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Reading Your Letters - May 6th 2021

I hear from so many incredible people of all backgrounds, ages & locations. Today I want to share a few letters in the hopes that it might strengthen all of us by knowing we are not alone.
How Evil Caught The World - EUGENICS IS BACK

Evil has infected our institutions, our government, our systems… our minds. Join me as I explore some mechanisms of Ponerology (The Science of Evil) and wonder if we’re in an era of Eugenics.
BOOM! Medical Journals Corrupt To The Core!

I discuss the horrifying reality behind "Scientific" Medical Journals using snippets from recent exposé by Off Guardian & a clip from Dr. Tenpenny & Dr. Lee Merritt.
A Small Number of Psychos Control Society

I respond to comments on my previous video then discuss a section from “Political Ponerology”: the outsized influence of psychopaths.
Today There Were Demons (My Own Inclded)

People are behaving like lunatics with a veneer of sanity.
CORONA CRIMES Against Humanity - Testimonials Needed for Court Action at ICC

In this video I go over the arguments, show you the Biderman Chart of Coercion & discuss other aspects of the Public Health Tyranny and how it is torturing us.
The People of the Lie - Everyday Evil

I discuss a small part of M. Scott Peck's book regarding evil as a form of mental illness.
Magufuli Dead - Global Healh Mafia Eliminating Opposition?

Tanzania's president John Magufuli was a hero to his people. He stood up to the Global Health Cabal and now he's dead at 61. What's going on here?
The Bamboozlers Syndicate - Deep State and Technocracy Merge

I trace the activity & the shocking roots of Forensic Technologies International (FTI). There is more to this story which I will cover in a future video, but for now join me as I explore this Deep State 'fixer' with tentacles that will blow your mind.
Band of Corruption - Teneo Booms

Undercover ops by a Clinton-connected Public Relations firm that may involve hostage negotiations in North Korea, the death of a Hollywood mogul, fake dinner parties? Plus a BOOM revelation about who helped pay for all of it.
CDC is the Vaccine Marketing Agency!

Have you heard of the 7-Step Recipe for Generating Interest In, And Demand For Flu (or any other) Vaccination? Back when journalists did some real work, HuffPo's Laurence Solomon wrote a fascinating expose on the CDC colluding with vaccine makers.

This video is an edited version of my 41 minute expose with much more information. Please watch it on Bitchute.
Deaths, Deepstate & Adoptions 3 Digs In 1

The interwoven stories paint a picture, though there is no obvious connection between them. Mysterious Deaths in Ireland, Threats by an American Weasel & the strange thread of adoptions that run through suspicious characters.

Watch in fullscreen on Bitchute.
Critical Thinking Is Dangerous! Read Less to Learn More! New Research from "Experts"

We've reached peak inversion as 'experts' teach students NOT to read if they want to learn more. They say research is dangerous unless you're a professional fact-checker with adequate training. I can't take these people seriously anymore, as you'll see.
What is to Become of Us, Conservatives?

Inspirational talk about the many, many opportunities there are out there if you can harness the spirit necessary to forge the future in the places we might call the 'wild lands.'
Election Fortified by Secret Cabal Conspiracy!

Time Magazine ran a lengthy piece detailing how a secret cabal of connected elites conspired to 'fortify' the 2020 Election. I talk about it in the context of anarcho-tyranny / the managerial state to try to give some perspective about what we're living through and how this can happen. Is it a color-revolution?
You Say You Want A Revolution?

Are you a revolutionary or are you afraid of big bad mainstream media? Are you a revolutionary or are you actually pretty happy to complain while doing nothing? Are you a revolutionary or are you making excuses for yourself?
Why Are Doctors Playing Into Delusional Fear?

This doc admits that he only wears masks because his patients are so fearful. ?? Ugh. Could he not try telling the truth instead?

For full screen, watch on Rumble.
Secret Service Fail At Capitol Before Inauguration

I couldn't believe what I read in a little story about a restaurant located a block from the White House. I looked into the background of the people involved and boy are they ever connected to the usual suspects.

For full screen, watch on Rumble.
You can watch more of my videos on BitChute.
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