You Want Your Freedom Back? Ditch Your Smartphone

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You Want Your Freedom Back? Ditch Your Smartphone
Published by Polly St. George in COVID · 13 May 2021
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The Ontario government is relying on cell phone derived 'Mobility Data' to make lockdown decisions. What if they couldn't get access to it?

In what I consider to be a startling admission, the Ontario government has revealed that it is relying on the data from your cell phone to track where you are going and using that to determine whether or not to let up on their strict lockdown measures.  Worse still is that the data is being provided to them by one company:  tech giant Google.

According to reporting from the Toronto Sun, the government is dissatisfied with the fact that people - in spite of being told to stay locked up in their houses - have been going to parks.  Look here:


Are they really surprised by these numbers?  EVERYTHING IS CLOSED except parks.  And now we're being punished for going there, too.  They literally want everyone to sit inside their homes all day every day.  This is complete madness, but if you've watched my video called "This Isn't About A Virus" then you know the reason for it.  

Can we fight back against this???  YES.
For almost 2 years I've begged people to understand that you are each carrying your prison cell in your pockets. And you're PAYING for it, too.  That 'cell' is your smartphone.  Your cell phone.  Coincidence?  

If you don't have one, they can't track your mobility.  Also, they can't fake data (why are we trusting Google, anyway? Is the Ontario government sure of these numbers, or are they simply putting faith in the most predatory tech company on this planet??)  

If you don't have a smartphone, they can't require that you use it for access to retail stores (if they ever opn up) or to pay for things in person, or to show your vaccine status, or to gain access to your own apartment building, etc etc.  The fewer people who have smartphones the fewer the smartphone demands will be in your community.

In addition to frustrating their digital control grid, getting rid of your smartphone will take money right out of the bank accounts of many of the Oligarchs' companies.  Last time I checked, the phones + the data packages were worth several trillion per year.  Imagine robbing these evil corporations of TRILLIONS?  That would make a dent in their plans, too.

I know, I know - you're already typing your objections.
"You'll never convince people to do this."
"But muh job/maps/photos!"
"How would we see your work, Polly?"
"I just bought a new one though!"
"I literally have my whole life on it"
"But they can be used for so much good, too!"
blah blah blah I've heard them all.

Fact is I don't have a smartphone and haven't had one for years and yet here I am, managing to do this blog and the videos and I even manage to drive around without getting lost!  ;)  If I can do it, you can do it.  Almost no one legitimately needs a smartcell.  If you are one of the tiny percentage of people who absolutely cannot get a work-around then fine, I don't mean you.  But for everyone else?  What are you doing??  It's like owning a backhoe for gardening in your urban backyard. Overkill.  

I'm going to stop writing now.
God bless.

MR DV Mann
05 Oct 2021
Hi Polly!

Have you heard that they are going to start using protease inhibitors to treat COVID? They are going to be used mostly to treat people at home via an oral pill.

This probably means that they will be treating asymptomatic people that test positive for COVID, as well as people with colds and flues, with these protease inhibitors.

If you don't know what protease inhibitors are you should do some research on their toxicity. They give protease inhibitors to people that test positive for HIV.
Anon Warrior
16 Sep 2021 thing you can do is to turn OFF Location services. On iPhone, go to Settings, Privacy, Location Services -- turn that OFF. Also, Turn OFF your Blootooth and keep it OFF until you need it, then turn it off when done. Also, under Location Services, go to Tracking...turn that OFF. Also, at night, I either turn my phone off, or I put it on Airplane Mode. These are a few things you can do so you are not so visible.....of course, not having a phone is a great idea....I am leaning towards not having one myself! ALSO, do not use SIRI....super spy ! Do not use Gmail, or GOOGLE or Facebook, Twitter, Snap Chat, Tik Tok....ALL of these apps SPY ON YOU, period! Tik Tok is owned BY the COMMUNIST CHINESE GOVT. Talk about SPYING on us! We have GOT to get OFF of the bad internet players sites....and NOW. Do not use Polly said, remove their money and their wealth! There is another phone out now -- needs more research, but it's called FREEDOM PHONE. Supposedly, it does not spy on you -- of course, I trust NO ONE until all is verified, but it's just a suggestion for someone to research! God Bless all of you :)
16 Sep 2021
Hello Polly,
Where can I reach you via email privately? I am also an Ontarian and would very much appreciate it if I could confer with you privately. Please email me if this is possible?
Robert Sheen
15 Sep 2021
I was thinking this same thing recently. Can they make you have a smart phone? Maybe they will demand it for the vax proof app and deny you access to where ever, but I think if enough people started ditching their phones it would be a start.
Joe Downey
12 Aug 2021
Love you Polly !!! Amazing what you do
10 Aug 2021
She's right, you know. Ever gotten those notifications on your phone, "You were here two weeks ago"? Yeah, we're being watched.
02 Aug 2021
It's the first step to regain some form of freedom. If people were told to witch extent they have been spied on for decades, 24/24, they probably would not believe it. The issue is that as soon as cell-smart-phone comes into a room, it's like if we all had one in our pockets. I've tried to see friends and asked them to leave their phones at home. Never worked. I just sound weird to them. I can't blame them. But as long as you have one person with a cell-phone near you, the gesture is symbolic. That does not mean it's worthless, it's beautifuly symbolic, but by no way effective. You need a certain amount of like-minded individuals who interact on a regular basis to do so for this important, I would necessary, gesture to work out. And realise that if a single person cannot submit to that "sacrifice" in that hypothetic circle, all the other "sacrifices" are done in vain. It's a tough but worthy battle ! Only the very smartest and alert get this absolute necessity, but even if they're willing to discuss it, their family, social and professional responsabilities stop them from making the move. It's not called a web for nothing. And it's not decentralised !
14 Jul 2021
Get a Faraday bag.
sherry grace
13 Jul 2021
I have never had a cell. If I want to get a text or call, I have text now
btw, I noticed your earrings in your patio video. They look like you might have found them at Very Shari.
Jacqueline Jones
21 Jun 2021
Hi Polly!
Unfortunately, I was unable to donate on your contact page.
I will try tomorrow. Thank you for your time and all you do! You are a Gift! xx
Ditching my Smartphone soon!
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