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Jan 8 continued

January 8, 2021

The day is here.

Social Media is purging everyone. I got the boot from Twitter tonight as did General Flynn and President Donald Trump himself. I’m not sure who else but 4chan is lit up with reports of it being “the day” – Possible military action commencing tonight. Please know that this might be complete garbage, but my intuition tells me that something is afoot.

I had a feeling in my gut when I woke up this morning and sure enough reports of bannings & cancelations kept popping up all morning. Brandon Straka’s entire online business got wiped off of Facebook causing 12 people to lose their jobs in an instant. If you recall, Mr. Straka is the founder of the extremely successful (and positive) Walk Away movement. For social media to purge him is indefensible. Of course it is. It’s indefensible for them to have eliminated any of the people I’ve mentioned above, but this isn’t about justice, fairness, legality, freedom, protection or any of the other excuses they give for their actions. There is panic in the air, and a shift of some kind.

I will encourage you to join Gab.com and/or Parler.com. At the moment however both of those sites are experiencing difficulties. Parler has been removed from the Apple App store. All alternative sites will be under attack now as we are in some dark and uncertain days as the ‘transition of power’ plays out in Washington, DC. It is my opinion that a massive war is raging and – as has been said many times – truth is the first casualty. The powers that be: Big Tech, Corrupt Politicians, Techno-Fascists in World Government, and let’s not forget Big Pharma have aligned and are going for broke. They MUST control the narrative so that they can excuse whatever crimes they are currently committing in their big push to bring the world under totalitarian control.  People are fighting back, myself included, so if you don’t already follow me over on Gab or Parler, please do.  
Parler: https://parler.com/profile/AmazingPolly/posts
Gab: https://gab.com/AmazingPolly

Do not despair and do not give up. Also.. don’t cling to the way things were. Be honest – there were a lot of problems with the way things were, at least the way things were for the past 20 years or so. We were feeling the soul crushing boot of deadening routine, degraded culture, toxic food, and warped psychology all around us. We are now in a moment that rarely comes along. Klaus Schwab had one thing right – “Now is the moment!” … We too have the opportunity to ‘reset’ the world. His vision does not have to prevail.

The human spirit CANNOT be broken by outside forces. It can only voluntarily submit. We will not submit. Our souls are safe. If we cannot hear from one another for a while due to internet blackouts and the like, please do not forget that it is but a matter of time before we find our way again. WE WILL, even if it takes years. Never give up. Never convince yourself that you are too lonely or isolated to go on. Never stop loving God & giving it over to Him to carry you when you feel broken. Get up each morning and see the breaking dawn which always reminds me that all darkness is temporary. Find joy! Accept that we are moving into a new reality and learn how to sculpt it into a beautiful life. Be grateful & rejoice every time you have the slightest reason to!    

Note that I have a PO Box address for people to send real packages and mail. These are very special to me. To feel the human-ness of the envelopes, the papers, to delight in the little gifts tucked inside! To experience your openness and read the words of inspiration, kindness, and wisdom. To see the photographs of you & your families! That is what it is all about for me! Perhaps in the future we can figure out ways for groups to meet in person (I admit I am very shy) but I’m thinking of caravans & camp outs & even a traveling road show. Wouldn’t those things be wonderful!? Big plans. Big dreams. Never stop dreaming & imagining, because that is how new worlds and ways are born. Through the Holy Spirit to your mind and heart, and finally into reality.

Thank you for being here and for reading this message.
I’ll put out a new video very soon. Find all my videos over on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/ZofFQQoDoqYT/

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Polly St. George
13 Feb 2021
I'll be deleting every post made by Mr. Reality. Please don't even reply to her. (yes, her. I know who it is.)
Similarly, I will delete anyone who complains that me doing so is censorship. It's not. If someone stands outside of your house and yells lies about you you have every right to throw them off your property. Further, I won't allow one ugly hearted beast to dominate the attitude & conversation here. This particular commenter has been pedaling this same story - and interfering in my life in other ways - for 5 years. Police were called. If I were qualified to do so I'd diagnose this person as severely disordered.

I know that my regular readers understand because over the years I've come to have a relationship of sorts with the people who post here and on my other comment sections around the web. I know them from their letters, gifts, etc. I smile all day because my audience is absolutely fantastic. I'm making this comment here so that the trolls know what's up, and also to save my beautiful readers the urge to reply to them.
Peace out! Polly
President Reality
13 Feb 2021
Hey Mr. Reality. You're so good at taking shots at others, why don't you try building something of value, or taking a stand on key issues, or even, help ascertain information helpful to all of us, rather than stand with those that are more happy to burn everything down around them that they haven't built. Shame is your badge to wear. It's time to UP your game brother. At the end of the day, you'll soon realize, that we're all in this together and none of us want to surrender our freedoms to the few that seek to enslave us...a historical problem spanning thousands of years. Look at real history books.
Clint of Hawaii
12 Feb 2021
To Mr. Reality: I have enjoyed Ms. Polly's work for the last 3 years. Although I have never met the Lady,
believe she's honest, fearless, and brave enough to put her face & reputation on a website rather than
hide in the dark making nasty accusations under the guise of "Reality." My suggestion to you - unless
you are brave enough to have a website of your own putting your face & reputation on the line, please
go elsewhere and leave our family here alone. Thank you for your anticipated cooperation, and Aloha!
12 Feb 2021
Hey Mr Reality, I don't know what you're reading, but Polly always "joins the dots" and shows who's who in the dark world of woke take-over. If you don't like what she has to say, vote with your mouse. FO to where they are interested in your bile. I doubt anyone who admires Polly is ...
Clint of Hawaii
11 Feb 2021
Hi Polly. On a lighter note, glad to see you hired extra help in your office - German Shepard Dog featured
writing on typewriter on your "My Blog Posts". They're loyal, easy to train & smarter than Main Media. :D

Thanks for your dedicated work. Polly is an Artist who enjoys applying truth to the canvas of life. - Aloha.
David P. Marcotte
10 Feb 2021
Thanks for the words Polly. I just found you yesterday. I’ve been kind of getting a bit isolated and despondent, and reading this was truly helpful. Thanks.

My former law partner opened my eyes to real world operations/history over twenty years ago. He was in the middle of writing an expose on the Las Vegas massacre when he passed last October. My go-to person to discuss these issues is gone, and everyone around me thinks Im off the rails. Tough stuff. Thanks for letting me take a little weight off my shoulder.
08 Feb 2021
I was watching Charlie Ward I think on Saturday and he was being interviewed by a Brit. Charlie said 109 senators and 450 0r 460 congress people were all arrested. Said Biden was executed last summer. Said big things coming this Friday. Feb 12 2021....The wicked are going to be expunged .
Helen ( Heliweli)
08 Feb 2021
Your a beacon of light, wouldn't it be great if we could all meet up in a big bear hug!! It brings tears to my eyes just thinking of it! I long to go to festivals and meet up with friends again in the sunshine smiley and happy I miss that so much. Peace and love to you Polly. See you in the field x 🙏❤
Lisa Widener
08 Feb 2021
Can you imagine what we’ll talk about when all the ugly stuff is gone. My tinfoil guess is the spring season will bring all the light we can stand. That’s not far off. Patriots fight and always win because God wins as Q has said. Your videos have helped make the difference, thanks for working on all those messages.
Ruud Karsten
07 Feb 2021
Hi dear Polly! Glad to see that you are back. I followed you until you had gone. The reasons for that, I do not know.
I once told a friend that I presume you are a Catholic woman, loving God! This was my conclusion from the way you present the topics, but also, and even more from your radiance, and last not but least from your cross necklace.
Thanks for your encouraging words in this post. I am sure that we must trust God, and not be discouraged. A great reset of our world is necessary, I agree, but it should be a reset under Jesus our King, not under Satan.
I wrote an extensive document regarding Corona, to be read by all friends, and family, more particularly my wife and children, who still deny the Deep State plans to take world control. I will refer to your words of encouragement in my document.
God bless you, and your important work!
Max Naegele
07 Feb 2021
So good for you to be back 🙂
Chris Parkinson
04 Feb 2021
Hi Polly,

I've read about your failing eyesight on your website. I think you may have been poisoned. I've written a blog post for you on how to get rid of the toxin if you think that may be the cause. Even if you haven't, the protocol can only result in improved health. I'm not a doctor but I know a lot about medicine and health.

Your message system won't let me insert a link. Details are in the letter I'm sending you now.
My interest is alternative medicine so I loved your eye opening video on. the International Public Health Mafia. I watched it on youtube with subtitles before you were de-platformed. I would love to watch more of your videos but unfortunately I have hearing difficulties. Could you amp up the sound on future videos? My editor does that to my own videos so that I can follow them on playback.
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