Farmers Struggle due to "Progress"

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Farmers Struggle due to "Progress"
Published by Polly St. George in technocracy · 14 February 2021
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I recently ran into this story about the further undermining of small and medium farmers. It seems that they can no longer control the repairs of their own equipment due to proprietary software installed in John Deere machines. Not only can’t they tinker with their equipment themselves, farmers can’t take it down the street to their usual repairman, either, unless he’s been specifically qualified and licensed by John Deere’s bureaucrats or partners.

Once again we see that ‘progress’ is not what it’s made out to be. It doesn’t make life easier or better for regular people, it simply makes markets, income & control more efficient for the ruling class.

We can (and must!) take action to prevent a total technocrat takeover before they’ve buried all past knowledge and burned the tools & materials we used before they came along.

If the farmers in the article are finding work-arounds for their problems, so can we. We can begin by reminding ourselves and others that just because something is called ‘progress’ doesn’t mean it is a positive or inevitable thing. Progress towards what? Why? What problem does a new technology solve and what problems has it created? Is it worth the trade-off?

We have options in front of us. Underground economies are a viable option but we must begin building, using and spreading them before it's too late.  Hold on to hard currency and precious metals and resist any move to a crypto-backed or digital only banking system where you're dependent on internet access to buy and sell and where the whims of the social justice warriors could get you disconnected from your funds at the flick of a switch. (See Laura Loomer if you don't believe this can happen.)  Cold hard cash will be viable on the 'black market' forever.  Make sure you have some on hand.

Another thing we can do is build connections between people outside of the technocratic system. Mailing lists, community groups, scheduled meet-ups.  It is still possible for us to preserve the traditions and methods of the past so long as we get enough people involved. People can work independently but also together as a planning group to save or collect old tools, technologies, skills & ways. Perhaps we can come up with a coordinated effort to do so where we have a network of teams all over North America who do not compete with but rather compliment one another’s efforts in this regard. If I have expertise in, say, yard maintenance equipment but I run across an old printing press it would be nice to know who to call to alert them to the opportunity I've found but can't take advantage of.  

Whatever we collect, it might be a good idea to (at least loosely) catalogue & publish who has which items instead of each person anonymously storing them away.  After all, what good are they if no one can find them when they are needed?  

Similarly, skills could be passed on in clinics in small towns instead of left to fade away with the aging of those who have them.  Engine repair, plumbing, electrical, butchery, tanning, food preservation, building techniques, natural medicine, midwifery, how to generate off grid power, etc. All of these skills were once vital to having a good life.  Although we might believe so strongly in technological progress that we laugh at the idea of ever having to master these older ways, the truth is that technocracy too has an expiry date and will fail.  From my perspective we are in those failing days now in spite of the propaganda to the contrary.  You can either prepare for it or not, but what have you got to lose by working on these sorts of projects?

What do you think about all of this? Please add your ideas, criticisms, or personal experience in the comments section below.  

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11 Apr 2021
On the tractor issue Robert David Steele has been harping on about this for some time. He says JohnDeer has it as a deliberate policy and recommends a way of combat. You should go to his 'UNRIG' site. You and he have a lot to talk about. I am one of your admirers!
11 Apr 2021
I too believe this is vital to our very survival! I have been an advocate of a parallel economy since the virus was deployed. It is the only way. They will try to destroy us without one. The de-platforming and de-monetizing was just a mere sliver of what they intend to do to those who refuse to go along with their agenda. The bank actions is another example...refusing to open accounts, or outright closing them down.
I wanted to add that Gab’s founder, Andrew Torba, is a huge proponent of a parallel economy and is in fact launching a new platform just for this!
A place where Christians and patriots can find each other, services and business we need and support each other financially:)
Shelly Mcgough
08 Mar 2021
Yes. I’m on Beartaria.
I now believe this is our best option.
What can man do to me?
Keith Ranney
04 Mar 2021
Aloha Polly,
The plandemic opened the door to enact a local solution to the pitfalls of globalism. Myself and a group of volunteers launched the Maui Food Hub last April. With the prospect of our small family farmers losing their hotel and restaurant markets we partnered with a warehouse that had the chiller, storage, trucks and staff. We set up our eCommerce platform (Local Food Marketplace software) and cut out the middle man. Folks order from Sat. - Tues for the following Saturday pickup at 5 regional locations. All products are locally sourced supporting a local food economy. Thanks for all you do, Polly.
Elvis Dennard
02 Mar 2021
Hello Polly,
I have a small farm and ranch operation. I'm also affected in how I can now treat my livestock if they get sick. Many products we used to buy to treat our livestock are no longer available. I now will find alternative means to care for my cattle, goats, and other livestock. I'm careful not to use GMO products. It's tough because it seems like a concerted effort to shut us down. At least now we can identify much of who's causing this and why. For me, it's easy to return to the old ways, as I've never gotten far away from them. We will overcome. We will survive! Thanks Polly!
26 Feb 2021
Thanks for taking the tim which you do; to inform, and in this case to inspire. All of this Polly, yes this going forward into the past; has become over times of Men, and over the history in which ones before us endured the day-to-day(ref: the book of Ecclesiastics). Yet, as you said about you at fifty, and a viewer at thirty; so then to teach and hand-down; once again. Everyone has been beat hard indeed, all for those who stew ideas in their heads while observing others and the SYSTEM surrounding them; perhaps they then are feeling powerful now? Fools; and I say: BFD. As an old Country song spoke about farm-country folks during The Great Depression: "we heard talk about a great tragedy in the meteopolitans, and Country as a whole; but we were too 'poor' to notice any change anyhow".

All in a dream...the loading has begun...hang tite! Regards: CL
Arlene Dye
22 Feb 2021
Hi Polly! I love this! I have already gone down the road of Back To The Future in creating and setting up my own small business! Moving from working with an International business in another State I moved back to my small town root's and began to establish relationships with those of all ages! Starting with acquiring a degree in Holistic Nutrition I applied natural healing modalities in an atmosphere of love, safety and respect to each client. Soon by word of mouth, those God called, came knocking on my door! This was joy!
20 Feb 2021
Gab is offline - at the exact same time that their twitter account has been deleted. Coincidental timing or ...? Hmm

Regardless, Polly's suggestion of setting up e-mail lists and community groups is timely.
Steffanie Walz
18 Feb 2021
This is not totally off topic but, there is something else that 'progress' is messing up. The wind turbines. They are lousy. I am in Texas. yes, you guest it. We've been without power and water for 3 full day's power and day 4 still no water. What happened? Wind mills froze up solar is snow packed and no sun. Even with batteries there is no real way to store that energy. While farmers can't work on the tractors to keep them going, we can't seen to keep wind mills going do the rest of us have heat.

The grocery shelves in our town of Texas is void of meat, bread, dairy, deli and cheese. Another report came out a day ago there is going to be disruptions in the food supply chain in the coming months. GROW YOUR OWN! What else are they going to push on us that isn't going to work, and we, the little people, are left in the cold ( pun intended)

Normally we aren't allowed to work on our own wells and such we have to call a plumber. Texas is relaxing that. Milk is being dumping by the thousands of gallons, no bread, dairy, meat or deli on the shelves right now, it's all gone. When to they get their next shipment? Farmers can only keep up with so much... and with the problems they face, it's even longer. Thank You God For Taking Care Of Those Called By Your Name.

Grow your own food or you will be hungry.
18 Feb 2021
I think AB & Lizzie are both right, & agree with Polly (& @libertytarian David Knight) that this is exactly what's needed. But - in my experience - this is *exactly* where conservatives fail to grow their influence & their ranks - & progressives know this.

It's not for nothing that @WifeWithAPurpose (Ayla Stewart) was one of the first fatalities in the censorship wars (2017). She reached out to everyone (right & left alike) & 'sold' the benefits & virtues of a traditional conservative life, & **helped others to learn HOW to adopt it**. She taught conservative lifeskills to anyone wanting to learn. I believe this is what gave her such powerful reach to people new to this lifestyle (which, as a former progressive, she understood). And in my opinion it was this, well over & above anything to do with accusations around race, which made her a target. As someone in a mixed-race marriage, her encouragement to feel pride in my culture felt no different from what my husband hears from his family; neither of us felt excluded or put off by her message of the importance of passing on & celebrating traditional knowledge & wisdom.

Where she was a powerful secret weapon was that, as a former progressive, she understood the importance of reaching out to anyone who had grown up without the 'privilege' (yes, privilege) of having been taught those skills within their families of origin.

Hard times are coming, for everyone. Sharing & growing traditional skills is what will get us thru.
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