You Want Your Freedom Back? Ditch Your Smartphone

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You Want Your Freedom Back? Ditch Your Smartphone
Published by Polly St. George in COVID · 13 May 2021
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The Ontario government is relying on cell phone derived 'Mobility Data' to make lockdown decisions. What if they couldn't get access to it?

In what I consider to be a startling admission, the Ontario government has revealed that it is relying on the data from your cell phone to track where you are going and using that to determine whether or not to let up on their strict lockdown measures.  Worse still is that the data is being provided to them by one company:  tech giant Google.

According to reporting from the Toronto Sun, the government is dissatisfied with the fact that people - in spite of being told to stay locked up in their houses - have been going to parks.  Look here:


Are they really surprised by these numbers?  EVERYTHING IS CLOSED except parks.  And now we're being punished for going there, too.  They literally want everyone to sit inside their homes all day every day.  This is complete madness, but if you've watched my video called "This Isn't About A Virus" then you know the reason for it.  

Can we fight back against this???  YES.
For almost 2 years I've begged people to understand that you are each carrying your prison cell in your pockets. And you're PAYING for it, too.  That 'cell' is your smartphone.  Your cell phone.  Coincidence?  

If you don't have one, they can't track your mobility.  Also, they can't fake data (why are we trusting Google, anyway? Is the Ontario government sure of these numbers, or are they simply putting faith in the most predatory tech company on this planet??)  

If you don't have a smartphone, they can't require that you use it for access to retail stores (if they ever opn up) or to pay for things in person, or to show your vaccine status, or to gain access to your own apartment building, etc etc.  The fewer people who have smartphones the fewer the smartphone demands will be in your community.

In addition to frustrating their digital control grid, getting rid of your smartphone will take money right out of the bank accounts of many of the Oligarchs' companies.  Last time I checked, the phones + the data packages were worth several trillion per year.  Imagine robbing these evil corporations of TRILLIONS?  That would make a dent in their plans, too.

I know, I know - you're already typing your objections.
"You'll never convince people to do this."
"But muh job/maps/photos!"
"How would we see your work, Polly?"
"I just bought a new one though!"
"I literally have my whole life on it"
"But they can be used for so much good, too!"
blah blah blah I've heard them all.

Fact is I don't have a smartphone and haven't had one for years and yet here I am, managing to do this blog and the videos and I even manage to drive around without getting lost!  ;)  If I can do it, you can do it.  Almost no one legitimately needs a smartcell.  If you are one of the tiny percentage of people who absolutely cannot get a work-around then fine, I don't mean you.  But for everyone else?  What are you doing??  It's like owning a backhoe for gardening in your urban backyard. Overkill.  

I'm going to stop writing now.
God bless.

Bruder Tell
01 Jun 2021
Hello Polly
Thank you so much for all the good posts and this one in particular. I agree with you that if we didn't use the smartphones they would no longer be able to control us. However, I work from the road and many of my clients' appointments are very often cancelled at short notice and I then need to be able to reach other clients.
Besides all these negative things that are achieved by the tech giants (Google etc.), the use of the smartphone etc. also leads to digital dementia. This means that we are less and less able to concentrate on important things such as phone numbers, appointments or on a route that we have actually already walked/driven once, because we rely too often on the route planner (Google Mapp etc.). This makes us more and more dependent on these services. I would like to return to the world when everything was possible without these "useful helpers" called smartphones. Today we have the feeling that this is not possible, but I am convinced that it would work without any problems. I am 52 years old and I can remember that time very well, ok this is not long ago and yet it seems like an eternity.
Be in good hope and trust in God our Creator. Greetings to all peoples of this EARTH.
Amiee Baker
31 May 2021
I love your work Polly! I would love to hear your thoughts on Trump and the investigations going on in Arizona and Ga. Do you think there is any chance of the US election being over turned and if so do you think that would help the situation? Since it would expose so much corruption?
30 May 2021
Polly, instead of encouraging people to throw away their phones, why do you not encourage them to throw away their corrupt government? You phone isn't locking you down, your government is.
Elaine M Overrturff
29 May 2021
Love it. Unfortunately, many people are so addicted to their smartphone. I have been considering getting a satellite phone instead of having a cell phone. Back in the 1980s, many people did not have a cell phone because they were more expensive than now. I work for a school district and was telling the children that they could not last without their phones. When I was a kid we used pay phones and paper maps. We survived.
29 May 2021
Im curious as to how abcdefg has managed to go without a phone for so long and how he/she communicates. I go back to working on plugs and cords 50 years ago and worked my way through STD to mobile and smart phones and still have a landline for overseas calls to family but would love to know other methods of being able to communicate.
29 May 2021
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Prior to the 8 min mark, the volume is low. The guy has a unique presentation style but his content and ideas are excellent and inspiring. He's got a lot of ideas so he talks fast and part of the teaching emerges in anecdotes of his experiences. That's why I found the first 8 minutes a bit unusual. But then the powerful message came forth, quite biblical and quite a good exhortation for odd times we are in. It reminds christians that god often works through humans who are not yet believers so we should be working alongside them for a better sovereign nation state, not hiding away passively. I can recommend this presentation.
Humor Helps :)
27 May 2021
I'm surprised the pathetic globalists haven't yet offered a free "Biden Phone" to anyone
contemplating getting the Vaccine. The new Biden Phone is made in China, comes with
a Free Face Mask, looks 'Smart' but, loses memory, and can't function most of the time!
Sorry, no guarantee, or warranty, but hey folks, it's Free! "It's the Plan - Come on Man."
Juliet Calabrese
27 May 2021
Polly I have an Obama phone & I play your videos to trip out the NSA. I looked at google tracking of everywhere I was for 4 years & even Starbucks, along Amtrak route from Chicago to Arizona was on it. Like that was disturbing. Yes cell phone is a cell. Solitary confinement. I believe VAX has nano particles, food heavy metal, chemtrails, mixed with 5G & a laptop phone on the body I believe nano particles aluminum mercury cross blood brain barrier to cause hypoxia etc. Cell phone & 5G VAX jab, coincide w acute respiratory failure, oxygen in the blood is manipulated by phone & 5G mask lack of vit D. Plus phones isolate ppl. You're 100% right & I love that you're beautiful & smart.
Linda Willemsen
26 May 2021
Hi Polly, thank the good lord you are on the you long time!. I to do not have a smartphone, well it sits in a drawer never activated. My sentiments have always been as you describe though I have been given enough grief for it but I don't give a shit. I have been on this journey of the agenda/NWO/ Evil Cabal/ depopulation ..whatever you want to call it. My laptop that I am writing to you on is a 2008 Lenovo Thinkpad once used by our Gov and has no web cam. Anyway just down the river from you in Methville Brockville. You make me feel as sane as a know I am. The people by and large have lost their senses. It is sad, but thankyou for brighteneing my day. Blessings, Linda Willemsen.
Loop Garoo
24 May 2021
I recently replaced my military Kyocera flip phone for a beautiful Wiko smart phone. I hate it; can't work it. I added an EMF-blocking sticker to it to protect my 68-y-o testicles. I wanted to return to a heavy-duty Bell desk phone with keypad but the commie ATT is killing landlines. Don't ya just hate it when dumbasses control your world? Kinda like the depopulation tax.
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