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Coming Up For Air

I’ve been hard at work! Here’s an update with some background on the craziness and a peek at what I’m hoping to bring you soon.
Phony Covid Dissidents - Beware the Dream Team Narrative Police

As the WEF and WHO drum up fear of “Disease X” there is a new set of narrative gatekeepers assembling a phony Dream Team of ‘covid dissidents.’ The trouble is most of them supported all the mandates!

Epstein Videos
There is so much more to the Jeffrey Epstein case than "the List". There is so much more to this than the salacious. From the obvious blackmail and horrific sex trafficking to the control of technology deployed in multiple governments, the control of science through scientific publications and the funding of some very weird science, this rabbit hole is deep.

Click the picture of Epstein to take a trip down that rabbit hole with all of my Epstein videos.

Polly's Picks Videos

Dayz does it again. This man is probably one of the most knowledgable people to follow on the technocratic future and the main players. Don't miss this one and be sure to share.

Rumble channel Foster the Podcast with great coverage of the Jewish Tunnels and more. There is a vicious take down of Bret Weinstein in the last half.

Mark Windows on Richie Allen show 16 11 23 . A look at the infiltration through cults such as the Sabbatean Frankists and how it ties in with events in the Middle East..

Gemma O'Doherty breaks down the situation in Dublin and analyses the video from the stabbing incident.

Part 6 of IPOT's documentary series. POP (Sex, Satan, and Babylon's Boule) - Communists, Contras, and the Cold War.

A documentary on the history and founding of Israel and how the Jewish identity has very little to do with religion and faith in God.

Watch this fascinating documentary about the exodus of Anglophones and Allophones from Montreal over the decades. All because of the draconian language laws.

If the Plandemic was the first IQ test, then what we are going through right now is part two of that test. Really thought provoking video about the sides people are taking re. Gaza, from Natural News.
See the rest of Polly's Picks Videos here

Polly's Picks Articles

Following the Money in MFM Nonprofits
La Gata Politica, Vilma's Substack, Feb 11, 2024

Much has been said about the ginormous amount of money being funneled through nonprofits (NP). Yes, it happens. They can hide their financial data as some nonprofits in the Medical Freedom Movement are doing - I stopped donating to some 501c3s due to their lack of transparency. Continue reading...
Andrew Wakefield and the MMR affair – the full story - The Conservative Woman
Sally Beck, The Conservative Woman, June 10, 2022

IT IS a generation since the gastroenterologist Dr Andrew Wakefield of the Royal Free Hospital in London stuck his head above the parapet to highlight potential harms caused by the measles, mumps, and rubella triple vaccine. Continue reading...
The Wellness Company
Kristen Elizabeth, Beyond the Maze, Nov 22, 2023

The Wellness Company (TWC) is a one-and-a-half-year-old healthcare venture founded by a Canadian businessman named Foster Coulson. It offers a number of different services and products, ranging from dietary supplements to telehealth. Continue reading...
The British empire's gnostic revival of scientific paganism and a new world religion
Matthew Ehret, Signs of the Times, Dec 23, 2023

The study of history can be approached from a number of directions, and using a number of diverse assumptions... but not all of them are equal, and some are extremely destructive. Continue reading...
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Links to My COVID/Medical Mafia Investigation Videos

Starting in March 2020 I began researching almost every aspect of the COVID 'pandemic' so as to document the world's largest Psychological Operation in real time.  Below, you will find most of those videos, listed in chronological order. I've added keywords so that you may search by subject, character or organization (use Cntrl + f to search by keyword).

Nurse Dr John Campbell Truth from Alistair Williams.
Comedian and truth warrior Alistair Williams breaks down the truth about Nurse Dr John Campbell, and NO just because he believed and pushed the narrative causing immeasurable harm, it does not make him more believable now.

The comments section is for everyone. Please do not spam the comment board with multiple comments, they will be deleted. Thanks for visiting and God bless.
22 Feb 2024
Hi Polly I just want to thank you for all your wonderful work. The way you step back and put pieces of the puzzles together. I was shocked when I saw nurse Campbell take a back flip.... the videos I saw in the beginning pushing the jibby jabs I couldn't believe the stance he was taking. I thought he is either really dumb or working for the pro people. So impressed with this information you have put together. I always look to your work as a great source of what is going on. Thank you from Australia
Just a human
21 Feb 2024
Hey sweetest truth speaking Polly. I like your videos. Topics are well spoken. I wonder if you could speak about the jesuits, flat earth connection, Nasa. I think you have mentioned many times satellites and global cabal but the bigger picture is still the reality. You probably know fake moon missions. Today is okey to admid flat earth conspiracy too. I hope you are doing well despite what is goiing on.
21 Feb 2024

You should watch this if you haven't already: THEY ALL LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING!

21 Feb 2024
You forgot to list a MAM:
And more info on Kory:
Scott Harley
20 Feb 2024
You Have A Painting Sent To Your Post Box Since Early December I Paid $200.00 For It I Hope You Will Pick It Up!
Addressed To A Polly At Your Post Box!
19 Feb 2024
Hi Amazing Polly, Can you interview Dr Shiva Ayyadurai? The inventor of email. He is running for President this year. Love your work. Thank you,
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