2 Types of Blindness

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2 Types of Blindness

Published by Polly St. George in video recommendations · 1 February 2021
I've been having trouble sleeping and seeing.  Since shortly after the declaration of this "pandemic" my vision changed - not just once but many times.  I have three pairs of glasses I use in an unpredictable rotation and I feel as if I'm constantly looking for one or the other pair, which is not easy to do without being able to see properly.  These are old pairs and new pairs - one of them only has one arm, in fact, but I've been desperate enough to wear them out of the house at times.  I'm not sure what's happening, but it is stopping me from being as productive as I like to be.  

That's one type of 'blindness.'

Another is touched on in this 10 minute video from a Roman priest.  
He is walking outside in the evening and telling the world how he sees it - the depth of what we are facing, who is behind it and why.  He believes that we're in the end game of a Masonic plot to control every place, thing, animal and person on this Earth. (I know many of you will agree).  I don't get too bothered about the "who" aspect of the equation, myself. Masons, Jesuits, Technocrats, Satanists, Communists, Marxists, Progressives, Rosicruicians, Illuminati... to me it's all the same. Those groups and so many more believe that they must invert the laws of nature and become Gods among men.  They are evil through and through, though I suspect a great many of them don't even realize it.  At this point the members have been groomed for generations so this is all they know. It's what they live for. Our failing, I think, has been to allow these cretins to slowly chip away at our own sense of virtue & righteousness in the name of 'tolerance.'  We forgot what it means to be discriminating because they made us afraid of being called names!  As if being labeled a bigot is worse than the slow decay of our society.  

I've attached the video below - I found this priest compelling and wanted to share his message with you.  Some quotes which stood out to me are:

"We are in a very apocalyptic scenario.  It might be the final apocalypse that John spoke of it's so like it."

"...we the people have to stop them. We cannot endure this. And we can't be peaceful about it.  Yes, we must pray God because we won't have this victory without Him, but we must fight, okay?"

"Alas, though, billions of people are so stupid they're going to let themselves be murdered in the next few years by these maniacs.  And we can try to talk sense into some of them but some of them don't want sense they're completely blinded."

The are completely blinded by their un-knowingness. By their misguided faith in the upside-down world.  They are suffering, perhaps, the strong delusion.  The priest says something else which I think is exceptionally important to hear and absorb.  He tells us that we as Christians have been fooled into believing that all violence is a sin.  I agree.  It has been part of the grad deception, and we must re-learn the truth about the question of the use of force against out enemies.

Whatever happens going forward, I can rest knowing that my work has been to try to open some eyes before it is too late.  Perhaps my own 'blindness' is a sign from above that that part of my work is over and a new one *must* begin.  No more talking about it.  I need to switch gears and create work for those who already see and who want to move forward.  Yes, we must fight but also we must imagine and build the world we want to inhabit.  

Here is the full video.  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Johanne Howard
04 Feb 2021
This priest knows that we are in the end times. It is the time for the children of God to rise and stand. With all the cov1984 vaccine deaths and severe reactions reports, one would think it is enough to see that there is a strong depopulation plan in effect. And Polly, your inspiring words "we must imagine the world we wish to inhabit" echoes in my heart and certainly in God's heart. www.godcallshischildren.ca
04 Feb 2021
Thank you Polly. your physical eyesight may be going through some changes ( mine as well). But as usual, I find your analytical vision to be 20/20. Keep up the great work. Your really are making a difference.
04 Feb 2021
Great article, enjoyed the video and will share this. For the eyesight issues, (and any other physical symptoms) check this website
ourspiritualnutrition.com. Link would not paste. Go to section 5 of that sight. For years I've used this resource, for troubling physical symptoms, discover the root cause here, every time, then the symptom
usually leaves, relatively quickly. This world event is begging us to reclaim our true humanity, and I know we will. The priest is right, there are WAY more of us than them. Stay strong people. Never give up, never surrender :)
Jill Paterson
03 Feb 2021
This video is really good and feels genuine to me. An important message from a surprising source. Now, I know it is important to remain positive and keep our vibrational frequency high. But just for a moment, here’s a reality check: the “great awakening” seems to be sputtering. In my neck of the woods (coastal BC, Canada), I don’t see any newly awakened ones since the first wave. Why? Well, despite an overwhelming amt of information/evidence (provided by a myriad of spectacular citizen journalists including our own Amazing Polly) on everything from vote fraud to child trafficking to corruption in gov’ts, the media, the medical system, the banksters and Wall Street, judicial system, etc., no one (of any consequence) has been indicted, let alone convicted of anything. Let’s all be honest with each other - this is incredibly discouraging!!! Is this cabal of evil creatures and their sock puppet minions just too big and powerful to bring down? I don’t know. So what should we do? Well, I guess the change has to start at the grass roots level, community by community, individual by individual. Slow though. Do we have enough time before we are completely ensnared in their net? A think tank of awakened people is a first step perhaps. Not giving up or giving in! At least we have connected with a like minded community now ...........
03 Feb 2021

It does matter who is behind this and how they are organized. You cannot defeat an enemy that you don't understand. How can you hit the correct target? You'll just be shooting a bunch of smaller targets and be left in same boat now and in the future.
The Canadian William Guy Carr knew about this conspiracy and had researched it since 1911. He knew and others need to know. Please take the time to listen to the speech he gave in 1958 a few months before his death. By the end you should be sure we are in the final stage of a plot started 200 years ago and continues until today because we have been shooting at the small targets.


Thank you.

P.S. In regards to your sight could it be diabetes related?
03 Feb 2021
Dear Polly,

I believe he is Spot in with what he is saying.

Thank you so much for your wonderful work. You are an Inspiration to me. Sending you lots of love! Please give yourself enough offline time and take care of yourself.
Andrea Black
03 Feb 2021
Oh. Just found it at SGT Report by searching "Priest Warning from Rome." (This site won't let me paste the link.)
Andrea Black
03 Feb 2021
ARG! They took the video down already!!! Are you able to find an alternate link, Polly?
03 Feb 2021
Beloved Polly, cannot thank you enough for all you do. You’re banking good karma, my dear. You can be sure of that. Although I didn’t see the priest, I can’t help but be skeptical of his video. He is a Roman priest. And he’s urging violence. This is what the cabal wants. Another bloody civil war. Brother killing brother. We do it for them. For centuries they have used the divide and conquer tactics extremely successfully. We have to find another way. United we stand, divided we fall. Much love to you, dear one ❤️
CPT. Nancy
03 Feb 2021
No video?
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