BOOM! Ontario Government Admits PCR & Rapid Antigen Tests are "Unreliable"

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BOOM! Ontario Government Admits PCR & Rapid Antigen Tests are "Unreliable"
Published by Polly St. George in news · 9 December 2021
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First, the Ontario Conservative Party ejected elected member Belinda Karahalios for voting against the party. Then the Ontario legislature decreed that all Members of Parliament would have to provide proof of vaccination in order to be admitted onto the floor, even for voting. Instead of allowing votes to be done remotely, they 'accomodated' members by allowing them to provide proof of a negative COVID test result in order to attend the session.
It so happened that an important vote was coming up – one that decided whether or not the Ontario government would extend its Emergency Powers – so Karahalios, who is opposed to vaccine mandates and is not herself injected, went and took a test. It came back positive. She missed that important vote, and as such a segment of our citizenry was left unrepresented. It so happens, of course, that she would have voted against the extension of these powers. Very handy for the sitting government, wouldn’t you say?
But that’s not where this story ends. The rules changed again when Ted Arnott, the Speaker of the House announced that the Public Health bureaucrats were now advising a 90-day prohibition on anyone who had tested positive.
THE BOOM:  Arnott made a huge and potentially game-changing admission in a letter he sent to MPP Karahalios on December 1, 2021. In it, (Fig 1 below) Arnott attempts to explain the reasoning behind the rule and in so doing states that the rapid-antigen tests and the PCR tests are unreliable for unvaccinated people who had previously tested positive.  

(Fig 1 - Letter from Ted Arnott, Speaker of Assembly, Ontario)

MPP Randy Hillier, himself a vocal opponent of lockdowns and injection mandates, seized upon this and wrote a pointed letter to the Minister of Health asking for evidence to back up Arnott’s claims.  Smart. What do they know and for how long have they known it?  What other information can the public learn by reviewing the data upon which Public Health has decided that the PCR/rapid antigen tests are unreliable for the unvaccinated?  
If we were in a sane world, this would be a slam-dunk against the government, public health, and other players who have consistently used both PCR and rapid-antigen test results to create fear in the public mind Through the daily case-counts, since all of them have been based on the two testing methods that are now deemed to be worthless.  Based upon those test results, government has implement lockdowns, masking mandates and vaccine requirements. If the tests don’t work – and the government has always known that the results were unreliable (for both false positives and false negatives as stated in Arnott’s letter) then it follows that their announcements and mandates were based on fraud, at least as far as it applied to those who had already had a positive test.
Read the letter for yourself. Is this enough for criminal charges to be brought against the public servants who pushed daily propaganda about ‘rising cases’ and ‘the need to flatten a curve’ (and with it our economies, savings, mental health, physical health, families, etc?)
We wait to see if any public office holder or public health bureaucrat will produce the evidence requested in MPP Hillier's letter to the Minister of Health.  From that we can decide what to do next.  I've said repeatedly that I believe we are beyond political or even legal solutions to our crisis of leadership.  Once they've grabbed dictatorial powers and corrupted the judicial benches we have to look for other means to get justice and return rights and freedom to the people.  I still believe that.  However, this could be a very important moment in which to demonstrate to those still under the spell of mainstream news & government pronouncements that all is not as it should be.

29 Dec 2022
Polly, the bank of Canada lost 561 million dollars, why are they registered as a publicly traded company on the SEC of the US?

the man in Charge is "James Wu" not his real name,
a chinese passport holder,
Director General
Funds Management Division
Department of Finance, Canada
13th Floor, 90 Elgin Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0G5

and the lawyer for the filings is PAUL HUYNH
Counsellor (Finance)
Canadian Embassy
501 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001
also a chinese national

we have a problem here, please investigate
a friend
27 Nov 2022
make a Odysee / LBRY channel. many people copy your videos there.
sarah Jones
15 Feb 2022
Continued... They are going to take us into a war as a distraction, everything that happens is a distraction to achieve this goal all the worlds a stage.

The western police, military and anyone enforcing the global agenda are being used as do you really think that they will not be taken out in the future, to achieve these goals they would definitely have to replace the people in these structures with their UN (Chinese) operatives etc

Finally even GMO food was developed to replace our natural food as a weapon, it was proven to be harmful to rats when tested and now is in all of our food supplies. They want to destroy everything that was created for us, but have food banks and bunkers for their own families so it does not effect them.
sarah Jones
15 Feb 2022
We are all in more danger than at anytime in history, we are and have been under a full spectrum attack for many years, this is a multi level chess game being played out by the elitist than has be planned out for decades. The elitist want a one world government that rules with an iron fist, any freedoms will be wiped out.

To achieve this the elitist decided that they had to destroy the freedom loving western nations, so they systematically infiltrated our governments, councils and infrastructure.

To do this there organisations the United Nations set up by the Rockefeller family and all it's off shoots partnered with China and the Middle East. We now have a highly sophisticated global mafia running the world.

We are under a full spectrum attack using soft kill techniques - chemtrails sprayed poison the air, toxins in the food, radiation from 5G which can be ramped up so that it removes oxygen from the air, medical poisoning. Mass immigration of enemy sleeper cells throughout Europe and every western country. Economic, they are destroying all western economies *you will be poor and happy(Davos) Metals in the food and toxins in the water.

Physiological warfare and distractions - transgender, BLM, divide and conquer, mind control from TV programming, destruction of western values and morality. Messing up our minds Good is bad Bad is good etc.

Now as people start to realise what is going on as they wake up they are now go...
28 Jan 2022
We are in a war WW3 but it is unlike any war of the past. The Global elites *Globalists set up the United Nations and all it's off shoots to take over the world and form a New World Order, which is bad enough, but when you realise the bloodlines behind it are nefarious and operate through mind control and deception and control all the media outlets you start to realise the absolute peril we are in as the enemy is almost invisible and governments are compromised. What the police and others enforcing the globalist agenda do not realise is that they will also be taken out by the globalist when the next level of the chess game is completed. They have been spraying the skies with poisons for decades (chemtrails) and the food and water to dumb us down and make use weak. Via the United Nations the elites have given control of the west to China and the Middle East. The plan is to reduce the worlds population to around 500 million initially with China and Japan retaining the highest number of people. The West will be destroyed as is happening now. The Media is controlled by the same banking bloodline families who have been in control for at least 200 years. Don't take my word for it do your own research. The time to act is now, there is no point being afraid as they are playing to kill us all anyway, at least by fighting now we can inflict some damage.
23 Jan 2022
Dear Amazing Polly and members, please watch this video and share with as many people, schools and orgs. as possible.
19 Jan 2022
Michael Carr
05 Jan 2022
Hi Polly,

Look into Chatham Ontario and Rob Meyer. I took down the Epstein Hotspot 6 weeks ago. The military is in town, but the media is silent. Look into the Mayor, the police chief and the chief of the OPP. All were in cahoots with Meyer (Sotheby's Auction etc) and were involved in an Epstein connected operation. This is connected to Wexner and Columbus Ohio. Further, ALL levels of POLICE including the military are involved. We won this war folks, it's time to put this crap to bed.
Mitchell Johnston
03 Jan 2022
Politics: Polly = many, tics = blood sucking parasites.

30 Dec 2021
Interesting. I’ve been having the thought recently that the discontinuation of the PCR tests in the U.S. might be a chess move in the war against natural immunity. If you throw shade on the tests, then you can throw doubt on the natural immunity of those that tested positive. Maybe they will then say that people’s natural immunity proven through a PCR test is null and void as yet one more ploy to get more people to cave and take the jabs.
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