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Housekeeping Notes July 10
Published by Polly St. George in News · 10 July 2021
Housekeeping Notes July 10

I apologize for my disappearance. Many things have been going on here including a terrible ear/jaw infection that I’m still dealing with (I’m on the mend though and hope for full energy levels soon.) I’ve just uploaded a new video on my AmazingPolly channels on Bitchute and Rumble, and I’m planning on another on MorePolly very soon so stay tuned!

ALSO I’ve begun to get mail from Canada again. Many of you sent me notes as a test of the system and I’m happy to report that I received letters from:

Linda, AB
Dave T, MB
Anna, ON
Ben, MB
Phil, AB
Amber, SK
Sharon, MB
Christine, ON
Bible from BC
J. Christian, NS

Mystery person who sent a postcard re microwaving masks to kill the ‘black worm things’. (ps I thought about doing this, too, but there’s metal in them!)

It’s still a little weird though, because by far the most mail I have received from my fellow Canucks has been from a province not listed here. Hm. It’s likely that this is summer-related. J People are outside enjoying life rather than sitting on the screen. I’ll keep you updated if anything else develops.

Finally, I’d like to ask how many of you are thinking of leaving Ontario if that is where you currently reside. It’s the worst province for the medical tyranny and there is no end in sight.  In fact, the chief medical officer Keiran Lenin Moore (ok I'm not sure what his real middle name is) has suggested that children should continue to be masked against OTHER viruses now!  Yeah, Keiran, when you decimate natural immunity for a year and a half there is an increased risk of becoming ill from common bugs.  I believe common sense could have told you that, let alone the thousands of professionals who tried to warn of this very thing!

The medical tyrants and their corporate supporters have given license to petty bullies on every corner who feel perfectly within their rights to take verbal swings at me when I'm out and about (but usually only if a shopkeeper has started it first. So brave.)  I've lived through this social climate once already as a child in Quebec and I don't relish the thought of living through it any longer here in Sick Ontario.

Are any of you preparing to leave? If so, where do you aim to end up?

Donna Procher
30 Jul 2021
Just wanted to point out that in the Mologic logo the moloch type design seems to be within a red drop of blood ...
29 Jul 2021
Yup, me again,

Re: the idea of putting masks in the microwave.

Microchips can be destroyed when touched by an unearthed part of the body after walking across a carpet and gaining a static charge. I therefore think it would be more beneficial to put all clothing including shoes in the microwave to destroy any tracking chips that might be lurking (assuming the devices are just scaled down conventional chips).

Why not throw the smart phone in as well?

50:50 Joking:Not joking
29 Jul 2021
Hi polly,

Re: mystery mask fibres. After I first saw Max Igan demonstrating what he called black worms in the masks I went to look for myself.

You can see them using an ordinary digital camera, but using a microscope, I confirm there are black and red fibres firmly embedded in the white cloth. They are ~1/4 the diameter of human hair and their surface looks to be slightly scaled like some hair. They have hair like translucence with no visible signs of life processes going on within, to this end they remain static until heat is applied. When exposed to the heat of breath they bend, unwinding again upon cooling. All materials react by contorting under heat, more so when the material is thin.

At a guess, these might be generic carbon fibres, or threads of polymer like the rest of the mask. I don't know if these fibres actually separate from the mask under typical breathing airflow so I can't say whether this aspect of mask wearing is dangerous or not. If in doubt wash it first, especially if is says not to. Further study is required.

In general, try not to worry as the body will attempt to recover from short term ingestions. You may find it harder to recover with a depressed immune system from constant worry.

29 Jul 2021
Adding to your comments about Utopia. I don't know if the series you mentioned is based on the same one aired in the UK, on Channel4 (2013-2014), but our version went to series 2 then got pulled for reasons of violence. It's general theme was that a deep state bio-weapon / genetic research was hidden in the art work of a comic book, called "The Utopia Experiment", which was stumbled upon by comic fans.
I watched it when it first aired, and it only came to mind when the current farce began to reflect certain features that stuck out as highly coincidental. Here are some parallels;
1. A sinister corporation pulls strings in the shadows.
2. Weak / compromised government minister blackmailed into buying Russian flu vaccines.
3. Underhand secret devices used on a small remote island populace. The deaths then blamed on Russian flu.
4. A news bulletin, on a TV in the background, stated that "all who died had pre existing conditions". In the real world version the MSM were forced by the public to use this phrase after trying to label all deaths as covid or with covid.
5. They tested for flu using the PCR test. What are the chances that a TV script writer, years before, knew about the PCR test before all world governments and made the same mistake of incorrectly using it to diagnose a virus?
6. Tests were carried out in a facility attached to a lighthouse. Boris championed the "lighthouse laboratories" which opened in April 2020.

29 Jul 2021
I watched this evening your fed up Rona video, and later found this. Fits in w/your thesis.

I am not in Canada, but the medical tyranny is out of control, it has been building for years, but suddenly took a violent, sharp, drastic turn. It is frightening to think of the people that are, and will suffer.

Nothing I want more than to get out of here, but not sure where to go. I feel like I am living the Tv series The Walking Dead.
29 Jul 2021
Hi Polly. I am one of the only people I know personally and professionally who will not take the vaccine, and I am sick at heart watching people I care about get their double jabs and talk about vaccinating their children “so that they can travel.” I live in Ontario and feel useless as I watch people opt for suicide whether they know it or not. I think of moving but wonder where I could go. Texas appeals to me thanks to the people there willing to stand up for their rights. The last thing I ever wanted to do was to have to live through an apocalypse where I have to fight to protect my tins of beans from theft by other starving humans. Besides, I have so many rescued dogs, cats, and birds that I will need a caravan to flee my home with all my babies.
29 Jul 2021
Cosmoball - Released in Russia on the 17th of October 2019 - a film for teens and young adults (it appears to be a Chinese backed film, at least they tried to fuse characters of a lot of other films into one). The mom gets sick when the "alien" tech arrives 20 years previously, yet it is that same scientist alien that saves everybody. So many visuals of biological life fusing with tech... blue gel, purple gel, nano tubes, nano fibers, self assembly, gene splicing, and gaining extraordinary powers spread all throughout. A quote from the scientist, "... a sample of your genetic material, to fuse it with our microchips to create a bio-mechanical equivalent of your neural connections. The result will be a droid that we call Sputnicks." -- "Don't worry, we all have one." Certainly pre-programing for trans-humanism and the so called novel disease that would follow the next year.
28 Jul 2021
Also adding on, I live in New Zealand.
Life had been surprisingly normal, travel is ok too.
Nobody wears a mask, but that’s easy to say because the muzzle did not take hold of the people as hard as the government would’ve hoped for.

However, the government here is neck deep in corruption, from our prime minister Jacinda Ardern being an obvious global puppet, but also locally it’s come to light that the Jacinda and the Labour Party (left wing) has funded the gangs to the tune of $2.75 million.
To “tackle” methamphetamine addiction.
That very drug the gang is selling.

She’s also rilling up the native Indians here to stir an air of inequality between them and the English. A mini Marxist movement.
I coined a name for her; Tyranny Tranny.
If you know you know.
Be blessed and read the article.
28 Jul 2021
I don’t live in Canada but it seems like you might wanna move.
You mentioned moving to small towns in Canada once before as an alternative to living in the forming digital jail.
I’m mainly commenting to share an article with you.
Have you heard about the Soviet Unions psyop called “Operation Trust”?
They duped patriots into thinking the military was secretly in control of the government during the revolution.
Here’s the article I read.
27 Jul 2021
I plan on selling my rental house and buying several acres land 2500' or more above sea level. An X-class solar flare capable of damaging the Earth's magnetic fields will mean an end to Alternating Current. I'll need a couple of horses and some primitive farm equipment.
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