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Part 1: CIA’s Extraordinary Role Influencing Liberal Media Outlets Daily Kos, The Daily Beast, Rolling Stone
The Technocracy News, Mark Jeftovic, June 14, 2023

Part 1 of a two-part series takes a deep dive into the history of the CIA’s central role in orchestrating news and editorial coverage in America’s most influential liberal national media outlets — and its continued hold today. Continue reading...
The Safest Thing Is Not To Get Lured Into The Matrix In The First Place
The Technocracy News, Mark Jeftovic, June 14, 2023

In “The Metaverse is a Scam” I called Virtual Reality “late state globalism’s Hail Mary” play to herd huge swaths plebs into their own private, fully immersive hallucinations – where they can live out an inconsequential dreamlike existence however they want, just so long as it stops them from taking up too much space in the real world. Continue reading...
The Amish Rejected Covid Vaccines, Lockdowns and Masks, The Result? 30X Less Deaths
EU Times, May 27, 2023

Amish communities rejected Covid vaccines, refused to wear masks, and went about their normal daily activities while the rest of America was turned upside-down. Continue reading...
Green Omertà
Andrew Montford, Cosent Factory, June 1, 2023

There is a conspiracy of silence about wind power costs. I know, I do tend to be a bit repetitive about the cost of wind power. How many times have I explained that the data is completely clear: that it’s expensive; and that if it’s getting any cheaper, it’s only doing so very slowly. In fact, for onshore wind the trend is clearly upwards. Continue reading...
The War on Reality (Revisited)
CJ Hopkins, Cosent Factory, May 22, 2023

Reality isn’t what it used to be. It never really was, but that’s another story. This one isn’t about reality per se. It’s about the War on Reality, the one we’re in the middle of, the war that started when the War on Terror was cancelled in the Summer of 2016. Continue reading...
Why and how doctors kill more people than cancer
Dr. Vernon Coleman, vernoncoleman.org, May 20, 2023

Several decades ago I used mortality figures to prove that doctors were one of the top three causes of death (along with circulatory disease and cancer). My conclusion was widely scorned at the time but now you’d be hard pressed to find a doctor who didn’t agree that I was right. Continue reading...
‘Sinister Forces at Play’ in WHO’s Global One Health Agenda
Alliance for Natural Health International, The Defender, May 17, 2023

Like a child transforming from innocent to nasty teenager, the World Health Organization appears to have used the COVID-19 crisis as a catalyst for an about-turn on its previously more altruistic and democratic approach. Continue reading...
‘Horrible Idea’: First Vaccine for Birth Control Now in Clinical Trials
Brenda Balleti, The Defender, May 5, 2023

Rather than disrupt the menstrual cycle, as hormonal forms of birth control do, the vaccine uses the immune system to prevent pregnancy by blocking fertilization. Continue reading...
How a Generation Lost Its Common Culture
Patrick Deneen, Minding The Campus, Feb 2, 2016

My students are know-nothings. They are exceedingly nice, pleasant, trustworthy, mostly honest, well-intentioned, and utterly decent. But their brains are largely empty, devoid of any substantial knowledge that might be the fruits of an education in an inheritance and a gift of a previous generation. Continue reading...
Are We Going Backwards or Rushing Ahead?
Guy Hatchard, The Hatchard Report, May 5, 2023

On Tuesday, along with Winston Peters, Gary Moller, and others, I spoke at the Wellington conference opposing the Therapeutic Products Bill (TPB). I was gratified to hear Winston, our former foreign minister and deputy prime minister... Continue reading...
‘One Health’ — The Global Takeover of Everything?
Dr. Joseph Mercola, The Defender, May 1, 2023

Under the One Health agenda, the World Health Organization would have power to make decisions relating to diet, agriculture and livestock farming, environmental pollution, movement of populations and much more. Taxpayers would fund the scheme — corporations would profit. Continue reading...
Explosive New Study Finds Face Masks May Increase Stillbirths, Testicular Dysfunction, Cognitive Decline -- In Kids
Steve Watson, Summit News, Apr 26, 2023

A new study by by German researchers has concluded that face masks can cause carbon dioxide poisoning when worn even for short periods and may have contributed significantly to stillbirths when worn by pregnant women, as well as testicular dysfunction and cognitive decline in children, among other destructive health issues. Continue reading...
Here’s why major corporations are striking inappropriate marketing partnerships with transgender ‘influencers’
JD Heyes, Natural News, Apr 10, 2023

The executives who run companies like Nike, Anheuser-Busch, and Kate Spade, whose brand partnerships with controversial trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney have elevated her to today’s popular woke “It girl” (who is biologically male), are not just engaging in virtue signaling. Continue reading...
Amazon Illegally Harvested Kids’ Data Via Alexa-Powered ‘Smart’ Speakers
Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D., The Defender, Apr 5, 2023

The Federal Trade Commission plans to sue Amazon over allegations the company illegally collected and used children’s data via its Alexa-powered smart speakers, according to reports by Politico and Bloomberg. Continue reading...

The Suffering of the Innocent
Michael Sutton, Brownstone Institute, April 3, 2023

The legacy, history, and truths of Covid Hysteria are being decided not by the victims, but by powerful institutions, the same institutions that created and spread the hysteria, defended the draconian policies, and persecuted millions of innocent people. Continue reading...

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