Expert 'Witness' to Capitol Events says this was a False Flag

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Expert 'Witness' to Capitol Events says this was a False Flag
Published by Polly St. George in News · 14 January 2021
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Fantastic interview with award winning war journalist Michael Yon who was at the January 6th ‘Stop the Steal’ rally.  Yon has covered protests for years, including the recent citizen uprising in Hong Kong, and he gives his expert opinion on what went on before and during the storming of the Capitol.  Yon believes that this was a planned false flag event carried out by trained Antifa operatives.  Link to video:

19 Jan 2021
This is an amazing interview. Love this extra content in your website Also your latest video “storm” Hope it all reveals as you predicted
17 Jan 2021
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Arnie Willis
14 Jan 2021
I saw this on epoch and the interview with the Japanese girl. I found great info. on with Mike Adams he does a Health Ranger Report each day with details very interesting. Thank You Polly.
14 Jan 2021
Very important information here. It dovetails with your latest video showing a guy in a DC hotel room watching riots taking place on the street below. He moves the camera off the tv riots and into the street below, showing completely quiet streets. This is all scripted and Patriots must wake up and refuse to participate any more. And that includes turning off the television. Thanks Polly!
14 Jan 2021
The Antifa Handbook seems like a good one to study. Know your enemy kindof thing
Andrew Wills
14 Jan 2021
This is a fantastic interview. I love this addition to your website.
14 Jan 2021
"Hong Kong tactics" "Antifa was in Hong Kong learning their tactics"

Excellent interview - thank you for posting it.

The word needs to hear your voice, Polly. Great new website - glad to see you posting again!
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