Housekeeping Notes July 10

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Housekeeping Notes July 10
Published by Polly St. George in News · 10 July 2021
Housekeeping Notes July 10

I apologize for my disappearance. Many things have been going on here including a terrible ear/jaw infection that I’m still dealing with (I’m on the mend though and hope for full energy levels soon.) I’ve just uploaded a new video on my AmazingPolly channels on Bitchute and Rumble, and I’m planning on another on MorePolly very soon so stay tuned!

ALSO I’ve begun to get mail from Canada again. Many of you sent me notes as a test of the system and I’m happy to report that I received letters from:

Linda, AB
Dave T, MB
Anna, ON
Ben, MB
Phil, AB
Amber, SK
Sharon, MB
Christine, ON
Bible from BC
J. Christian, NS

Mystery person who sent a postcard re microwaving masks to kill the ‘black worm things’. (ps I thought about doing this, too, but there’s metal in them!)

It’s still a little weird though, because by far the most mail I have received from my fellow Canucks has been from a province not listed here. Hm. It’s likely that this is summer-related. J People are outside enjoying life rather than sitting on the screen. I’ll keep you updated if anything else develops.

Finally, I’d like to ask how many of you are thinking of leaving Ontario if that is where you currently reside. It’s the worst province for the medical tyranny and there is no end in sight.  In fact, the chief medical officer Keiran Lenin Moore (ok I'm not sure what his real middle name is) has suggested that children should continue to be masked against OTHER viruses now!  Yeah, Keiran, when you decimate natural immunity for a year and a half there is an increased risk of becoming ill from common bugs.  I believe common sense could have told you that, let alone the thousands of professionals who tried to warn of this very thing!

The medical tyrants and their corporate supporters have given license to petty bullies on every corner who feel perfectly within their rights to take verbal swings at me when I'm out and about (but usually only if a shopkeeper has started it first. So brave.)  I've lived through this social climate once already as a child in Quebec and I don't relish the thought of living through it any longer here in Sick Ontario.

Are any of you preparing to leave? If so, where do you aim to end up?

Number 6
14 Dec 2021
Polly, here is an interesting anagram set;

O' Dr Fauci meets satanite.
Fauci disease omerta - TNT.
A Fauci (a demon) - test tiers.
Face it ModeRNA issue tat.
Time out Canada - fires set.
MITACS era - AI fused to net.
MIT / Editas trance - USA foe.

Number 6
11 Dec 2021
I'm using faith to stay afloat, it's surreal that many businesses including airlines and many govts worldwide are agreeing you have to be injected with mysterious 'medicine' to fly or to enter certain places, buy goods, volunteer to help others. My body is not up for debate about whether to put substances in it. I choose not to , and I claim my right to walk around and travel around freely and purchase supplies. God, I hope you're intending to keep your faithful, wise, 'awake' children safe from the bad guys' control 'matrix'. Please protect us. In Jesus Christ's name, Amen
09 Dec 2021
Polly and all,

One of my earlier comments, 24th Aug 2021, I suggested comedy to break the spell.
The following video contains the sort of thing I had in mind, I was in stitches.

Colin Furze channel on YouTube, vid; "The Highcycle - Social Distance Bike".

Plus this also pokes a stick in the eye of the zealots who want to curb our energy use.

Merry Christmas,
06 Dec 2021

In your vid "we can crush their narrative" there are 2 points I want to add;
1. You reminded me of the hypocritical nature of their position that newer is better, basically because their entire position is funded by old money and driven by their fake version of old knowledge.
2. Your point about not fearing death is important, but I think there is something more that links back to "real" old wisdom, like the aborigines possess. It goes back to medieval times and earlier when the upstart evil establishment went to war with their enemies minds, making individuals recant their beliefs under torture, etc. Because of this fact, there seems to be something absolute about dying with your morals, beliefs, and your testament to the truth in tact. Why else would they want you to change your mind? This is why it is important just to know the truth even if you haven't the capability of convincing others. (It could be why forced forgetfulness, via Alzheimer's, is on the up.) Many of us have been granted open eyes to witness this idiotic play and to identify those in charge. Such truth will pass on via the greatest witness programme ever created.
3. Unconnected point. I just found out about the warm blob, first noticed in the North Pacific Ocean around 2012-2013, that is causing changes to wildlife patterns. Scientists are baffled as to how and where it came from. Do you plan to cover this? I wonder if it ties in with the weird fires?
waltraud zaake
05 Dec 2021
dear Polly, love your work, i highly recommend this site
04 Dec 2021
Head for Mexico?
04 Dec 2021
You are so right. We need to unite all the little factions like nurses, teachers, etc... into one unifying group. And that group would have to be Christian because of its values and its beliefs in peace and freedom but also its belief in morality. If we could unify into one Christian group, we could build support/funds to fight this well funded and supported demonic take over of the worlds soul. We with God's love and wisdom will win. But as you said we need to become united under a Christian group that is not corrupted. Always the question is how can we unite all these little factions into one Christian group. Is there any way you could speak on this. You seem to have a good head on your shoulders... lastly I would say it would be nice to be able to cut and past, I'm horrible at spelling. Thanks for all the great work you do.
Katie B
04 Dec 2021
Hi Polly, the new site redesign looks great. One request. Could you please reverse the sort on the Medical Mafia tab to order newest at top? That save a lot of scrolling. Thanks for all you do.
03 Dec 2021
Dear Amazing Polly,
Hope you are well. Please watch the following video. It is the second in the series of 2.

Take care.
02 Dec 2021
Hi Polly,

Writers on the subject of political tolerance have stated that our leaders do not mind what we do in the current paradigm (stage of society) so long as we do nothing to hinder them achieving their next phase. All we must do is stay neutral in their occupied territory.

All stages of societal development have been stepping stones towards the hidden end. Remember that only traps need to be hidden. This method is similar to politics, where each step left then right are not intrinsically important, but merely enable the underparts of the beast to eat from then fertilise the middle path, or the third way. Thus our industries, economies, wealth and energies have all been designed to be thrown away from the start. All the elites want to carry forward to tomorrow is the altered mind space they are now cultivating in neutered adults and woke children.

In summary, adults of today are only required to complete infrastructure for the next phase.
Excess labour will be expunged, under cover of this false panto-demic.
A compliant remnant will be chosen to run the interim system. This remnant will be composed of grammar school types, characterless rule knowers and followers, or automatons (imagination not required).
Future children of the new world order will serve their new masters who will appear as gods.
In spirit, this is what the "Great" Reset will be.

Cheers and Merry Christmas
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