone.  Coincidence?  

If you don't have one, they can't track your mobility.  Also, they can't fake data (why are we trusting Google, anyway? Is the Ontario government sure of these numbers, or are they simply putting faith in the most predatory tech company on this planet??)  

If you don't have a smartphone, they can't require that you use it for access to retail stores (if they ever opn up) or to pay for things in person, or to show your vaccine status, or to gain access to your own apartment building, etc etc.  The fewer people who have smartphones the fewer the smartphone demands will be in your community.

In addition to frustrating their digital control grid, getting rid of your smartphone will take money right out of the bank accounts of many of the Oligarchs' companies.  Last time I checked, the phones + the data packages were worth several trillion per year.  Imagine robbing these evil corporations of TRILLIONS?  That would make a dent in their plans, too.

I know, I know - you're already typing your objections.
"You'll never convince people to do this."
"But muh job/maps/photos!"
"How would we see your work, Polly?"
"I just bought a new one though!"
"I literally have my whole life on it"
"But they can be used for so much good, too!"
blah blah blah I've heard them all.

Fact is I don't have a smartphone and haven't had one for years and yet here I am, managing to do this blog and the videos and I even manage to drive around without getting lost!  ;)  If I can do it, you can do it.  Almost no one legitimately needs a smartcell.  If you are one of the tiny percentage of people who absolutely cannot get a work-around then fine, I don't mean you.  But for everyone else?  What are you doing??  It's like owning a backhoe for gardening in your urban backyard. Overkill.  

I'm going to stop writing now.
God bless.

Anthony Albert.C
21 May 2021
You may find this interesting
I know it's over 5 hours
But this man covered a lot of ground
And it's something i think we all are aware off but have not kept attention on it

17 told us about symnolism, and looking back after watching this - it was all so clear yet no one really focused on it .

On YouTube
"X Factor winner reveals world's secret religion"

Will R. Jova
Share Truth
21 May 2021
Hi Polly. Agree with you regarding Smartphones. I work, live, function just fine with a
$19.95 flip top phone & $30 monthly service fee. No smartphone for this man - Clint.
Paula Tucker
21 May 2021
Singapore government have made it compulsory to use their Trace Together app or a government issued Trace Together Token which MUST be carried at all times. You can't enter any business without either of these. They emit bluetooth signals and alert the government who has been in close contact with each other. On top of wearing masks to school, children are now being asked to wear this device all day - up to 9 hours!
Kathy Clyde
18 May 2021
I have one of them obama phone's that I don't pay for. I got it when he was still president & I got it because a case manager helped me sign up for it. I hate it 1/2 the time it's shut off. I'll lose it for days cause it's so easy to slip down between something. I don't take it anywhere with me because that's the only time someone out of the whole week will call me & it irritates me to know end to see/hear people on their phone's in public talking about things they should keep in the bedroom. A group of kids together & everyone of them are on the phone. & my ultimate pet peeve is people at a concert or event on their phone's trying to talk to someone during the whole event.
17 May 2021
I have never owned one, plus I have said this for years, they (the elite are powerless if people dump their smart phones), I only have a flip phone, it does the job, speaking to others.
Please wakeup people and stop giving them the edge, eventually their house of cards will crumble.
16 May 2021
Thanks for posting this article about smart phones. I don't have a smart anything, and I recommend this course of action. If you have a fridge older than 10 years, a car - same, no smart phone, no modern stove or microwave then you can't be tracked but if you do buy this fancy dancy items you aren't being smart because the thing can tell if you have so and so over (which is none of its business), whether you need to buy more milk, etc.
15 May 2021
I was an early adopter to the cell phone back in the day. I have worked in the high-tech industry my whole adult life. And I've been without a phone for over 5 years. It started as a fun thing to do, as I was wondering if I could do it. Turns out I can, and enjoy it and wouldn't have it any other way. A lot has changed in the last 5 years, and I've had people argue with me that I (and my children) need a phone out of necessity. I disagree.

Love your work Polly!
Humor Helps
15 May 2021
Greetings fellow patriots! Sharing some humor. Keep smiling :) - Clint of Hawaii.
"Lady on Train headed home from tiring day at work, closes her eyes for little rest.
Her break is interrupted by John, who sits next to her talking into his smart phone.
He loudly carries on a 15 minute conversation! Babbling to his wife, " I'll be late 4
hours, because of a meeting. "No, dear, not with the Blond from Management, but
someone else. I only love you. You are my one and only. I would never lie to you ...
Suddenly John is interrupted by our Lady on the Train. She's run out of patience ..,
and leans over into John's Smart Phone, and speaking in a loud, low, sultry voice,
says, Johnny my honey, turn that phone off, put it away, and Come Back to Bed ! "
15 May 2021
I am curious Polly. I used to watch you and several other channels like yourself. Because that was where I was at on my path to the truth. The truth is progressive. And it is a journey of continually shedding lies or partial truths.
I listened to Alex Jones, you, even Ben Shapiro at one time. Somethings that have caused me to leave all of you behind is seeing the truth about Trump. Even though there were red flags along the way I held onto this hope that somebody was going to make them pay. To stand up for the children and the "elite pedos"...
There are other things that have remained like splinters in my mind. One big one is 9-11 and another was "what is up with the Jews"....
Any reasonable person has asked this question. And depending on their ability to discard old ways of thinking and what they were taught, and accept new information and form new ways of thinking that were formed by your own research and contemplation, many are coming to a very clear understanding of what they have been upto, who they are, and why they are doing what they are doing.
This leads to many understandings. For one an understanding of what a gatekeeper is. You know, a person or group that gives enough truth but doesn't reveal all the truth or the big truth to keep the sheep being fed by the gatekeeper.
That leads me to you. Are you Jewish? Are you a gatekeeper?
Reyna Moreno
14 May 2021

Please allow me to point out some OTHER REALLY GOOD REASONS TO DITCH "SMART" ( it's truly the " NEW STUPID")...
A. 30ghz -60ghz of EMF'S 24/7/365 zaps oxygen from the breathable air, causes metastatic brain cancer, affects reproduction...
B. All the globalist's satanic technocrap RUNS ON 5G !!! HEELOO!! Nanobots can't function, the AI hive- mind, block -chain NWO digital currency plan NEEDS US TO FUND IT SO....PHUCK THAT !!!!


Love ya Polly !

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