Video Follow Up - Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions

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Video Follow Up - Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions
Published by Polly St. George in Video Follow Ups · 1 March 2021
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The video Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions can be viewed HERE

I received some great tips in the comment section of this report which I'll talk about below.
First I have to make a couple of corrections.

Regarding the Hit & Run of Jaqueline McGovern.  I mistakenly wrote (and then said) that the year of her death was 2019.  She died in 2020 as can be seen in the link I included.  I knew this of course or else I wouldn't have included her untimely death in this report!  I was so off my game that if you look at the video you'll see that elsewhere I typed the date as 2021. Oof!

I apologize for my clumsiness on this one.

My next error has to do with the map of events.  At the time I hadn't realized that there are all kinds of Schools in Dublin and area named St. Brigid's.  When I specifically added the town name to the search, I found that the school is located much closer to Savannah House the area where the two hit-and-runs took place.  I wish I'd have caught this before recording as it adds to the intrigue.

Now I can move on to several intriguing viewer comments! (I seriously do have the best audience on the internet. Thank you, everyone.)

Dirty Dan points out that the driver of the white van which struck Ms. Grant on the segregated pathway along Howth Rd was allegedly a diabetic man having an attack, but that the situation is still unresolved.  (I engage in a bit of wild speculation in reply.)

The fact of the matter is that there's been no evidence forthcoming about the driver, so all people interested in this subject are left to speculate about it.  Why aren't the police informing the public about what really went on that day & who the driver is?  Here is a link to a bulletin board where locals are discussing their thoughts about the hit and run:  Political Irish

Next, if you saw the video you might recall that I featured this tweet by @UndercoverHuber on twitter wherein he mentions that the Donald Trump Jr. meeting focused on "adoptions."

I wasn't certain what that meant but I included it because, if they really were discussing the adoption of children then it warranted a little closer look.  EMoScel posted this comment, which has sparked a new investigation for me.  For now I'll let the comment speak for itself but I intend to do a story on Russian Adoptions & the Magnitsky Act in the future.  (I am consistently amazed by the connections between things when I do the bare minimum of research.  I mean adoptions & the Magnitsky Act??? whodathunkit)

And Finally I have an update on the Joan Huber murder-suicide in Reno, Nevada which happened at the same time as the unexplained deaths in Ireland.  A commenter wrote that just before the Huber family tragedy there was a spate of student deaths both at the local University and also at the High School the Huber children attended.  

A string of deaths all connected to one local high school - culminating (possibly) in the murder suicide of the Huber Family on March 4, 2020.   Joan Huber is from Ireland and her father was a well known, politically active man in her home country, so it does seem a little synchronous that it was during this very time window over in Ireland that there was a series of strange deaths all connected to Youth Soccer and people involved with child protection.  

What was killing the youth in Reno?  I found some articles indicating that these were deaths from fentanyl overdoses, however, in a strange twist we find out that the students did not know they were using fentanyl but believed they were taking... get this... prescription Percocet.  

I wonder why Percocet?  Is this a common recreational drug among youth?  I don't investigate that subculture so I'm not equipped to answer that question.  If it is then are we looking at a dealer who *wanted* to kill his/her clients?  If it isn't then what explains these youth being able to get their hands on these prescriptions and how is it that Percocets came to be laced with fentanyl.  Are there other deaths we aren't hearing about which were caused by this same batch of pills?  Fentanyl is highly, highly toxic.  From what I understand this requires expert level
hazmat precautions to even get close to in its raw form.  So... who laced it and why?

We'll likely never get to the bottom of this dark mystery because law enforcement arrested a 22 year old kid for passing out these pills and seem to be satisfied that justice has prevailed.  They mention that he has priors on his record and that he'll likely be out on the street again in 4 years.  I am guessing he'll go right back to his old job selling toxic, illegal chemicals when he gets out unless the police or another agency is working on finding and stopping the bigger fish from producing the substances in the first place.

Unfortunately I lost track of the comment which led to the Huber Murder-Suicide follow-up research.  A big thank you, whoever you are!

And that's it for the follow up for now.
To everyone who commented either at Bitchute or on Rumble, I want to let you know that you're much appreciated!  And - I must add - you are handling the trolls with panache!  
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Donna Ruth
19 Apr 2021
Oh my, your vid on fighting the demons resonated! I, too, live in a mid-sized Ontario city, and am very familiar with that ugly, dismissive, manipulative tone. I am mask-exempt, go out perhaps twice a week, and look so-ooo forward to it. In select places I wear a modified, clear mask that sits on the chin and covers the mouth and nose.

At my local LCBO (which had already given me grief) I wore it, and approached the cashier who was sporting mask-to-eyeballs and standing behind a tall quarter-inch plexiglass. I busily loaded my wine onto the counter, and then became aware of stillness across from me. I looked up. “Do you have a full mask?!” the cashier said coldly as she glared at me. I smiled and replied I was exempt but that I wore the shield as a courtesy. She continued glaring frostily at me, turned, walked over to the empty cashier aisle, opened a drawer, loudly rummaged through it, pulled out a pair of large glasses, put them on dramatically and returned to her aisle to process the order.

No matter that there was 1/4 inch plexiglass, a thick mask, and my “mask” separating us, she needed those eyeglasses. I choked back a half dozen responses, offered some polite Canuckistan chit chat (which was ignored), hoisted my bag and left.

Of course, all the snappy retorts came to mind in the car on the way home.
DV8 Dave
19 Apr 2021
Many Thanks Polly,

I hope you will do some interviews such as TLAV or whatever other rebellion / truth platform. There is a rebel truther fellow with rising platform that likely would like to talk with you & upload the talk. That should / would help you at least some to broaden your deep dive hard work. .

Lemme know by email - I would be very happy to discuss that with you.
Vicki lavender
19 Apr 2021
Can't understand why President Trump didn't know about Judge Amy Barrett, before he appointed her, something fishy about it all.
Patti d
17 Apr 2021
I rarely go into town. As I am driving in, I feel myself putting invisible armor on around me. I don't wear a mask. There is no pandemic. It legally does not classify as a pandemic. People seem to be getting weirder. Maybe it's the new wave fear that's got them. I say prayers and talk to Jesus.... while I'm in line or shopping. I've been mean once and it sucks but little biddy nasty old ladies piss me off. ( I'm 70)...thus praying helps me. All of us do need to take a stand because it is illegal for them to tell us what we have to do in regards to this "thing" that may have been something but is not anymore. It's illegal what they are doing.... and have been doing. Someone said the other day 'that the only thing that reminds us that there is a "pandemic" is that everyone is wearing masks' .... So true. What a year of awakening it's been. help so many. We love you and your dedication and work is superb. I am forever grateful for you in my life and so many others are, too. Thank-you for being you.
Gloria L
15 Apr 2021
Thank you for all the deep dives you have done. I read this twitter thread today and was wondering if you had read it yet? It's about Chagoury's DBA in October 2019, along with his connection to the Clinton Foundation, the Deep Swamp, DOJ, and FBI.
doc trox
14 Apr 2021
Polly, I just viewed your courageous "self-examination" vid. You mentioned anxiety. Panic is caused by a demon (aka Pan). Self-deliverance is possible. Please read this post: Godspeed, sister.
12 Apr 2021
thank you polly
good work.
yes its demonic
people must protest that you wre taken off youtube
i ask gilet jaune to do this
welldone kill bill protesters BRAVO april 12 2021
10 Apr 2021
I know exactly what you experienced. I had an anxiety attack at a indoor farmer's market, of all places, when as soon as I entered, a security guard started following me. Eventually I stopped to pick out something and he told me I had to put a mask on or leave. I told him I couldn't, only had a couple of things, would leave quickly. He followed me; other shoppers began "put on a mask." One last stop at butcher, I was spewed hate by several more shoppers, at least 6 people. Next came the market proprietor "You don't understand, there are people in here filming, and this could close down the whole market." I told her cannot wear a mask and I was getting louder. Asked her if she would be happier if I had on a yellow badge/star on sleeve for medical waiver; she thought that would be a great idea! I was near tears at this point, and frantically looking butcher's wife and saying "Hurry." After the market owner walked away (momentarily), the butcher and his wife were trying to calm me, by saying "We don't wear the things when we're in the back. It's all so stupid." But I said, "Someone has to take a stand!" Then the wife tells me the next time to call first AND SHE'LL MEET ME IN THE PARKING LOT WITH MY ORDER! "Like a dog I replied? A bone for the dog??" Thanks but no thanks. was shaking. It took me more than 24hrs to get over the shock of that day. I still get arrhythmias thinking about it. All I know is I don't want to live in a world like this. Praying He's coming soon!
10 Apr 2021
I, and many just like me, really appreciate all of your work Polly. We all have these moments, you are not alone. Never forget that this is all just a dream (nightmare perhaps!) and like ALL dreams, it will end and we will awaken from it. Unfortunately, almost all of us don't realise this until it's over and suffer in torment in the meantime. If you can come to terms with what I'm saying now, you can liberate yourself from much of the suffering. You don't need to wait until it's over. We all love you Polly!
10 Apr 2021
Do you know these women, Janet & Cyntha....amazing.
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