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Truth Has Nothing to do With Reality

This is a conversation starter based on hearing people say "It's like we're living in two different realities.
The Cult of Tesla - Let's Have Some Laughs at their Expense!

Electric Vehicles are stupid and the people who buy them are dumb and mean. :)

'Tis the Season!

My good wishes, some gifts I've received, the curious timeline, and big thanks to all of you!
The song at the end is Rebel Jesus - go show James Barry some love:
Ye Reveals the Method: NWO Synthesis Between New Age and Technocracy

BOOM! Ye is revealing the method. I go over the symbol that got him banned & the tentacles that come off of it. This is DEEP!

Polly's Picks - Videos

Our Subverted History is a fascinating 8 part series from the BitChute/YouTube channel Asha Logos. The first video link is here and the next two are in a box near the bottom of the page. Sit back and prepare to be amazed.

This is a really well put together video from the YouTube channel the Truth is stranger than fiction... This is deep and incredibly well researched. Worth the watch and share.

This video is a blast to watch. In this video, Hugh Newman, and Jim Vieira, who are best known for their research into existence of Giants, after going though countless Archaeological Records, Ancient Texts and Scientific Reports, discovered something remarkable about the Giants. Much of their findings was not available to public, until now. Here are the top 10 discovery of Giants in Great Britain.

Did the controllers add 100 years to our history? This excellent and fascinating video from Observation Deck goes through some of the characters who have proposed that entire swaths of our 'history' have been fabricated. He then shows empirical evidence of some massive deceptions which have occurred, some of which are still believed and taught to this day.  The video is presented in a light-hearted, easy to understand yet academic way.  HIghly recommended!

Watch this documentary in its entirety to discover the events God used in Martin Luther’s life that led him to rediscover the gospel of justification by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone.

Take a fascinating trip through the history of the manipulation of Man's mind with the YouTube channel Dayz Of Noah.

Science For Hire depopulation by vaccines documentary.

From ICIC-Net, an eye opening discussion with Reiner Fuellmich, Naomi Wolf, and Dr. Peter Breggin about the damage caused by the MRNA vaccines, not only do they cause physical damages but they also damage the small capillaries in the brain, override the blood-brain barrier and lead to massive personality changes. Literally breaking the will of some of those receiving the shots.
See the rest of Polly's Picks Videos here.

Polly's Picks - Articles
The Role of Psychiatry in Paving the Way for the Holocaust
Dr Peter Breggin,

This is a perfect dovetail for my latest video. In this article, Dr. Breggin describes how if psychiatry didn't exist, the mass execution of Nazi Germany may not have happened. Continue reading...
Dr. Mary O'Conner Faces Prison After Refusing To Turn Over Private Medical Records Of Covid 'Vaccine Exempt' Patients
Amy Mek, RAIR Foundation, Oct 6 2022

Canadian doctor Mary O’Conner has been threatened with prison for refusing to violate her patient’s medical privacy and safety. Yet, despite the government’s intimidation tactics and harassment, the brave doctor of 50 years continues her selfless fight to protect her patient’s rights and those of every Canadian citizen. Continue reading...
Swimming With Sharks
CJ Hopkins, CJ Hopkins Substack

So, Elon Musk’s new free-speech Twitter appears to be going extremely well. Critics of the official Covid narrative, and the official Ukraine narrative, and Elon Musk, are still being deplatformed, censored, and defamed, but, otherwise, you can tweet whatever you want! Continue reading...
A Lost Small Town - Running Errands in the Wake of Emotional Violence, USA
Dr Naomi Wolf, Outspoken Substack, Oct 26 2022

I live in a picture-perfect region — the Hudson Valley, memorialized by painters and poets; a patchwork of autumn reds and yellows, majestic hillsides, storied waterfalls, and little homesteads dotted picturesquely on the slopes of sleepy hamlets. Continue reading...
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Latest Blog Posts
What They Tell Us and What We Tell Ourselves
So much is happening yet so little is really changing.

Fear mongering from all sides – will we die of a virus, the vaccine, starvation, war or freezing to death? Perhaps the effects of poverty will get us, leading to addiction, homelessness or suicide. Will we be mind controlled slaves thanks to 5G and nanobots? Is US President Biden about unleash F16s on “MAGA Republicans?”
Published by Polly St. George - 4/9/2022
BOOM! Ontario Government Admits PCR & Rapid Antigen Tests are "Unreliable"
First, the Ontario Conservative Party ejected elected member Belinda Karahalios for voting against the party. Then the Ontario legislature decreed that all Members of Parliament would have to provide proof of vaccination in order to be admitted onto the floor...
Published by Polly St. George - 9/12/2021
Backbone / Freedom Isn’t Free Documentary Update on Kelly Hale and JAKK Tuesday’s
Since posting my behind-the-scenes look at one Kingston, Ontario entrepreneur’s battle against medical mandates, a few things have developed. Here’s a quick update.
Published by Polly St. George - 5/12/2021
Our Subverted History

This is a fantastic series from the Bitchute/Youtube channel Asha Logos. Be sure to watch all of this 8 part series

to discover who we are and where we came from..
The first three are here, but watch the remainder here:

Links to My COVID/Medical Mafia Investigation Videos

Starting in March 2020 I began researching almost every aspect of the COVID 'pandemic' so as to document the world's largest Psychological Operation in real time.  Below, you will find most of those videos, listed in chronological order. I've added keywords so that you may search by subject, character or organization (use Cntrl + f to search by keyword).

The comments section is for everyone. Please do not spam the comment board with multiple comments, they will be deleted. Thanks for visiting and God bless.
28 Jan 2023
OHHH Polly-san, your left eye means something ? please excuse conspirathy man and I have to say one thing that I had cold or something not covid last week (cough a lot one day but I did not care so much. I did not sleep with boiling my head unfortunately ) I had no feel of taste and appetite few days buuuut I never ever went to clinic for receiving the fake naming for the prescribe of drug. sooo I can taste and appetite now means ,,,,,,, we human have natural cura ability without VAX (I do not deny every medicine but we need to select which is useful)
Kev not Kiev
28 Jan 2023
Nice exposé on the subjectivity of 'truth', you didn't discuss the irony of how reality both creates and is created by truth, truth being based on lived experience, forms the basis of action that shapes reality, and that reality, thus becomes the basis for our lived experience. I think, therefore I am, I do, therefore I exist, but we are all still confined in the macro reality preset by our cosmic predestination; not amount of doing or thinking will change the life span of our Sun. Think about it, the truth or reality, the reality of truth, they are like dancers, one leads, the other follows. Also, cause I am a small t troll, can someone unplug Mr. Reality's TV? This retard is such a lying POS, quoting CIA false narrative talking points from 2021, like that retard who's wife had stage 4(terminal and untreatable) breast cancer, but did he accept reality that fluoride, vaccines, seedoil, cellphone radiation, and glyphosate exposure caused her cancer? No, he blamed nonexistent antivaxxers, who don't fucking go to hospitals, for doctors sending his wife home, when dying in dignity at home is better, unless you're a lazy sod of a husband too busy pod casting that your sick wife is nothing but a fucking burden to your selfish online fame whoring addiction. Shame on that prick liar and fraud, and shame on Mr. Wouldn't fucking know reality, if it slapped him upside his hollow head. Peace out.
28 Jan 2023
Just missed Xmass by that much.
27 Jan 2023
Dear Polly, I would like to send you a book in pdf format that I think you would want to read but I don't know how to do this. How can I reach you otherwise since this space does not permit to do so?

27 Jan 2023
In Reality the patch looks better on you, Polly, than some novel jewish celebrity pirate namely, Johnny Depp, c'mon man two p's, dead giveaway. Speaking of Hollywood and how they glorified the mofioso (Itrailians, credit Archie Bunker), woe unto you who speaks evil is good and good is evil such as the 322 and the whole #9#9#9 yards of it. Man-made man-ure.
Mr. Reality
27 Jan 2023
Hey Polly
I see in your last video you’re wearing an eye patch. So be truthful…did you have surgery done by a doctor in a hospital, the same establishment you won’t trust for a vaccination??? Did you have a doctor perform a delicate surgery on your eye but you’ll poo-poo the doctors and the hospital establishment when it comes to Covid and the vaccine? Please tell me that’s not true. PLEASE SPEAK THE TRUTH LIKE YOUR VIDEO IMPLIES YOU DO.!!!!
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