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Some Thoughts Continued

Some Thoughts on Where We Can Turn and Where we Can’t
In Order to Solve Our Current Crisis.

Legislators & Bureaucrats

There are two problems with turning to those who make or enforce laws & regulations in order to solve our current crisis.
The first is that immoral people don’t obey laws and regulations. The second is that those people who regularly flout laws and ignore regulations are the same people who, through that very activity, have gained wealth and influence.  They've become our government. They are not only privately benefiting from their criminality but now they're in the business of reshaping the whole of society by creating laws & regulations which serve themselves while oppressing all of those who might ever possibly challenge or oppose them.

Due to the proliferation of 'public-private partnerships' (also known as P3s, the Third Way, Stakeholder Capitalism, or -and I like this term the best- Fascism,) elected officials are refusing to uphold Constitutional protections by hiding behind the skirts of private enterprise and allowing them, for all intents and puroses, to create and enforce an entirely new set of rules.  

Legislators are not making laws and regulations which protect the citizens anymore.  What were once protective bureaucracies, there to guard citizen rights have become tyrannical.  Just when we need them the most, during this freeomd-crushing 'pandemic response,' human rights organizations and courts are either closed, on a skeleton staff, or asleep at the wheel.  We are on our own as unelected CEOs, heads of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and rule-by-fiat 'public officials' interfere in our lives, our business and the police services are at their bidding as they dole out punishments based on their whims.  Our elected officials look the other way while corporations enact vast censorship, implement global global rather than local policies, and enrich themselves while they destroy businesseses & families via COVID19. Why are our government leaders deferring to shadowy "advisors" instead of asserting their power over them?  Is it blackmail? Payoffs? Incompetence? Idiocy?  Who knows, but what does it matter now that the people have no voice?

Conclusion: There is no use trying to correct our current circumstances by appealing to politicians or bureaucrats.  

The Court System

In the previous section I delineated the problems with the laws and regulations themselves and described that the failure was in the morality of the people involved.  Laws have proliferated to the point of absurdity and rules are too many to count.  The government has not seen fit to fund more courts, so cases languish or drag on interminably meaning that for people trapped in the system the process itself is the punishment.

Second, we must consider that the court system is, like the political and bureaucratic sytem, also made up of people who can be corrupted. Being that our highest courts are comprised of Justices who are selected by politicians does it not follow that the bench will be stacked by reliable friends?  IE, when a politican chooses to seat a judge, would they not choose those who they know will defend politicians and bureaucrats from the people who challenge them?  Of course they do.

To compound the problem of corrupt courts, there is the very real issue of barriers to entry into the justice system.

Court cases are costly and time consuming. In some ways, bringing a law suit is masochistic – a person must already be well off, well read, savvy, flexible and independent before they consider getting into such a winner-take-all gamble. Further, they must be content to wait a decade or more for judgment. Even when a person knows that he or she has an iron-clad case, the means to prosecute it, the time to wait & worry it does not mean that he or she will succeed in their mission. Outcomes no longer depend on the letter of the law. Prevailing in court depends entirely on politics and whether or not the judge is morally (or literally) compromised.

Conclusion: There is very little use in trying to correct our current course by appealing to the law.

Removing Oneself from Society by virtue of Having Enough Accumulated Wealth

Perhaps moving to the mountains to raise rabbits isn't such a bad idea, after all?
Is a viable solution to just keep your head down and hide from society until all this blows over?  Did that work for the Russians in 1917?

There are many rumblings in Progressive political speeches which suggest that their quest for 'equality' means the forceful reallocation of wealth from out of our pockets into government vaults. I can think of many ways they could extract our 'wealth' via the Public-Private Partnerships mentioned above, but the tried-and-true method of separating people from their money, of course, is and always has been via taxation.  In Canada we're already taxed at a very high rate - but lately they've been floating trial balloons regarding taxing our home equity and 'motivating' people to spend their savings, too.  How long before these ideas are implemented, and how far will they go?  Will corporations join in the fun of creating 'equality' among the plebs?  These things concern me and I'm always keeping my ear to the ground, trying to figure out how to protect what I've worked so hard to build.  I've heard from others that they too are concerned.

A second issue we're facing with regards to creating financial security is that in this egg-shell totalitarian age those who do not agree with the sitting government (or even the progressive talking points) can be labeled as ‘suspected Domestic Terrorists.’ This false label, as well as others such as ‘racist,’ ‘sexist,’ ‘antisemite,’ ‘homophobe,’ etc are no laughing matter.  Accusations of this sort need not be proven to result in businesses and individuals being ‘canceled.’  Performances shut down, academics silenced, workers fired, any member of the public harassed.  All could potentially be cut off by their banks and prevented from pursuing employment or even independent income creating opportunities. We are governed in a sort of mob-rule whereby the powerful corporations & NGOs can whip up a mob using their media & social media assets and then rely on cowardly management to cave to the (fake) pressure.  You want someone fired?  Just say they put their hand on your knee one time and let the screeching online personas do the rest.

In the very recent past one could freely challenge corporate policies, health policies, police, school boards, newpaper editors, election boards, all levels of government, etc because, even if one became very animated in doing so, there was no reason to suspect any punishment for doing so. The only real consequences one might endure for being an outspoken critic on the unpopular side of an issue came from one’s immediate relations who might give you the cold shoulder. Outside of the possibility of being sued for defamation, (which most often does not apply to mere dissent from or questions to authorities) an outspoken dissenter almost never had to worry about a loss of financial security as a result of expressing themselves. (I say ‘almost never’ rather than never because, of course, there are numerous historic examples of people who have suffered retribution by the authorities (and society) for the act of challenging accepted doctrine.)

Today it is next to impossible *not* to run afoul of some or other social expectation, brand new regulation, or to commit a 'micro-agression' which triggers the mob.  Everyone is at risk for struggle sessions or public firings or even un-personing.  Not only are there dogmatic landmines in every direction (misgendering is one example, or cultural appropriation another) but since last year the totalitarian tyrants have discovered the most perfectly effective new bludgeon to hold over our heads.  COVID.  If you fail to physically demonstrate compliance by mask wearing, standing outside in the cold to buy bread, keeping 6 feet away from your friends & family, etc then you are at risk of becoming a target for punishment.  With the sword of COVID in the air your wealth is no protection.  

No matter how much money you have, or how luxurious your self-isolation accommodations are, you still can’t do what you used to do. (well okay if you're Jeff Bezos rich you can do whatever you want.  Has anyone seen any of these oligarchs wearing a mask? Ever?)   But upper-upper middle class people can't travel freely any more than the poor can.  Having a government pension and half a million in savings won't open the parks and beaches for you.  You, like every other pleb, can’t be sure the items you ordered online will be what you expected them to be and you can't force them to arrive on time. You can’t go to the dentist during lock down just because you have a fat stack of cash. You can't pay your adult children not to buy in to the panic narratives on television, and you can’t use your wealth to stop the degradation of our medical system, education system, court system or economy.  Rich or poor, "we're all in this together."  (except for the oligarchs, of course.)

Conclusion: Wealth cannot do much to insulate you from our current situation.

Appealing to Others' Need for Future Security

Security is a fundamental need, and in a society where we pay for our daily bread money equals security. If you cannot rely on money then you feel constantly insecure. Think of the 20 year long assault on our savings rates and what this has done to our psychology.Young people cannot conceive of a reason to leave money in the bank whereas a generation ago one could put something away ‘for a rainy day’ and watch that balance grow via compounding interest. There was no risk to saving, there was only reward.

Home ownership used to be another safe path to a comfortable, secure life. The money put into a piece of real estate was money in the bank, and for years this was a stable way of saving for one’s Golden Years. There were not huge gains – but that was the beauty of it. Housing wasn’t a speculative commodity until very recently which meant that almost anyone was able to find the peace of mind that comes with owning one’s own small square of land. Compare the security of home ownership to the instability and expense of renting. One is a steamer ship of which the individual is the captain, the other is a raft adrift on an uncontrollable ocean.

Financial and housing insecurity are baked into the DNA of a great many people who have come of age in the past two decades.

When we ask ourselves how it can be that so many seem to buy in to the clearly unscientific and hypocritical dogmas of the Left we should consider the impact that the housing and financial crises have had on the psychology of that group.  They are like villagers facing an influx of missionaires who would hand out soup to the hungry in exchange for their attendance at the daily sermons. The villagers learned that reciting the prayers got them a reward they couldn't get for themselves elsewhere.   Progressive employers, whether they be colleges, publishing houses, NGOs, or corporations now seem to hire and promote people on condition that they embrace - and actively celebrate - the organization's culture. If you don’t buy in?  Well then there's no soup for you. (h/t Seinfeld)

Having said all of this, how can one use any appeal based on ‘security’ when many people now believe that the only path to it lies in becoming absorbed by the borg? The dominant demographic group is utterly indoctrinated into the culture of insecurity. Their world-view is such that they expect to be asked to dress up and play act one of the assigned roles of Woke Culture in exchange for their next meal. They know that the more convincingly they embody the character the bigger their rewards will be so they go along with every absurdity laid out for them. They went out and bought designer masks immediately.  They don't care if grandma dies from loneliness as long as it wasn't COVID that got her.  Is it even possible to awaken them from a lifetime of indoctrination and get them to step away from the groupthink when, for many of them, that's the only sense of security they've known?

CONCLUSION: We can’t expect people to walk away or have a change of heart until we can offer them a viable path to security outside of the system.

Final Thoughts
We must operate outside of this current system as much as we can.
Outside of it, like pioneers, we will create that viable path on which others can walk to a more human system. Merely knowing that an alternative to the heartless Big City, Big Tech Big Pharma 4th Industrial Revolution Augmented Reality world exists might open up people's eyes to ways of living they've never considered.  If we can do this for them they might stand a chance of breaking through destructive, limiting unconscious patterns which have made them short term thinkers, deeply insecure, and motivated solely by a fear of standing out from the crowd.

Whichever way the pieces fall, one thing seems certain: a new way of living is inevitable.  We can either run towards the opportunity and shape it -give our children ideas, hope, skills, an inheritance of virtue - or we can allow ourselves and the legacy of our civilization to be overturned and buried without a fight.

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~Polly St George
10 Feb 2021
Polly, as ALWAYS: YOUR MIND REVEALED, and we all thank you for that.
Specifically: here you go beyond the smoke and mirrors prevalent, and issue reader thoughts towards the human factor. Yes: there are all those things which make-up a "society", there is a simplicity in all of this when the "well" supplies ample water for the village, yet IF that watering-hole were to run dry; panic ensues. One could say that ANY facet which one, several, or the entire block, inside of a "culture", relies upon or get's accustomed to and uses as foundational reference, when altered in nearly any manner: produces disruption. So; SIMPLICITY then. Historically proven to be a natural Human response, of the three options available in confrontations. HOW to apply such to these times, that is a difficult proposition. A pickle indeed. Removal(running) from the main-event-wave(tech); is a start, and such actions may last years, or even generations: until Elon gets his way with the 62,000 LEO's. Yet, has ANY Man, at ANY time, being naught of the elite class, been able to live their days in blocks of time more than one or two least beyond their own suppositions, and desires. As I said before, sometimes getting away, is just a matter of rooting in where you are...keep up the GREAT, great work that YOU so produce! CL
09 Feb 2021
To begin real change we must focus on : 1. Individual, 2. Family, 3. "School" (whatever new form that takes respectively - CLEARLY education needs to be completely revamped!!!)3. Community, 4. Country, 5. Planet. In that order. Humankind needs to clean up their act at an individual level before any real meaningful change can occur. Taking responsibility at an individual level. Go into your own heart and figure yourself out; feel, deal, heal. No more victimhood, no more blame. LOVE is the answer there.
Then, true change can blossom and grow. Thank you Polly, YOU ROCK!
09 Feb 2021
Rejoicing!! Your thesis is soo all encompassing.. I want to provide my thoughts (no matter how long or detailed) either under separate cover or in shorter paragraphs for publication here. I tend to look at everything from an educator's perspective; but in this case, the teacher (though retired) is becoming the student again. Deep in my heart I already know how vitally important it is to restore the role of education throughout all aspects of our lives. Educational frameworks can and will help SOLVE many of the daunting challenges you describe. I'm delighted how often I journey back to learn and often relearn the treasures discovered from original and creative thought --as you've expressed so clearly, Polly. More to follow soon! TQ!
09 Feb 2021
Excellent message. A new way must be created, even if it seems like the old way. I think you hit all of the current concerns and limitations of the system we exist in on the head. The only way forward is outside or around.
John Roberts
08 Feb 2021
Dear Sir AKA Mr. Reality
I can see your perspective has a bit of a blur that can be cleared by pulling ones head out of ones backside. The shitty outlook on life is that of fear based beliefs and therefore in my humble opinion you are a f'n shill. Get thee behind me satan. stand down. consent with drawn. If you have courage do your due diligence and prove her wrong. It may save your soul dear brother. I am grateful for your redemption and being an example of Knowing that which no longer serves the greater good. Truth.
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