Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas
Published by Polly St. George · 25 December 2021
If it were not for the life and sacrifice of Jesus Christ I would not be able to endure the pains of these past years.  The adversary has challenged us in every way - coercing, cajoling, making us ill, robbing us of our livelihoods, our friends, our families.  The enemies of peace advance upon us from every side, even using our best qualities against ourselves when they can by exploiting compassion and concern for our fellow men, women and children.  They have separated us, alienated us, confused us, shamed us and tortured us.  I suspect that 2022 will see more of the same, probably with greater vigour as more and more people wake up to the reality that we have been under a spell of deception and lies.

December 25th is not the true date of the birth of Our Lord and Saviour, but until we settle on a new way to celebrate the coming of the King of Kings I am content to take time on this day to join with my fellow Christians in singing praises for this most precious gift.  I will feel a spirit of hope and renewal as I look at the snow covered trees, sit by the firelight and contemplate past, present and future.  And even though, like many of you, I am not gathered with friends or family this season I will know that I am not alone.  Moreover I will remind myself that every day which passes is a day closer to the beginning of a better era.  We will get there by holding up our candles - alone but together - lighting the way until God once more fills the world with undeniable brilliance.

God bless you all and Merry Christmas to each of you.  

Red Castle 2 Red Rock .
17 Jul 2022
Does Polly need a cracker . Please investigate me . and no one likes being investigated after what do you do to get to the truth . Im am seeing a sant on the hill behinde you . Love Erick
Russell Schierling
23 Mar 2022
Found it Polly!
Russell Schierling
23 Mar 2022
All of it has been scrubbed, and the Wayback Machine only archives that particular post of mine to 2015.

There used to be a small site (old site, no bells or whistles) that contained his bio and CV. Is there any way to find that? I have searched and searched. I certainly do not want you spending any real time on this, but I did not know if there might be a simple way to do this that I am not aware of.

Thank you,

Dr Russ Schierling
Mountain View, Missouri (USA)
Russell Schierling
23 Mar 2022
Hello Polly, not sure how to get a hold of you so I am reaching out to you this way (no need to make this message public). BTW, great post. Glad to see that you are an unashamed follower of Christ.

Hello Mrs St. George,

I have been following your "Amazing Polly" videos for a number of years and undoubtedly you are the single best "civilian" internet sleuth on the web today. The connections you find are absolutely mind-blowing. I have a "sleuthing" question for you because frankly, I am a tech moron......

Over a decade ago I wrote a post on Dr Hugh Fudenberg (MD/Ph.D) -- the famed immunogeneticist, who, while working at Berkley in the early 1970's, discovered a link between consecutive flu shots and Alzheimer's Disease (5 consecutive years of vax increased one's chances of Alzheimer's by nearly an order of magnitude). He was subsequently canceled. Unfortunately, Fudenberg is a prime example that cancel culture is nothing new and has been wielded as a weapon in the world of vaccine research for a very long time.

I looked at the Wayback Machine Internet Archives of my post (below), hoping to find my link to his CV that at one time was there (Dr. F authored over 800 peer-reviewed papers and a boatload more that were not peer-reviewed after he was canceled --- not to mention he was the editor of nearly 30 journals at some point in his career).

All of it has been scrubbed, and the Wayback Machine only archives that particu...
25 Feb 2022
I have no idea if this war in Ukraine is real or fake, it could be another false flag to further the NWO agenda. One thing I do know is that when people say we are winning or concern themselves with distant wars one thing remains constant, is that they spray us everyday with toxic chemicals 'chemtrails' until that stops the NWO are in control, so don't be fooled, until they stop soft killing us we are not winning. You know most of the world is a stage and it is possible the NWO already control Russia. I know for a fact that the leader of North Korea for example is a CIA asset as was Saddam Hussein, most of these bogey men are CIA assets etc until they decide they are no longer needed.
20 Feb 2022

I bet most people who buy nice, non polluting, quiet electric carbuncles don't ask themselves the next question:
What type of road surface would you prefer to drive on in your hazy vision of the future; gravel, mud track, old potholed tarmac, or new smooth tarmac?
If you didn't choose the latter you are nuts, if you did then you will need tarmac made from bitumen.

More than 85% of the world's bitumen is used for road surfacing. Some of that bitumen is "found" in nature, but most is extracted from crude oil. Bitumen has thus been a very useful by-product of the fuel industry until now. It simply will not be available when we stop refining crude, for it's more saleable volatile fractional products, which must follow if we are to meet carbon zero.

Derived questions;
If the oil industry is stopped, which it must if we cease using hydrocarbon fuels, where will bitumen come from?
If they keep up refining solely to produce bitumen for electric cars to glide upon, where will the waste fuels go?
If they treat the volatiles as unusable waste, how expensive will bitumen and therefore road surfacing become?
Or will they burn the volatiles in power stations to ultimately power the electric cars?

If you buy electric today, the knock on effects will get us all tomorrow.

Kind Regards,
28 Jan 2022
We are in a war WW3 but it is unlike any war of the past. The Global elites *Globalists set up the United Nations and all it's off shoots to take over the world and form a New World Order, which is bad enough, but when you realise the bloodlines behind it are nefarious and operate through mind control and deception and control all the media outlets you start to realise the absolute peril we are in as the enemy is almost invisible and governments are compromised. What the police and others enforcing the globalist agenda do not realise is that they will also be taken out by the globalist when the next level of the chess game is completed. They have been spraying the skies with poisons for decades (chemtrails) and the food and water to dumb us down and make use weak. Via the United Nations the elites have given control of the west to China and the Middle East. The plan is to reduce the worlds population to around 500 million initially with China and Japan retaining the highest number of people. The West will be destroyed as is happening now. The Media is controlled by the same banking bloodline families who have been in control for at least 200 years. Don't take my word for it do your own research. The time to act is now, there is no point being afraid as they are playing to kill us all anyway, at least by fighting now we can inflict some damage.
27 Jan 2022

Years ago I looked into the etymological roots and definitions of the word "doctor" to see if it had any link meaning to cure. The Oxford dictionary definition;
1. Holder of the highest degree in any university faculty, or physician.
2. Treat patient medically, castrate, patch up, adulterate, falsify.
A physician is a healer, but it is possible for wounds to heal on the surface whilst remaining infected underneath. To treat a patient means to deal with, manipulate, apply process to, etc., but again nothing meaning to cure. This leaves us with two vague positives versus four negative official modern definitions. Now let us see what Latin has to offer;
1. Doceo, to teach.
2. Docere, originally "to make to appear right", but later meant to teach.
This is similar to a healer, above, because it implies superficial treatment, or treatment of symptoms, but not the underlying cause.

The modern medical came into use around 1712, but by 1774 the crown had slipped as it increasingly became to mean "to alter, disguise or falsify". These probably arose from widespread bad practices of an industry in it's infancy.

A decade ago most people would have spat their dummy to defend doctors, but since Covid, I feel they have shown their true selves by stepping into the open in line with these meanings. Obviously this does not apply to the few whom resisted the pharma.corp Shilling.

Hope you recharge soon,
Kind R...
19 Jan 2022
18 Jan 2022

I have just stumbled on this video, from around Mar 2021, about Pfizer's hideous contracts. I knew the drug pushers were keen to get immunity from being sued, but I did not know they were also asking for national assets in the event that governments did not meet their vax targets. On YouTube, WION channel, the vid is "gravitas: pfizer's abusive vaccine deals".

Whatever country you are in find out what your corrupt scum infested government has promised to give away to these pirates?
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