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What They Tell Us and What We Tell Ourselves

So much is happening yet so little is really changing.

Fear mongering from all sides – will we die of a virus, the vaccine, starvation, war or freezing to death? Perhaps the effects of poverty will get us, leading to addiction, homelessness or suicide. Will we be mind controlled slaves thanks to 5G and nanobots? Is US President Biden about unleash F16s on “MAGA Republicans?”
Polly St. George | 4/9/2022

Farmers Struggle due to "Progress"

From GMO crops, lawsuits against them by Monsanto, predatory factory farming pushing them out of the market, bans on pesiticides, and the globalization of food farmers have been among the world's most victimized by Technocratic ideas of 'progress.'

There is a lesson in here for all of us.

Polly St. George | 14/2/2021
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