Podcast Recommendations Jan 22, 2020

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Podcast Recommendations Jan 22, 2020

Published by Polly St. George in podcasts, news · 22 January 2021
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I listened to Mike Adams, Sean from SGTReport, and a Bards Of War podcast.  I respect all three of these men and each are, in my opinion, excellent critical thinkers & experts in their areas.  I found their words to be soothing, not only because they explain their logic but also because they exude integrity and compassion.  

If you have recently listened to any other positive podcasts or videos, please leave the recommendations in the comments below.  PS - I'm not interested in any 'hope' from people who think aliens are involved. Sorry but it's just not my thing and I feel the need to make that clear. :)  Cheers!

Jackie coleman
27 Jan 2021
Hi Polly
all of these podcast you recommend are great. I would also recommend x 22report.com
26 Jan 2021
Sorry again, her name is
Rosa Koire!!
Bye Maria
26 Jan 2021
Sorry i did not say bye.

Bye, bye
Maria from Switzerland
26 Jan 2021
Hello Polly my friend
Nice to talk to you on this blog...
this times are so interesting! The big political theater is getting very absurd.. we will see what gomes out of this..

Hey if somebody wants to get a brilliant speech about UN agenda 21 and agenda 30, great reset etc. , listen to Rosa Koiry. She really gets to the point. Her book ist also fantastic. (Behind the green mask)

26 Jan 2021

We in Germany dont know the politial scenery ande the players in your country well.And we dont know what common people know about these politicians or people in powerful positions.
You speak about pedophile persons in political scene.Do you really know it? We cant believe that a pedophile ever could be a political expected person anway.
In Europe we have different countries we dont know well too.They are lying border to border, but through different languages and unknown social systems and missing inter-cultural media we dont know much about them too.
Its hard to believe, but we know Lady Gaga better than our brothers who where beaten on rallys by police.Sad world.
George Nemecek
26 Jan 2021
One more thing. There is a lot of talk about God and God being behind the Q movement etc. Do these people really read their Bibles? God has never blessed anything that had Sodomites in it or Sodomite backing. Open homosexuality was punished with fire and brimstone. This is an abomination to out holy God. God blessed Israel after the kings purged the homosexuals from positions in the temple and removed them from the land. Two words. Richard Grenel. Intil a nation repents and puts on sack cloth and ashes he will not spare them his wrath. EVER! You can't pick and choose the rules you like and discard the rest. All North America has been shaking its fist in God's face for 70 years just daring him to judge us. Judgement is here. Call it the great reset if you want. He gave us our punishment. And now the wise should remain silent for the days are evil. Amos 5
George Nemecek
26 Jan 2021
Sincerity does not equate to accuracy. Mormons are sincere. Sincerely wrong. They are a cult. If sincerity was the same as truth the entire state of Utah would not be wrong. There is nothing wrong with admitting error. In fact, it is a very good thing. The sooner a person can admit to themselves they made a mistake, the more mature he is, spiritually. Those who cannot admit mistakes are narcissists. Has anyone ever heard Trump admit a mistake? How about Kushner? How is releasing a bunch of Jewish criminals part of the plan? How can Paula White be anyone's spiritual leader? Why isn't Kushner being sanctioned by China? I smell a rat. Qui Bono? ISRAEL. And yet, none of these Q investigators will touch this aspect of the story. Why? Do we need a pedophile to make it spicy enough? People who admit mistakes only come back stronger. They learn the lesson and don't fall for it again. They grow. I can respect a person like that. Someone who will follow the evidence wherever it leads them. Just sayin. Sayanim among us.
25 Jan 2021
Polly, your outstanding research/work has been instrumental/essential to me and all who cherish God, life, freedom and truth. I've also followed and discovered five 'freedom fighters' extraordinaire: PARKES, WARD, STONE, STONE and STEEL (just to name a few) who possess immense intuition, insight, intelligence and are nearly 100% accurate in their assessment / understanding of these extraordinary moments & events. Here they are together on January 25th, 2021 providing an EXCELLENT brief and very 'enlightening' update:
25 Jan 2021
Hallo Polly-
i am watching you since the plandemic in germany on Y-tube.Your analyses are absolut unique.You have a clear perception and you are putting things together.I personally find it hard that you believe in Q.Its a psy-op .
The theory of Q-Anons now is rolled out: DT is in the background leading USA while people see in front the Biden farce.This theory clicks somehow in into a hoping mind.
Especially after all the waiting for something real in the world.Neverless Q fooled us! And- this Q-Anons never should forget - is the death in truther-circles.
Q is a propaganda-medium to push DT in the minds of people.Now these people are raging.These people are caught in confusion.These people cant see anything true in the world. Why should this belief take control over our lives?
Really, this is like giving away all of our choices.We have corrupted leaders- they are evereywhere.Especially in this blind belief of an anonymus person.
Dont engage in this false prophets anymore. Care about yourself in peace and fight if you can have a chance to win .All we have to do is hearing to our self.DT is never ever the hope on earth.Its a piece of the system like this Q-concept.Confusing your mind.
Q made people sick and some hanging on to someone elses dream-, this is sick too : its a bitter truth, Polly.
24 Jan 2021
Thank you , Polly, for all your great work. You are an inspiration!
Awesome perspective here...
Sending love and bright hope for what lies ahead.
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