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Live Not By Lies - What is Ketman and are You Doing It?

I discuss the practice of lying to fit in, sometimes called Ketman.

Hang On Tight to What's Real

Now is a time of overwhelming mind games. Are you feeling the pressure? I talk about hanging on to what is real and remaining strong under psychological duress.

Public Health Brags About Using Social Media to Manipulate You

An expert on the “Intersection of Social Media and Public Health” gave a seminar in 2018 exposing the way she and her colleagues use social media to manipulate people into getting vaccines, etc.

Survey Says! These are Your Definitions of 'Woke'

I read your answers to my question “Can you define ‘woke’ in two paragraphs or less?” Thank you for the many hundreds of thought provoking replies!

Can You Define "Woke" in a Couple of Sentences (Without Getting Emotional?)

Try to describe what ‘woke’ is to people who will reject emotional language and who don’t know anything about history and philosophers like Marx. Keep it short.

Sounds Like the End of Freedom - 3 Globalist Traps

They’re building a system that will make slaves of us all. I go over 3 topics that demand attention.

My Take On The Sound Of Freedom Production

What’s my take on the Sound of Freedom movie?

Generations in Mourning

How is the New (ab)Normal impacting the different generations? What will the newest generation grow up to be if they never know freedom and are stewed in lies?

Shhh! Noise is Harmful

On Noise. I review my “Thought Experiment” comments, play clips about the health effects of noise and of course, add in my perspective.

Bespoke Spiritual Attacks

I had a thought about narcissism and the devil. BONUS: a great sermon about the 7 Principles of Spiritual Warfare by Fr. Mark Goring.

Thought Experiment

Short reading followed by my commentary – but be warned! I’m making a point with this “thought experiment.” Let me know in the comments how listening made you feel and how far you got before wanting to turn it off.

Time Traveling Spiritual Warfare

Today I talk about the attacks we are under from the perspective of spiritual warfare. I also rant a little about people getting up in my business and explain why I don’t think it’s possible to ‘go back in time’ to change things for the better. :) ENJOY!

Amazon Employees Have the Power to Strike You Dead

A man had his smart-home shut down by Amazon without any warning or investigation. This episode is about the dangers of subscription services in the Great Reset world.

Sustainable Really Means Predictable

Medicine is a Religion and I'm a Heretic

All anyone ever talks about is health and people view distrust in doctors as a modern day heresy. Is Medicine a new religion?

Life Outside The Circus

We all have to choose: Go all in with 10G, Mixed-Reality and Digital Currency, or discover new/old ways of life outside the Digital Circus. I chat outside and get a surprise.

WOKE CREDIT? Uh-oh. The Global Extortion Racket Just Got More Dangerous

If you want to know why companies and brands like Bud Lite, Miller Lite and Ford seem to be committing corporate suicide, watch this!

Companies looking to re-finance are going to be forced to follow the Sustainable Development Agenda - and it's not just Climate any more!

Rich Creeps Want to Live Forever - Bio Tech Cultists and their War on Death

Peter Thiel thinks death is avoidable, SENS Foundation wages "War on Aging" and Young Blood transfusions are a business now. Epstein & Edge's billionaire dinners used as sexual stings to get financing for these projects?

Meet the So-Called Independent Alternative Media

You think there are all these individual freedom fighters making video content on 'alternative media'? A lot of these people are under contract - but who pulls the strings?

From Feminism to Trans and Beyond

There's a growing Techno-Immortality cult that wants us to abandon biology in order to live a synthetic digital life. Did it all start with feminism?

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