Video Follow Up - Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions

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Video Follow Up - Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions
Published by Polly St. George in Video Follow Ups · 1 March 2021
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The video Deaths, Deep State and Adoptions can be viewed HERE

I received some great tips in the comment section of this report which I'll talk about below.
First I have to make a couple of corrections.

Regarding the Hit & Run of Jaqueline McGovern.  I mistakenly wrote (and then said) that the year of her death was 2019.  She died in 2020 as can be seen in the link I included.  I knew this of course or else I wouldn't have included her untimely death in this report!  I was so off my game that if you look at the video you'll see that elsewhere I typed the date as 2021. Oof!

I apologize for my clumsiness on this one.

My next error has to do with the map of events.  At the time I hadn't realized that there are all kinds of Schools in Dublin and area named St. Brigid's.  When I specifically added the town name to the search, I found that the school is located much closer to Savannah House the area where the two hit-and-runs took place.  I wish I'd have caught this before recording as it adds to the intrigue.

Now I can move on to several intriguing viewer comments! (I seriously do have the best audience on the internet. Thank you, everyone.)

Dirty Dan points out that the driver of the white van which struck Ms. Grant on the segregated pathway along Howth Rd was allegedly a diabetic man having an attack, but that the situation is still unresolved.  (I engage in a bit of wild speculation in reply.)

The fact of the matter is that there's been no evidence forthcoming about the driver, so all people interested in this subject are left to speculate about it.  Why aren't the police informing the public about what really went on that day & who the driver is?  Here is a link to a bulletin board where locals are discussing their thoughts about the hit and run:  Political Irish

Next, if you saw the video you might recall that I featured this tweet by @UndercoverHuber on twitter wherein he mentions that the Donald Trump Jr. meeting focused on "adoptions."

I wasn't certain what that meant but I included it because, if they really were discussing the adoption of children then it warranted a little closer look.  EMoScel posted this comment, which has sparked a new investigation for me.  For now I'll let the comment speak for itself but I intend to do a story on Russian Adoptions & the Magnitsky Act in the future.  (I am consistently amazed by the connections between things when I do the bare minimum of research.  I mean adoptions & the Magnitsky Act??? whodathunkit)

And Finally I have an update on the Joan Huber murder-suicide in Reno, Nevada which happened at the same time as the unexplained deaths in Ireland.  A commenter wrote that just before the Huber family tragedy there was a spate of student deaths both at the local University and also at the High School the Huber children attended.  

A string of deaths all connected to one local high school - culminating (possibly) in the murder suicide of the Huber Family on March 4, 2020.   Joan Huber is from Ireland and her father was a well known, politically active man in her home country, so it does seem a little synchronous that it was during this very time window over in Ireland that there was a series of strange deaths all connected to Youth Soccer and people involved with child protection.  

What was killing the youth in Reno?  I found some articles indicating that these were deaths from fentanyl overdoses, however, in a strange twist we find out that the students did not know they were using fentanyl but believed they were taking... get this... prescription Percocet.  

I wonder why Percocet?  Is this a common recreational drug among youth?  I don't investigate that subculture so I'm not equipped to answer that question.  If it is then are we looking at a dealer who *wanted* to kill his/her clients?  If it isn't then what explains these youth being able to get their hands on these prescriptions and how is it that Percocets came to be laced with fentanyl.  Are there other deaths we aren't hearing about which were caused by this same batch of pills?  Fentanyl is highly, highly toxic.  From what I understand this requires expert level
hazmat precautions to even get close to in its raw form.  So... who laced it and why?

We'll likely never get to the bottom of this dark mystery because law enforcement arrested a 22 year old kid for passing out these pills and seem to be satisfied that justice has prevailed.  They mention that he has priors on his record and that he'll likely be out on the street again in 4 years.  I am guessing he'll go right back to his old job selling toxic, illegal chemicals when he gets out unless the police or another agency is working on finding and stopping the bigger fish from producing the substances in the first place.

Unfortunately I lost track of the comment which led to the Huber Murder-Suicide follow-up research.  A big thank you, whoever you are!

And that's it for the follow up for now.
To everyone who commented either at Bitchute or on Rumble, I want to let you know that you're much appreciated!  And - I must add - you are handling the trolls with panache!  
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lisa sperling
14 Mar 2021
You are a sleuth like Sherlock. We have to pay attention to details and how they connect under the surface. Its been a fantstic scam for the banksters n their cronies the 3rd party debt collection, amazng wealth and power to plunder is wrapped up in the signature. Long story. If they can get us to sign something, they trade that signature on Wall Street, and mark it up thousands, tens of thousands of times, and all the players (who appear to be govt but are not, they are private contractors. Please read "Bombshell Rod Class Gets Fourth Ruling all Govt Offices are Vacant, Govt Officials are Private Contractors". "Govt" is a highly corrupt, treacherous con, The Police always make a judgment, which I believe is often unwarranted, like murder suicide. within a mile of my home. a crime scene was pointed out, and I was told "police say it was a "murder suicede". I expressed skepticism about how the police often accus a family member, or friend, or employee. I didnt believe it. I mentioned it to the driver of the car, ever since then I believe I have been stalked, electronically and in my car!. I pray constantly.
Govt has a monopoly on violence, people dont care to ask questions, The cults, like the Jesuits, Knights of Columbus, Freemasons are very dangerous. It is a corrupt system, it engenders arrogance and "i can do whatever I want", We have to ask questions, being a govt thug is highly profitable. They treat us like their personal slaves.
Cristina from Romania
14 Mar 2021
Hi Polly,

Thank you for your research. It opened up my mind to all that it happens in Romania, a hotspot for child trafficking and more. Romania also has one of the 100 Resilient cities in the making and many creepy NGOs. I make more informed choices now thanks to you.
Jesse R Townsley
12 Mar 2021
You're welcome Polly, I'm the one who posted the comment about the youth deaths in Reno. The other part of my comment was about Joan Huber's father, who was not only involved with politics but had also been the head of the East Kerry Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), which involved youth athletics.

I've since found more, check this out:
"A perception within Northern Ireland unionist circles that the GAA is a nationalist organisation is reinforced by the naming of some GAA grounds, clubs, competitions and trophies after prominent nationalists or republicans.

Other critics point to protectionist rules such as Rule 42 which prohibits competing, chiefly British, sports (referred to by some as "garrison games" or foreign sports) from GAA grounds. As a result, the GAA became a target for loyalist paramilitaries during the Troubles when a number of GAA supporters were killed and clubhouses damaged. As the profile of Gaelic football has been raised in Ulster so too has there been an increase in the number of sectarian attacks on Gaelic clubs in Northern Ireland."
Ann M
07 Mar 2021
The picture mentioned below of Justice Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell is on Robert David Steele’s website. Here is the link for the full whistleblower transcript re Justice Roberts’ adoption (and many other things):
Ann M
07 Mar 2021
Love your investigative work, Polly. So interesting. Here are a couple of bits of info related to this video. Lin Wood recently released videos and now a full transcript from a credible whistleblower who said Epstein arranged the adoptions for Justice Roberts, moving the two children from Wales to Ireland where adoption laws were more lenient. He also alleges that having children to contribute to the high level pedophiles is a must for career advancement. He alleges he has seen video of Mike Pense sexually abusing Justice Roberts’ children.
The second bit is a photo I have seen of Justice Roberts sitting on a couch with Ghislain Maxwell and a towel over his lap. I will post links next if I can find them for you.
04 Mar 2021
when you started talking about the Mormons in your latest video about Ireland, you reminded me of a video YOU MUST WATCH about a woman and her sister who were sex slaves involved inside the Mormon church. Its shocking. It'll help your research. Here's the link, Youtube has shadowbanned this video. Luckily I knew about it for years:
bryan henne
03 Mar 2021
Thank you for videos. As for the Ireland one, I'm sure there has to be a connection to Obama's famous trip over there to visit family. (See link)Plus, We KNOW there was fraud in Pittsburgh. biden chose Pgh. to visit night before election...could've traveled anywhere in country. He did press conf in front of Heinz field...Pgh. Steelers play there, team owned by Rooney family, Obama's ambassador to Ireland Dan Rooney (deceased)!
02 Mar 2021

Look at who he is linked with and where they all work!
Examples Boeing, Raytheon? It’s unbelievable!
Elvis Dennard
02 Mar 2021
Hello Polly,
You are a master at putting pieces of the deep state puzzle together. And this puzzle is mind boggling. Worldwide corruption! And all seemingly working in lockstep. But thanks to you and others, millions are waking up. I just hope it's not too late. Keep up the great work Polly! Much love and thanks!
02 Mar 2021
Funny you should mention Will and Kate being on tour there. I don't usually notice articles about the Royals, but that one stuck out in my memory, for something that seemed odd. No, not odd, off.

I remember seeing endless articles about Kate's green dress - the one by 'The Vampire's Wife'. Turns out The Vampire's Wife is a clothing line - who knew?

Three things stuck out as discordant:
1) the dress was ugly as sin - a hideous unflattering colour. It seemed very odd to me that Kate would wear something so harsh and unflattering, ostensibly in 'honour' of the host country.
2) I found it hard to square the Royal Family's famous insistence on following the minutest details of protocol with Kate's choice to wear a dress by a fashion designer with a brand name like that. That name flies in the face of every protocol the royals have lived by since Elizabeth came to the throne.
3) the press for that dress was OVER. THE. TOP. Fawning, gushing and seemingly everywhere. Even I, who never notice anything on the fashion pages, couldn't miss it.

It may mean absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. But it just seemed so uncomfortably odd to me at the time, that I wondered what on earth was going on to have inspired it.
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