Backbone / Freedom Isn’t Free Documentary Update on Kelly Hale and JAKK Tuesday’s

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Backbone / Freedom Isn’t Free Documentary Update on Kelly Hale and JAKK Tuesday’s
Published by Polly St. George in COVID · 5 December 2021
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Since posting my behind-the-scenes look at one Kingston, Ontario entrepreneur’s battle against medical mandates (you can watch the video video here) a few things have developed.  Here’s a quick update.

Kelly had a hearing on Friday, Nov 19. The judge sided with Public Health and ordered that JAKK Tuesdays remain closed. In spite of this, Kelly is optimistic that his next court appearance (sometime in January 2022) will bring better results.

Word of JAKK Tuesday’s closure got around and there was an outpouring of support for Kelly and his staff. Right away a local independent store that sells necessities provided JAKK’s now unemployed staff members with a very generous package of gifts & support! What a total hero and a gentleman! I would love to tell you the name of that business and the man who owns and operates it, but I’m not sure he wants the spotlight. The right people know who I’m talking about and word will spread among the supportive citizens who I’m sure will spend their money there as often as they can.

Also in the week after the hearing, Kelly received an offer from a fellow restaurateur in Milford, Prince Edward County. The restaurateur offered Kelly the use of his premises, free of charge, in order to host events or private parties throughout the winter while his own business is closed. Wow! Right away another entrepreneur stepped up to support someone in need. This is what it’s all about!

The offer was accepted and Kelly planned on hosting an invitation-only fundraising event on the premises before Christmas. Everything was set to go until the local Health Unit allegedly received 4 complaints about Kelly’s plans to use the site. The Health Unit contacted the owners of the property and read them the riot act, so to speak. Bureaucrats and their petty enforcement officers were getting ready to make trouble, so Kelly decided to postpone the event indefinitely while details are worked out. (If there can be any reasoning with the unreasonable.)
Finally, I learned today that the property company which owns the JAKK Tuesday’s space has terminated the lease. I’m not sure of the motivations of the landlord but this, too has worked out in Kelly’s favor, saving him a very large expense as this matter works its way through the courts.
On a personal note, I’m learning a lot about maintaining a positive outlook during times of adversity from Kelly. Every time I speak with him he is optimistic, full of plans and ideas, and committed to overcoming the obstacles in his path. He is an inspiration!

If you’d like to contribute to his expenses, a close associate of his has set up fundraising campaign for him here:

08 Jan 2022
Hi Polly, I have a friend whose father is a criminal lawyer in Windsor, Patrick Ducharme. Please give Kelly Hale his contact info,, 519-972-3211. Pro Bono, will take to Supreme Court!!
13 Dec 2021
Please watch fall of the cabal on Bitchute, we are in WW3, the elites who own the media and set up the United Nations have sold us out and partnered with China and The middle east to destroy the west. they are soft killing us via poisons in food and water and chemtrails. Mass immigration etc. Don't trust the plan though this is a lie nobody is coming to save us the elites control both sides.
09 Dec 2021
Love everything you do, Polly. We've followed you for a few years now. We've done so many of the things you, and others suggested. Got rid of ALL television about five years ago, after athletes started taking the knee. Got rid of smart phones two years ago. We both have Sonim phones. It was the single best thing we ever did.
I have to tell you what we are seeing here in Colorado. We live in a conservative county that is adjacent or close to the Denver metro area. The metro area Boards of Health have all re enacted mask mandates. Last year, I would go to the grocery store literally at 0600 as soon as they opened because I refuse to wear a mask. I've been an R.N. for 40 plus years and have a background in immunology so I've done my homework and research, as have many others. Last year, I simply stayed away from everything in the metro area. THIS year, things are different. People are actually standing up against this tyranny here. I would estimate about 10-20% of all patrons in the major grocery stores are not wearing masks. I have daughters who live " in the hood" and one likes to go, as she calls it, 'mystery shopping". She goes to all the chain stores and walks in, walks around, pretends to shop, and takes a survey if anybody questions her not wearing a mask. Not one single store has said a peep. She literally lives in the belly of the beast. Crickets. People have had ENOUGH. I hope and pray, moving forward, that this continues and more get on board. I fear it is too l...
Reyna Moreno
08 Dec 2021
God's gonna POUR OUT da' blessings now and Kelly is gonna BOOM !

Take that satan !!!
David Green
06 Dec 2021
Good work, support and coverage!
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